Page 159 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
F Immunogenetic role of mannan-binding lectin in
Indian visceral leishmaniasis.
A. Mishra, A. Nath Jha, H.
V. Tong, L. Singh, T. P. Velavan, K. Thangaraj.
W Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms in
the gene coding for the lens epithelium-derived growth
factor (LEDGF/p75) with the outcome of HIV infection in
Brazilian HIV
C. P. B. Passaes, C. C. Cardoso,
D. G. Caetano, S. L. M. Teixeira, M. L. Guimarães, D. P.
Campos, V. G. Veloso, M. O. Moraes, M. G. Morgado.
T Identification of genetic susceptibility loci fo
dengue shock syndrome at the
gene using a
targeted re-sequencing approach.
E. Png, T. N. Chau, N. M.
Nguyet, D. T. Kien, N. T. Quyen, D. T. Trung, J. Pang, B. Wills,
N. Van Vinh Chau, C. C. Khor, C. P. Simmons, M. L. Hibberd.
F Nha Trang Birth Cohort Study: A population-
based study for the identification of phenotype
expression of genetic risk factors for childhood
infectious diseases in Vietnam.
M. Yasunami, R.
Miyahara, L.-M. Yoshida, H. Nakamura, K. Takahashi, D. T.
Vu, X. M. Trinh, T. C. Bui, D. A. Dang, H. T. Le, K. Ariyoshi.
W Systematic characterization of allelic
architecture at the non-coding type 2 diabetes locus
p21 using haplotype analysis in complete sequence
data, imputation, and functional testing.
V. Agarwala, J.
Wright, J. Flannick, A. Morris, M. Rasmussen, A. Mahajan,
H. Kang, C. Fuchsberger, M. Kellis, M. Boehnke, M.
McCarthy, D. Altshuler, GoT2D Consortium.
T A reliable algorithm for identifying modifier genes
and the mutants who carry them in family-based
studies of complex disorders.
P. Belleau, S. Dubois, S.
Desjardins, R. Arsenault, E. Shink, J. L. Anctil, G. Côté, M.
A. Walter, M. A. Amyot, V. Raymond.
F Fine-mapping of type 2 diabetes susceptibility
loci via trans-ethnic meta-analysis.
M. Horikoshi, J. R.
Huyghe, F. Takeuchi, A. Mahajan, J. Asimit, E. Zeggini, N.
Kato, Y. Y. Teo, A. P. Morris, M. I. McCarthy, T2D-GENES.
W Fine mapping of inflammatory bowel disease risk
loci using immunochip.
H. Huang, L. Jostins, K.-K. Farh,
B. Bulik-Sullivan, International IBD Genetics Consortium.
T Exome array analysis of rare and low-frequency
variation in multiple sclerosis.
M. Mitrovic, C. Cotsapas,
International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium.
F Variations in
in Colombian individuals
with autism spectrum disorders.
L. Munera, P. Katherine,
M. Oscar, M. Lattig, Liga Colombiana de Autismo (LICA).
W The role of mitochondrial variants in the risk of
age-related macular degeneration in the National Health
and Nutrition Examination Surveys.
N. Restrepo, R.
Goodloe, S. Mitchell, D. Murdock, J. Haines, D. Crawford.
T Fine mapping of the glucose-6-phosphate
dehydrogenase (
gene in a multicentre study
of severe malaria provides evidence for balancing
G. M. Clarke, K. A. Rockett, on behalf of
MalariaGEN Consortium.
F Variable set enrichment analysis of exome
sequencing data reveals interesting candidate genes
for left ventricular hypertrophy.
W. Yang, U. Broeckel, A.
J. Stoddard, D. Zhi, M. R. Irvin, H. K. Tiwari, S. C. Hunt, D.
C. Rao, D. K. Arnett, C. C. Gu.
W Novel
mutations in families with van der
Woude syndrome and popliteal pterygium syndrome
from sub-Saharan Africa.
A. Butali, P. A. Mossey, W. L.
Adeyemo, M. A. Eshete, L. A. Gaines, R. O. Braimoh, S.
B. Aregbesola, R. Rigdon, C. I. Emeka, O. James, M. O.
Ogunlewe, A. L. Ladeinde, A. Fikre, M. Ibrahim, E. G. Paul,
A. A. Adeyemo, J. C. Murray.
T A replication study for four keloid loci at 1q41,
q22.3-23 and 15q21.3 in the Japanese population.
Watanabe, R. Ogawa, M. Sasaki, A. Fujita, B. T. Naing, S.
Akaishi, H. Hyakusoku, T. Shimada.
F Identification of potentially causative variants
underlying triglyceride levels.
S. M. Raj, A. Coventry, C.
Ballantyne, C. F. Sing, R. Gibbs, E. Boerwinkle, A. G. Clark.
W The contribution of regulatory variation to facial
masculinity in humans.
A. A. Zaidi, P. Claes, W. Yao, K.
Daniels, M. D. Shriver.
T Genetic associations with high-grade dyaplasia
and colorectal cancer in patients with colonic
inflammatory bowel disease: P eliminary results from
ImmunoChip using a targeted analytic approach.
Knight, M. Waterman, J. M. Stempak, K. Krishnaprasad,
I. Cleynen, L. P. Schumm, S. Vermeire, D. P. McGovern, S.
R. Brant, G. Radford-Smith, M. S. Silverberg, International
IBD Genetic Consortium.
F Association of genetic variations in anti-
inflammatory cytokine pathway genes in the outcome
of tuberculosis.
S. Aggarwal, S. Ali, R. Chopra, A.
Srivastava, R. N. K. Bamezai.
W Assessing genetic association and gene-
gene interaction between
for SLE
susceptibility in Asians.
X. R. Kim-Howard, C. Sun, A.
Adler, S. C. Bae, S. K. Swapan.
T Correlation between SNPs within the MHC
region and immune responsiveness to childhood
Y. A. Talzhanov, B. Yucesoy, V. J. Johnson,
N. W. Wilson, R. E. Biagini, W. Wang, B. Frye, D. N.
Weissman, D. R. Germolec, M. I. Luster, M. M. Barmada.
F The
gene and severe bacterial infections.
H. Chi, N. C. Chiu, F. Y. Huang, S. C. Chang, W. F. Chen,
W. S. Lin, C. L. Lin, Y. J. Lee.
W Association of Toll-like receptor 4 with otitis
media in the Finnish population.
E. Einarsdottir, L.
Hafrén, E. Kentala, E. Leinonen, J. Kere, P. S. Mattila.
T Multiple eQTLs of
are associated with
pathological immune responses in leprosy.
V. M. Fava,
A. Cobat, V. T. Nguyen, N. N. Ba, M. Orlova, J. Manry, A.
C. P. Latini, M. M. A. Stefani, M. Mira, V. H. Thai, L. Abel,
A. Alcais, E. Schurr.