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 Ancillary Events

  Application Requirements
  Rules and Guidelines
  Definition of Ancillary Events
  Definition of Satellite Events

Assignment of Space

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  Breach of Policy

Ancillary Event Requests and Satellite Announcements

Rules and Guidelines



The following rules apply to ancillary and satellite events. Please read before submitting your request for space. You will be required to indicate that you have read and understand these rules and guidelines.


  1. Ancillary requests must be completed via the online application by the deadline of May 18, 2012.  All ancillary events will be located at the headquarter hotel (San Francisco Marriott Hotel) or the Moscone Center (limited space available and fees may apply). We have made every effort to contract in advance for adequate space to accommodate all ancillary events. First choices in venue may not be able to be accommodated.


  2. Ancillary events must not overlap with scientific/concurrent sessions or poster presentations as outlined under the schedule. Ancillary events may be scheduled ONLY during the hours listed below:


    Tuesday, November 6: Any time before 4:00 pm or after 6:30 pm
    Wednesday, November 7: Before 8:00 am, between 12:45and 2:15 pm or after 6:30 pm
    Thursday, November 8: Before 8:00 am, between 12:45 and 2:15 pm or after 6:45 pm
    Friday, November 9: Before 8:00 am, between 12:45 and 2:15 pm or after 6:45 pm
    Saturday, November 10: Before 8:00 am, or after 1:00 pm


    note: These approved times are subject to change by the 2012 Program Committee. Organizers will be notified if their requested time must be changed.


  3. Organizers will be notified of their room assignments in July, 2012. Please note that ASHG and the headquarter hotel have the right to move an event if ASHG or the hotel determine the space assigned is later needed for an official function or that the space is not best suited in the assigned room.


  4. Organizers requesting space at the Moscone Center may be charged a fee. Please refer to the Ancillary Fees and check the appropriate box on the application form.


  5. Once rooms have been assigned, organizers are responsible for making all further arrangements for the event directly with the hotel/facility. ASHG accepts no financial or organizational responsibility for ancillary events. Room rental, catering, a/v equipment, labor, and other charges are the sole responsibility of the organizer.


    Important note: The hotel may charge for the use of the meeting room.  Room rental can be negotiated between the organizer and the hotel after space assignment has been confirmed. Each function will be handled individually and issued a separate contract by the hotel. Organizers should review function contracts carefully before signing, paying special attention to cancellation clauses. In the event of a canceled function, the organizer may be required to pay the hotel for lost revenue.


  6. All requests for meeting space must be approved by ASHG before space can be confirmed by the hotel.



Acceptance of Space for Ancillary Events

Organizers will be sent acceptance and room confirmations via e-mail beginning July, 2012. The confirmation will include contact information for catering, audio visual and other needs. Rooms are assigned on a space-available basis. Space assignments will be made according to the priority list below in a manner that will best accommodate as many functions as space allows.

  1. Official ASHG related functions
  2. Functions that relate to scientific scholarship, conduct of research, delivery of services and to public or public information related to science
  3. All other requests such as exhibitor workshops and committee meetings


Exhibiting Companies

One of the benefits for commercial companies that exhibit at ASHG is the opportunity to hold events/workshops during the meeting. However, you must be a contracted exhibitor in order to be approved for meeting space. ASHG will not assign any of its meeting space to commercial companies not already contracted to exhibit. For information about exhibiting, contact the ASHG Exhibit Management Office at or click here for exhibiting information.



Program and Web Listings

To support and help promote ancillary and satellite events, ASHG will include the following information in the official meeting Program and on the ASHG Meeting Web site:

  1. Title of event (length must be no more than 200 characters including spaces);
  2. Date and time of event;
  3. Location and room name/number.

To guarantee your event is listed, please submit your information prior to May 18, 2012We do not list a description of your event or speakers. If you wish to include a live link to a separate Web site advertising this information, the cost is $350 per event. Please check the appropriate box on the application form.



Signs and Promotion/Advertising:

Organizers are not permitted to display signs or brochures in any of the public areas of the Convention Center or Headquarter Hotel. Signs can be displayed outside the meeting room on the day of the event only.


Literature may be distributed from the exhibitor’s booth during exhibitor hours. Exhibitors are not permitted to hand out fliers or use other tools to entice attendees to their event in public areas. This includes company staff standing in hallways in the convention center with signage or other props directing or approaching attendees.


For an additional cost, events may also be promoted using the pre-registrant mailing list, program advertisements, and online advertisements. A pre-registrant mailing list is available for purchase to contracted exhibitors only. Click here for additional information.



Breach of Policy

Organizers of ancillary or satellite events must adhere to the rules and guidelines outlined above. In order to complete the ancillary application, organizers must check the box that they have read and agree to the rules and guidelines. Failure to adhere to the policy may result in any or all of the following actions:

  1. Cancellation of event;
  2. Refusal to allow the company or group to list the information on the ASHG Web site or in the official Program;
  3. Refusal to allow organizers the opportunity to hold an event in the future.



Ancillary and satellite events approved by ASHG shall in no way state or imply endorsement of, or support by ASHG for the event, organizer, products or services discussed in announcements, advertising, on any signage or during the presentations.


ASHG reserves the right to refuse to review any application that does not meet the criteria set forth in these guidelines.







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