Page 146 - ASHG 2013 Program Guide

ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
F Astrocytic abnormalities and global DNA
methylation patterns in depression and suicide.
C. Nagy,
M. Suderman, M. Szyf, N. Mechawar, C. Ernst, G. Turecki.
T The effects of perinatal testosterone exposure
on DNA methylation in the brain are late-emerging and
T. C. Ngun, N. M. Ghahramani, P. Y. Chen, S.
Krishnan, S. Muir, T. TeSlaa, L. Rubbi, A. P. Arnold, G. J.
de Vries, N. G. Forger, M. Pelligrini, E. Vilain.
F Genome-wide DNA methylation network analysis
for osteoporosis risk.
C. Qiu, H. Shen, J. Li, H. W. Deng.
T Genome-wide placental DNA methylation
analysis of severely growth-discordant monozygotic
monochorionic twins reveals a novel epigenetic
signature for IUGR.
M. Roifman, S. Choufani, S. Drewlo,
S. Keating, J. Kingdom, R. Weksberg.
F Genetics of global DNA methylation patterns in
multiple tissues from twins.
J. K. Sandling, E. Grundberg,
E. Meduri, A. K. Hedman, S. Keildson, J. Nisbet, A. Barrett,
K. S. Small, B. Ge, E. T. Dermitzakis, M. I. McCarthy, T. D.
Spector, J. T. Bell, P. Deloukas, MuTHER Consortium.
T The highs and lows (of methylation) in the
placental epigenome.
V. Shridhar, P. Shaw, K. Bunce, T.
Chu, D. Peters.
F Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing: A novel
post-bisulfite conversion” library construction method
from low gDNA inputs.
R. Sooknanan, J. Hitchen, D.
Gabel, V. Ruotti.
T A novel sequencing method for genome-wide
profiling of 5-hyd oxymethylcytosine with single-base
D. Tan, H. Chung, X. Sun, X. Jia.
F The role of DNA methylation in B°AT1
transcriptional regulation along crypt-villus axis.
E. Tumer, T. Juelich, S. Broer.
T Epigenome-wide differences in DNA methylation
of autosomes in Klinefelter’s syndrome.
E. S. Wan, W.
Qiu, J. Morrow, T. H. Beatty, J. Hetmanski, E. K. Silverman,
D. L. DeMeo, on behalf of COPDGene Investigators.
F Ascorbate is a possible cofactor for Tet proteins
to hydroxylate 5mC to 5hmC.
G. Wang, E. Minor, K.
Dickson, C. Gustafson, B. Court, J. Young.
T A new target enrichment system generating
ultra-high complexity probe pools for targeted bisulfite
J. Wendt, M. Suzuki, T. Richmond, N.
Patterson, T. Millard, D. Green, R. Bannen, R. Selzer, T.
Albert, J. Jeddeloh, J. Greally, D. Burgess.
F Epigenome-wide association study of autism
spectrum disorder using postmortem brain tissue.
C. C. Y. Wong, D. H. Geschwind, N. Parikshak, C. Troakes,
J. Viana, D. Condliffe, T. G. Belgard, S. Prabhakar, J. Mill.
T Racial and ethnic variation in DNA methylation
of human peripheral blood.
Y. Yang, R. Sebra, Y. Li, J. F.
DeCoteau, I. Peter, S. A. Scott.
F Genetic ancestry explains differences in global
and local methylation patterns in the GALA II study.
J. M. Galanter, C. R. Gignoux, S. S. Oh, D. G. Torgerson,
C. Eng, S. Huntsman, L. Roth, D. Hu, S. Sen, M.
Pino-Yanes, E. Nguyen, P. Avila, H. J. Farber, A. Davis,
E. Birgino-Buenaventura, M. A. Lenoir, K. Meade, D.
Serebrisky, S. Thyne, W. Rodriguez-Cintrón, R. Kumar, J.
R. Rodriguez-Santana, E. G. Burchard.
T A fast and simple method for whole genome
bisulfite sequencing library p eparation from ultra-low
DNA input: Pico-MethylSeq library preparation kit.
K. Giang, T. Chung, X. Sun, X. Jia.
F Evaluation of Illumina 450K methylation chip
using technical replicates.
W. Guan, M. Bose, J. S.
Pankow, E. W. Demerath, J. Bressler, M. Fornage, M.
Grove, T. Mosley, C. Hicks, K. North, E. Boerwinkle.
T Edematous severe childhood malnutrition is
associated with wide-spread DNA hypomethylation.
N. A. Hanchard, S. Howell, K. Marshall, X. Wang, T. E.
Forrester, M. E. Reid, J. W. Belmont, C. A. McKenzie.
F Epigenetic alterations and an increased
frequency of micronuclei in women with fib omyalgia.
C. Jackson-Cook, V. Menzies, K. J. Archer, J. Brumelle, K.
H. Jones, Q. Zhou, G. Gao, T. P. York, D. E. Lyon.
T Epigenome-wide methylation patterns across
multiple fetal tissues.
A. C. Just, A. A. Baccarelli, R. J.
Wright, H. H. Burris, G. Estrada, L. Schnaas, R. O. Wright.
F Mapping the DNA unmethylome with mTAG, a
novel method to investigate the epigenome.
V. Labrie,
E. Kriukiene· , T. Khare, G. Urbanavicˇiu¯ te· , A. Lapinaite· ,
K. Koncevicˇius, D. Li, T. Wang, S. Pai, C. Ptak, J.
Gordevicˇius, S. C. Wang, A. Petronis, S. Klimašauskas.
T Functional data analysis for identifying
differentially methylated regions.
M. LeBlanc, C. Page,
A. Frigessi, B. Kulle Andreassen.
F DNA methylation analysis of iPS cells using
whole-genome bisulphite sequencing.
D. Lee, J. Shin, P.
Tonge, M. Puri, A. Nagy, J. Seo.
T Correlation and null hypothesis in epigenome-
wide association studies.
B. Lehne, A. Drong, M. Loh, W.
Zhang, W. Scott, M. R. Jarvelin, P. Elliott, M. I. McCarthy,
J. S. Kooner, J. C. Chambers.
F Importance of batch and white blood cell
subtypes correction in analysis of Illumina Infinium
K methylation arrays.
M. Loh, B. Lehne, A. Drong, W.
Scott, W. Zhang, M.-R. Jarvelin, P. Elliott, M. I. McCarthy,
J. S. Kooner, J. C. Chambers.
T The effects of a therapeutic equivalent dose
of olanzapine on genome-wide DNA methylation in
hippocampus and cerebellum, in a rat model in vivo.
M. G. Melka, B. I. Laufer, P. McDonald, C. A. Castellani, N.
Rajakumar, R. O’Reilly, S. M. Singh.