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Friday, October 25
Concurrent Platform (abstract-driven)
Session D (45-53)
SESSION 52 – New Frontiers in Pharmacogenetics
Grand Ballroom AB, Concourse Level, Westin Boston
Waterfront Hotel
Joshua Lewis, Univ. of Maryland,
Baltimore; Eileen Dolan, Univ. of Chicago
A genome-wide meta-analysis of the
response to inhaled bronchodilators among
subjects with chronic obstructive pulmonary
M. Hardin, M. H. Cho, M. McDonald, E.
Wan, D. A. Lomas, H. O. Coxson, L. D. Edwards,
W. MacNee, J. Vestbo, J. C. Yates, A. Agusti, P.
Calverley, B. Celli, C. Crim, S. Rennard, E. Wouters,
P. Bakke, E. A. Regan, B. Make, A. Litonjua, J. E.
Hokanson, J. D. Crapo, T. H. Beaty, E. K. Silberman,
C. P. Hersh, ECLIPSE and COPDGene Investigators.
Genome-wide association study of opioid-
induced vomiting in the 23andMe cohort.
J. L.
Mountain, N. Eriksson, J. Y. Tung, A. S. Shmygelska,
H. L. McLoed, U. Francke, A. K. Kiefer, D. A. Hinds.
Transcriptome profiling of human
airway smooth muscle cells stimulated with
dexamethasone identifies
as a regulator
of steroid and immune response.
B. E. Himes, X.
Jiang, P. Wagner, R. Hu, B. Klanderman, Q. Duan, J.
Lasky-Su, C. Nikolos, W. Jester, M. Johnson, R. A.
Panettieri, Jr., K. G. Tantisira, S. T. Weiss, Q. Lu.
Potential of integrating human genetics
and electronic medical records for drug discovery:
The example of
and rheumatoid arthritis.
Diogo, K. P. Liao, R. S. Fulton, R. R. Graham, J. Cui,
J. C. Denny, T. Behrens, M. F. Seldin, P. K. Gregersen,
E. Mardis, R. M. Plenge, The RACI, i2b2-Rheumatoid
Arthritis, CORRONA.
Rare variants contribute to bronchodilator
drug response in Latino children with asthma.
D. G.
Torgerson, K. A. Drake, C. R. Gignoux, J. M. Galanter,
L. A. Roth, S. Huntsman, D. Hu, C. Eng, S. W. Yee, L.
Lin, C. D. Campbell, E. E. Eichler, R. D. Hernandez, K.
M. Giacomini, E. G. Burchard, GALA II Investigators.
Characterization of statin dose-response
within electronic medical records.
W. Q. Wei, Q. P.
Feng, L. Jiang, M. S. Waitara, O. F. Iwuchukwu, D. M.
Roden, M. Jiang, H. Xu, R. M. Krauss, J. I. Rotter, D.
A. Nickerson, R. L. Davis, R. L. Berg, P. L. Peissig, C.
A. McCarty, R. A. Wilke, J. C. Denny.
Genome-wide analysis of creatine kinase
levels in statin-users.
M. P. Dubé, R. Zetler, Y.
Feroz Zada, V. Normand, I. Mongrain, N. Laplante,
A. Barhdadi, G. Asselin, S. Provost, J. D. Rioux, S.
deDenus, E. Kritikou, J. Turgeon, M. S. Phillips, J. C.
The return of pharmacogenomic variants
in the MedSeq Project: Reporting approach and
physician response.
J. B. Krier, H. M. McLaughlin,
W. J. Lane, D. Metterville, I. Leshchiner, J. L. Vassy, C.
MacRae, M. S. Lebo, D. Lautenbach, R. C. Green, H.
L. Rehm.
Genetic evidence improves chances of
drug discovery success.
M. R. Nelson, H. Tipney, J.
L. Painter, J. Shen, P. Nicoletti, Y. Shen, A. Floratos,
P. C. Sham, M. J. Li, J. Wang, P. Agarwal, J. C.
Whittaker, P. Sanseau.