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Preparing Effective Posters



Each poster author will be assigned to share a 6' poster board. Thus, each author will have a net useable space in portrait/vertical format that measures 2'10" (86 cm) wide x 3'8" (112 cm) high.





Effective poster design requires careful thought and advance preparation. The following suggestions will help in preparing effective posters.





Design, Arranging Materials and Mounting

  • First, identify the two or three principal messages you have to convey. Choose a title that captures your main point.

  • Prepare a heading at the top of your poster indicating the abstract title, authors, and affiliations.

  • Lettering should be at least 1" (2.54 cm) high.

  • Summarize current research in graphic form whenever possible; use charts, tables, graphs, pictures, etc. and minimize the amount of text.

  • Arrange materials in columns and use 'white space' to help direct readers logically through your poster.

  • Prepare your poster on laminated poster paper, fabric, or cardboard and mount on the poster board with push pins.

  • Posters should be self-explanatory but not comprehensive. You will supplement and elaborate during your conversations with others.





  • Your presentation must be readable from distances of at least 3' (90 cm). Keep visual materials simple and clear.

  • Provide information in smaller type below the heading. Details of methodology should be brief and should be placed at the end of the legend.

  • Simple use of color can add emphasis.

  • Do not write or paint directly on the poster boards.




Important Information for Poster Presenters

  • Audiovisual equipment is not permitted in the poster board area.

  • ASHG requires disclosure of gene names (as part of your presentation) and sharing of research data so that findings can be replicated and other investigators with similar data can test your findings against their own. Authors who do not provide gene names at the meeting will be subject to sanctions as determined by the Program Committee.

  • When presenting data and health information (including photos), all presenters must have informed consent that conforms with human subjects' and applicable HIPAA regulation.

  • Authors must disclose on their poster whether the abstract has been previously published (prior to October 2013). If the abstract has been previously published, authors should indicate the date and publication.

  • Check the poster-size guidelines before printing.

  • You must register for the full meeting and wear an official registration badge to gain admittance at any time to the poster areas. Unregistered guests (i.e., friends, co-workers, etc.) are not permitted to attend the poster sessions.

  • All poster boards will be pre-numbered. Please be certain to mount your poster on the correct board. Look for your program/abstract/board number on the day you are presenting.

  • Bring your own pushpins (in your checked luggage). A limited number of pushpins will be available at the meeting.

  • Click HERE for a suggested format for abstract citation.




Before you Travel

To protect against lost or damaged posters, we suggest that you bring a smaller version of your presentation on 8½"x11" paper and bring a copy of your presentation on a USB drive so that it can be printed on site if necessary.  Many airlines are now requiring that poster tubes be checked rather than brought as “carry-on” luggage. Please check with your airline prior to traveling. 





Pre-printed Posters, Laminated, and Ready for Pickup at the Meeting

Deadline September 30, 2013

You have the option of printing your poster for pickup when you arrive in Boston. Go to to upload your poster. A separate email will also be sent to poster authors about this service by Mira Digital Printing. You can also e-mail the company directly at  The cost is $50 per poster, plus $25 shipping. The deadline for uploading poster files is September 30, 2013. The website to upload your poster is





Photography Camera/Recording Policy

Attendees are strictly prohibited from using cameras, including mobile-phone cameras, and all other recording devices in all meeting session rooms, on the Exhibit Hall floor, and in all poster/oral presentations. This means that attendees are not permitted to take pictures or videos of speakers' slides, posters, or exhibit booths. Attendees not adhering to this policy may be asked to leave the room and will be asked to delete all pictures or videos already taken; additional action may be taken with repeated or egregious offenders. When registering, you indicated that you would adhere to this policy.

For questions, please contact the ASHG Management Office at



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