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ednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will pr
F Methylation QTLs often show opposite allelic
directions when comparing different tissues.
M. J.
Bonder, S. Kasela, K. Kirotar, M. Kals, M. Ivanov, A.
Metspalu, M. Ingelman-Sundberg, C. Wijmenga, A.
Zhernakova, L. Milani, L. Franke.
T Predicting prostate cancer progression through
gene network analysis of methylation data.
L. Briollais,
K. Kron, B. Bapat, H. Ozcelik.
F A pilot study testing DNA methylation profile
in Samoan obese and lean young adult males.
O. D.
Buhule, N. L. Hawley, M. Medvedovic, R. L. Minster, G. Sun,
H. Cheng, S. Viali, R. Deka, D. E. Weeks, S. T. McGarvey.
T DNA methylation alterations in CHARGE patients
with heterozygous
D. T. Butcher, D.
Grafodatskaya, D. W. X. Wei, W. Reardon, B. Gilbert-
Dussardier, A. Verloes, F. Bilan, B. Papsin, R. Badilla-
Porras, R. Mendoza-Londono, R. Weksberg.
F Contribution of DNA methylation to gene
expression varies by tissue and age.
C. Chen, C. Zhang,
L. Cheng, J. Badner, E. Gershon, J. Sweeney, J. Reilly, J.
Bishop, C. Liu.
T Effective adjustment of differential cell
populations in epigenome-wide association studies.
J. Chen, J. Huang, L. Liang, X. Lin.
F A specific DNA methylation signatu e associated
with NSD1
mutations in Sotos syndrome
reveals a significant genome-wide loss of DNA
methylation targeting CGs in regulatory regions of
key developmental genes.
S. Choufani, C. Cytrynbaum,
A. L. Turinsky, Y. A. Chen, D. Grafodatskaya, J. Xiang,
M. Feigenberg, B. Y. H. Chung, D. J. Stavropoulos, R.
Mendoza-Londono, D. Chitayat, W. T. Gibson, M. Reardon,
M. Brudno, R. Weksberg.
T Comparison of methylation profiles in human
blood and lung tissue identifies tissue-specific Cp
methylation sites.
D. Daley, K. Ushey, L. Akhabir, A.
Saferali, S. M. Mah, A. Sandford, M. S. Kobor, P. Parè.
F Hippocampal gene expression, miRNA
expression and DNA methylation changes in a mouse
model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
E. J. Diehl, B.
I. Laufer, S. M. Singh.
T Genome-wide DNA methylation profiles in fruit fli
and the effect of huntingtin knockout.
S. Erdin, K. Dietz,
A. Ragavendran, M. E. Talkowski, J. A. Walker, J. F. Gusella.
F A novel method for identification and
quantification of consistently di ferentially methylated
genomic regions.
C. Fann, C. L. Hsiao, C. J. Chang.
T Epigenetic changes in relation to asbestos
exposure in malignant pleural mesothelioma.
G. Fiorito,
S. Guarrera, E. Casalone, M. Betti, E. Aldieri, D. Ferrante,
C. Di Gaetano, F. Rosa, A. Russo, S. Tunesi, M. Padoan,
A. Aspesi, C. Casadio, F. Ardissone, E. Ruffini, P. G. Betta,
R. Libener, R. Guaschino, E. Piccolini, D. Mirabelli, C.
Magnani, I. Dianzani, G. Matullo.
F DNA methylation at
is associated with
triglyceride levels, BMI and WHR.
D. M. Absher, M. R.
Irvin, S. Aslibekyan, J. Sha, L. L. Waite, D. Zhi, K. Stanton
Thibeault, J. Ordovas, D. K. Arnett.
T DNA methylation profiling is obust in different
tissue types and reveals distinct patterns across
rheumatoid arthritis samples and phenotypes.
L. F.
Barcellos, X. Shao, E. Elboudwarej, A. Baker, E. Sinclair, L.
A. Criswell.
F Gene networks for social cognition in Williams
L. Dai, R. Weiss, J. R. Korenberg.
T Identification of CpG-SNPs associated with
H. Shen, C. Qiu, L. Zhang, C. Xu, H. W.
F DNA methylation in six cell and tissue types in
Sjögren’s syndrome reveals distinct patterns across
samples and clustering based on disease status.
A. S. Baker, D. Quach, H. Quach, E. Elboudwarej, L. F.
Barcellos, L. A. Criswell.
T Epigenetics in cow’s milk allergy: A Dutch
P. Henneman, N. C. M. Petrus, A. Venema, M.
M. A. M. Mannens, A. B. Sprikkelman.
F Epigenetic dysregulation of ectodermal cells in
autism spectrum disorder.
E. R. Berko, M. Suzuki, F.
Beren, C. Lemetre, C. Alaimo, R. B. Calder, K. Ballaban-
GIl, B. Gounder, K. Kampf, J. Kirschen, S. B. Maqbool,
Z. Momin, D. M. Reynolds, N. Russo, L. Shulman, E.
Stasiek, J. Tozour, M. Valicenti-McDermott, S. Wang, B. S.
Abrahams, J. Hargitai, D. Inbar, Z. Zhang, J. D. Buxbaum,
S. Molholm, J. J. Foxe, R. W. Marion, A. Auton, J. M.
T Epigenetic and ecogenetic silencing of the
gene unrelated to CGG TNR expansion.
J. Kapalanga, Y.
Said, D. Wong, A. Gandy, M. Moyo, N. Nkiru, A. Singh.
F Multiple methylation errors at imprinting control
regions in patients with S-adenosylhomocysteine
hydrolase deficienc .
U. Zechner, A. Fitzner, J. Kneževic´,
M. Polovic´, N. El Hajj, E. Schneider, R. Belužic´, S. H.
Mudd, T. Haaf, O. Vugrek.
T DNA differential methylation is observed at
promoter but not in 8q24.21 in cleft lip and
L. Alvizi, G. S. Kobayashi, C. B. F. Silva, D. Y.
Sunaga, D. F. Bueno, M. R. S. Passos-Bueno.
F Widespread changes in DNA methylation at CpG
island shores and distal regulatory regions in response
to a bacterial infection.
L. B. Barreiro, A. Pacis, L.
Tailleaux, V. Yotova, J. C. Grenier, R. Pique-Regi, K. D.
Hansen, Y. Gilad.
T Acceleration of age-associated methylation
patterns in peripheral blood of HIV-1-infected
R. M. Baxter, T. M. Rickabaugh, M. Sehl, J. S.
Sinsheimer, O. Martinez-Masa, S. Horvath, E. Vilain, B.
D. Jamison.