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ASHG Speaker Guidelines

Invited and Platform Presenters

The following guidelines are provided to assist invited speakers and platform/plenary presenters. Please read all information below before coming to the meeting and before uploading your presentation. If you have any questions, contact the ASHG Meeting Management Office at


The guidelines will help ensure that little, if any, editing will need to be done once you arrive in San Francisco. By following these important tips, your presentation will go smoothly. All of the session room computers will be

PCs, therefore Mac users should review Considerations for Mac Users below.


Backup: Please bring a backup copy of your presentation with you to San Francisco. You should copy your PowerPoint and all movies to a folder on a USB drive. PowerPoint does NOT embed movies. They must all be placed in the same folder as your PowerPoint. It is good practice to keep a second copy in your luggage.



General Information


  • Plenary presentations are 20 minutes in length: 15-minute presentation, 5-minute question and answers.
  • Platform presentations are 15 minutes in length: 10-minute presentation, 5-minute question and answers.
  • Invited Speaker Session presentations are various lengths (from 20-30 minutes each). Please discuss your session time with the moderator.
  • Speakers should upload their presentation slides in advance of traveling to the meeting. This can be done by going to the presentation upload site. If you are unable to upload your presentation before you travel, please refer to the section below entitled “upload your presentation in San Francisco.”
  • Speakers must not take laptops or thumb drives to the podium for use with their presentation. Speakers who arrive at the session room with their presentation on their laptop or a thumb drive will be asked to go the Speaker Presentation/Upload Room to download their presentation, which may delay the start of the session.



Audio-Visual Equipment

The audio-visual equipment available inside the room includes:


  • Computer, monitor and mouse on a lighted lectern
  • Data projector
  • Screen
  • Speaker timer
  • Lavaliere microphone
  • Lectern microphone
  • Table microphone
  • Aisle microphones will be placed in the audience for the question and answer period


There will not be an internet connection. If you require equipment not listed above or require an internet connection for your presentation, please contact the ASHG Management Office at prior to October 1, 2012.



Upload Your Presentation Before Traveling to San Francisco (Recommended)


  • Go to
  • You must use the e-mail address you provided when you submitted your abstract. Leave the password field blank. Once logged in, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Do not combine multiple presentations into one file. The system manages only one presenter at one time. A co-presenter cannot log on to edit the combined presentation.
  • Use the mouse to advance your slides, not the keyboard, as you will only have a mouse at the podium inside the session room. Left click advances the slides; right click goes back.
  • Once you are comfortable that your presentation is complete, confirm the date, time, and room for your session. Be sure to click the “save/logout” button at the top of the screen before logging out.
  • If you upload your presentation in advance, you can still make changes by visiting the Speaker Presentation/Upload Room (Room 110 in the Moscone Convention Center) up to four hours before your talk. 
  • You can also upload your presentation from your hotel room by following the same instructions above.



Upload Your Presentation at the Moscone Center

Room 110, Lower Concourse Level


Visit the Speaker Presentation/Upload Room at least four hours before your talk. If your travel plans allow, we recommend that you check your presentation the day prior to your talk. All presentations will be downloaded to your session room on the day of your presentation. Please do not take your laptop to the meeting room.



Slide Preparation and Author Disclosure

The ASHG Annual has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education through the joint sponsorship of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) and ASHG. The ACMG is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians. Therefore, all educational programming is developed and must be presented in compliance with all ACCME accreditation requirements.


  • No Logos on Slides? To satisfy potential conflict of interest issues, corporate, academic and/or university logos may only be included on the first and last slides. Other slides may not contain logos.
  • Authors with conflicts to disclose that may affect the content of their presentations will be required to provide a copy of their slides in advance of the meeting so they can be peer-reviewed. Authors who disclosed a conflict will be contacted and will be asked to upload their slides by October 26 so they can be reviewed. Once approved, they cannot be changed.
  • Authors must include a Conflict of Interest slide as part of their presentation, which is required in order to meet ACCME requirements, even when there is nothing to disclose. This ASHG-approved slide will be automatically inserted as your first slide in your presentation. For speakers that indicated a conflict, the disclosure information you completed during your abstract submission will automatically be used. No further action needs to be taken by authors for the Conflict of Interest slide.
  • When presenting patient data and health information (including photos), all presenters must be compliant with informed consent regarding human subjects and all applicable HIPAA regulations.
  • ASHG rules and guidelines require disclosure of gene names and the sharing research data so that findings can be replicated and other investigators with similar data can test your findings against their own. Authors who do not name genes at the meeting will be subject to sanctions as determined by the 2012 Program Committee.
  • Authors must disclose on one of their slides whether the abstract has been previously published. If the abstract has been previously published, authors should indicate the date and publication.
  • The last slide in your presentation may include acknowledgments. Authors should not use presentation time to acknowledge co-authors and collaborators


If you are unable to present and need to send a replacement author, the replacement author must be approved by the Program Chair and ASHG office, and the replacement author is required to complete a conflict of interest disclosure form. Please inform the ASHG Management Office ( immediately if you are no longer able to present.



Building Your Presentation

Movies: Please take steps to compress your videos. Uncompressed videos will take longer to upload and will not be better quality than a modern MPEG-4 codec. We can only accept movies created as MPGs, WMVs, or with the following AVI codecs: MPEG-4 (Divx, Xvid, or WMVs), Indeo, Cinepack, Techsmith. Note: It is important that your movies do not completely fill the screen. In the meeting room you will have a mouse to advance your slides. You can only advance PowerPoint with a mouse by clicking on the slide, not the movie itself.

Flash content (SWF) is fully supported.

Apple Quicktime formats such as MOV, QT, MP4, or DV files are NOT supported in Windows PowerPoint. Options to convert these movies to a Windows compatible AVI are discussed below in Considerations for Mac Users.

DVDs: If you plan to play a DVD as part of your presentation, please notify a technician in the Speaker Presentation/Upload Room so arrangements can be made for assistance in your meeting room.

Fonts: We only supply fonts that are included with Office 2007. If you need a specialized font, it should be embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. For instructions on this process, please click on the following link:

Considerations for Mac Users

Keynote: Please convert all Keynote presentation files to PowerPoint.

Pictures: If you use a version of PowerPoint prior to 2008, please be sure embedded pictures are not in TIFF format. These images will not show up in Windows PowerPoint. With PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac, TIFF inserted images will be compatible.

Movies: Please export MOV files to Windows Media WMV with Quicktime-7 Pro. PowerPoint on Windows machines will not play MOV files. If you cannot convert the files or have a considerable number of MOV files, please check with a technician in the Speaker Presentation/Upload Room who can make arrangements to convert the videos for you.


Once at the Meeting in San Francisco


  • Visit the Speaker Presentation/Upload Room at least four hours before your talk! Room 110, Lower Level, North Building of the Moscone Convention Center. If you are speaking in an early morning session, we recommend that you visit the room the day prior to your talk.
    Tuesday: 11:00 am-4:30 pm
    Wednesday: 7:00 am-5:00 pm
    Thursday: 7:00 am-5:00 pm
    Friday: 7:00 am-5:00 pm
    Saturday: 7:00 am-11:00 am


  • Please arrive at your meeting room at least 30 minutes before the start of your session and inform the AV technician and moderator that you are a speaker.
  • Introduce yourself and ask the AV technician to go over the set-up and to provide instructions on the use of the timer. It is important that all speakers stay on time.
  • Familiarize yourself with the set-up at the lectern.
  • At the lectern, there will be a monitor where you can follow your presentation. Simply click your session time, then click your name on the display, and your PowerPoint will launch automatically.
  • Speak directly into the microphone in a normal voice, and do not handle the microphone while speaking.
  • If you have any difficulties or need any assistance, click the ASSISTANCE NEEDED button on the computer.
  • At the end of your presentation, the display will return to the list of presenters in that session.



Invited Sessions, Award presentations, and all Plenary sessions will be recorded and will be available for viewing on the ASHG Web site in mid-November.


Note: Presenters in these sessions will have the option to opt-out of being recorded through the Speaker-Presentation Upload Site.



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