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W Fine-mapping type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci
with the Metabochip.
A. P. Morris, T. M. Teslovich, T.
Ferreira, A. Mahajan, Y. Lee, N. W. Rayner, H. Chheda, L.
Eisele, M. Franberg, H. Grallert, T. Green, S. Gustafsson,
H. A. Kestler, B. Sennblad, T. Sparso, R. J. Strawbridge, D.
Thuillier, L. Yengo, R. Mägi, I. Prokopenko, C. N. A. Palmer,
D. Altshuler, M. Boehnke, M. I. McCarthy, on behalf of
DIAGRAM Consortium.
is an epigenetic regulator involved
in facial skin patterning that may underpin facial
abnormalities of William-Beuren syndrome patients.
P. Canales, S. Corley, P. Kaur, I. Smyth, M. Wilkins, E. C.
Hardeman, S. J. Palmer.
F Probabilistic method with correction for
imputation error improves fine-mapping esolution.
Pasaniuc, G. Kichaev, N. Zaitlen, G. Bhatia, E. Kostem, F.
Hormozdiari, E. Eskin, A. L. Price.
W The association of common SNPs with
cholesterol and lipid levels in Latvian population.
Klovins, I. Radovica, D. Fridmanis.
T Genetic variation and lumbar spine bone mineral
density in National Health and Nutrition Examination
Survey 1999–2002.
J. McLean, A. Yesupriya, T. Fakhouri,
Y.-H. Hsu, D. Kiel, A. Looker.
F Polymorphisms of DNA leading to increased
susceptibility for type 2 diabetes in South Asians: A
systematic review and meta-analysis.
Z. N. Sohani, W.
Q. Deng, S. S. Anand.
W Assessment of cytochrome P450 genetic variability
on methadone dose and tolerance.
H. Tsai, S. Wang, S.
Liu, I. Ho, Y. Chang, C. Chen, K. Lin, A. Chen, Y. Liu.
T Mapping expression quantitative traits in
mesenchymal stem cell cultures derived from
nonsyndromic cleft lip and palate patients’
C. Masotti, A. C. Nica, S. Ferreira, L.
Bomilcar, D. Meyer, D. Y. Sunaga, D. F. Bueno, N. Alonso,
D. Franco, E. Dermitzakis, M. R. Passos-Bueno.
F Variations in
gene associated with
Kawasaki disease.
Y. Onouchi, R. Fukazawa, K. Ozaki,
M. Terai, H. Hamada, T. Honda, H. Suzuki, T. Suenaga,
T. Takeuchi, K. Yasukawa, R. Ebata, K. Higashi, T.
Saji, Y. Kemmotsu, S. Takatsuki, K. Ouchi, F. Kishi, T.
Yoshikawa, T. Nagai, K. Hamamoto, Y. Sato, J. Abe, M.
Seki, T. Kobayashi, A. Takahashi, T. Tsunoda, M. Kubo, Y.
Nakamura, A. Hata, T. Tanaka.
W Elucidation of auto-antibody profiles and geneti
risk alleles associated with antinuclear antibody positive
fraction of healthy population.
P. Raj, L. Wang, Q.-Z. Li, D.
Karp, I. Dozmorov, N. Olsen, K. M. Sivils, J. A. James, J. A.
Kelly, B. Lauwerys, P. K. Gregersen, E. K. Wakeland.
T Meta-analysis followed by replication identifies
novel genetic variants in X chromosome associated
with systemic lupus erythematosus in Asians and
analysis of genetic differences between male and
female cases.
J. Yang, Y. Zhang, W. Yang, Y. L. Lau.
W Mannose-binding lectin (
gene variations
and malaria risk in Indian populations.
A. N. Jha, P.
Sundaravadivel, L. Singh, T. P. Velavan, K. Thangaraj.
T Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4
gene and Graves disease: Case-control study.
Y. Lee, C. Huang, W. Ting, F. Lo, C. Lin, Y. Wu, M. Chien,
C. Wang, W. Chen, W. Lin, S. Chang, C. Lin.
F Variation near the
gene strongly associated
with HDL levels shows a sex-specific association wit
type 2 diabetes in Pima Indians.
A. K. Nair, A. Malhotra, R.
L. Hanson, S. Kobes, W. C. Knowler, C. Bogardus, L. J. Baier.
W Identification of genes that contribute to diabetic
nephropathy in type 2 diabetes through family-based
association testing of genetic variants detected by
targeted exome sequencing.
M. G. Pezzolesi, J. Jeong,
A. M. Smiles, J. Skupien, J. C. Mychaleckyj, S. S. Rich, J.
H. Warram, A. S. Krolewski.
T Imputation of Turkish population genotypes using
immunochip data and 1000 Genomes reference reveals
Behçet’s disease association of SNPs in the
E. F. Remmers, M. Takeuchi, D. Ustek, N. Mizuki, I.
Tugal-Tutkun, E. Seyahi, Y. O˝ zyazgan, A. Gül, D. L. Kastner.
F Interrogating the
pathway in
human nonsyndromic cleft lip/palate.
R. Silva, A. Letra,
L. Maili, J. B. Mulliken, S. Slifer, S. H. Blanton, J. T. Hecht.
W Genetic heterogeneity of midline facial defects
with ocular hypertelorism.
M. Simioni, E. L. Freitas, I.
Lopes-Cendes, V. L. Gil-da-Silva-Lopes.
T Analysis of candidate gene sequences in suicide
C. C. Zai, V. Goncalves, A. K. Tiwari, V. de Luca,
J. B. Vincent, J. L. Kennedy.
F Targeted sequencing of 100 psoriasis candidate loci
in 4,845 samples of European descent.
M. Zawistowski,
P. Stuart, L. Tsoi, Y. Li, E. Ellinghaus, V. Chandran, T. Tejasvi,
C. Helms, K. Callies Duffin, M. Weichenthal, J. J. Voorhees,
A. M. Bowcock, P. Rahman, A. Franke, G. G. Krueger, D. D.
Gladman, R. P. Nair, H. M. Kang, G. R. Abecasis, J. T. Elder.
W Admixture mapping of uterine leiomyomata in
the African American population.
K. Zhang, H. Wiener,
B. Aissani.
T Characterizing genetic risk factors of obesity in
a coronary artery disease cohort.
S. G. Gregory, L. K.
Kwee, E. Grass, C. Haynes, N. Stitziel, S. Kathiresan, E. R.
Hauser, W. E. Kraus, S. H. Shah.
F Discovery and fine-mapping of BMI loci using
Metatochip: A trans-ethnic meta-analysis from
the Population Architecture using Genomics and
Epidemiology (PAGE) Study.
J. Gong, F. Schumacher,
L. Hindorff, U. Lim, J. Haessler, C. Carlson, S. Rosse, P.
Bu˚ žková, R. Cooper, G. Ehret, C. Gu, M. Irvin, M. Graff, L.
Fernandez-Rhodes, E. Boerwinkle, T. Matise, L. Marchand,
C. Kooperberg, D. Crawford, C. Haiman, K. North, U.
Peters, Population Architecture using Genomics and
Epidemiology (PAGE) Study.