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Friday, October 25
SESSION 63, continued)
Past Recipients
Alan E.H. Emery (2012); Giovanni
Romeo (2011); Thomas Gelehrter (2010); Bruce Korf
John Carey, Lynn Jorde & Louisa Stark (2008);
Robert Elston (2007); Roberta Pagon (2006); Joseph
McInerney (2005); Robert Gorlin (2004); Joan Marks
Kurt Hirschhorn (2002); Charles Scriver (2001);
F. Clarke Fraser (2000); Arno Motulsky (1999); C.C. Li
Victor McKusick (1997); Barton Childs (1996);
Margaret Thompson (1995).
Friday, October 25
SESSION 64 – ASHG William Allan Award Presentation
Hall B2, Level 0 (Lower Level), Convention Center
The William Allan Award is presented annually by
ASHG to recognize substantial and far-reaching
scientific contributions to human and medical
genetics, carried out over a lifetime of scientific inquiry
and productivity.
Evan E. Eichler
Univ. of Washington, Seattle
Aravinda Chakravarti, PhD
Prof., Depts. Med., Pediat., and
Molec. Biol. and Genet., McKusick-
Nathans Inst. of Genet. Med., Johns
Hopkins Univ.
Dr. Chakravarti was chosen for this prestigious
award for his many contributions to human genetics,
ranging from population genetics to the molecular
genetics of complex disease. In addition to developing
several critical genomics methods that have been
adopted by scientists worldwide, Dr. Chakravarti
played a crucial role in the identification of the
gene mutation associated with cystic fibrosis, the
segmental aneuploidy for Charcot-Marie-Tooth type
A and discovered common variants associated
with susceptibility to autism. He pioneered linkage
disequilibrium mapping to identify a recombination
hotspot in the beta-globin locus and used these
insights for identifying the key genes and non-coding
enhancer mutations responsible for Hirschsprung
disease, thereby elucidating its multifactorial basis.
He helped to design and participate in the HapMap
and 1000 Genomes Projects that sampled and
analyzed human genetic variation across populations
A member of the Institute of Medicine, Dr. Chakravarti
chaired the sub-committee for the third five-year
plan for the Human Genome Project, from 1997 to
as a member of the National Human Genome
Research Institute’s advisory council. He is co-Editor-
in-Chief of
Genome Research
and the
Annual Review
of Genomics and Human Genetics
and a member of
the editorial boards of numerous international journals
such as the
European Journal of Human Genetics and
nal of Genetics
The Allan Award also recognizes Dr. Chakravarti’s
long-standing service to ASHG as a board member,
president, and mentor to many members of the