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Exhibitor Space Application


To begin the application process, acknowledge the following:


Subject to acceptance by The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), Commercial Exhibitor, as named on this agreement, hereby contracts for a license to use aisle exhibit space(s) at the 63rd Annual Meeting of the ASHG, October 22-26, 2013 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, Massachusetts. The Commercial Exhibitor (EXHIBITOR) agrees to observe and abide by the Terms, Conditions and Rules set forth hereafter and by such additional Terms, Conditions and Rules made by ASHG for the efficient or safe operation of the Annual Meeting, including, but not limited to, those contained in the online Exhibitor Prospectus and the Exhibitor Service Kit.


To secure space, EXHIBITOR will give a valid credit card number for a deposit of $2,000 USD for each space requested, as required with online Space Application. Additional charges such as hyperlinks to company website or ancillary event must be paid in full at the time of Contract submission. EXHIBITOR agrees that upon assignment of booths and receipt of booth confirmation e-mail, the balance is due by credit card no later than May 11, 2012 for exhibitors registering during the priority period. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to submit payment via the exhibitor contract, accessible by username and password. ASHG agrees that EXHIBITOR may cancel or reduce the amount of space applied for on this agreement in writing until Friday, June 21, 2013 and that if it does so, ASHG will charge a cancellation processing fee of $1,500 per booth space and any remaining fees paid by the exhibiting company will be refunded. ASHG reserves the right to resell any cancelled booth spaces and the right to relocate the exhibiting company after downsizing. No refunds for space reserved will be made for written notices received after Friday, June 21, 2013.


The use of exhibit space is solely for the purpose of exhibiting a display having educational or practical application in the field of human genetics or related fields, which emphasizes instruments, publications, products or services for use in teaching, research or practice. The exhibit and its installation shall be solely the responsibility of EXHIBITOR. EXHIBITOR warrants that it shall, at its own cost and expense, obtain all necessary licenses, permits and insurance required for its installation and maintenance of its exhibit and any of its employees or agents associated with its exhibit and that it shall pay all taxes and fees incident thereto.


EXHIBITOR agrees that its exhibit personnel and outside contractors involved in installation, staffing, or other exhibitor-related activities will be fully informed and understand all exhibit design requirements as outlined in the online ASHG Exhibitor Prospectus and are subject to Violations.


In consideration of the grant of the license, EXHIBITOR agrees that it shall be liable for any loss or damage to its exhibit, or any of its property, or the property of its employees or agents, and for any loss or damage which may be caused to others as a consequence of its exhibit, exhibit personnel, or acts, or failure to act, by its employees or agents and further agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless ASHG, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Freeman, ASHG Exhibit Management and their respective officers, employees and agents from all claims, losses, damages, or any other costs (including, but not limited to, governmental charges or fines and attorneys’ fees and litigation costs) arising out of EXHIBITOR’s use of exhibit space, as well as any additional costs incurred as a consequence of any material or equipment remaining, left or abandoned by Exhibitor after the time for removal of such material or equipment. Exhibitor acknowledges that ASHG does not maintain any insurance covering Exhibitor property or its use, or covering EXHIBITOR employees or agents.


EXHIBITOR agrees to comply with the terms of this Agreement and with the Rules and Regulations for Exhibiting contained in the 2013 online Prospectus, which are incorporated herein by reference, and further agrees that ASHG may terminate EXHIBITOR license to use exhibit space, without refund, if EXHIBITOR, after notice, shall fail to immediately cure any violation of the Rules and Regulations.




I have read and understand the ASHG Exhibitor Space Agreement above.






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