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Booth Rental Terms, Conditions, Exhibitor Conduct, & Events

The following terms were/will be agreed to by EXHIBITOR at time of application submission.



Assignment of Space and Location

Assignment of booth space and location will be made initially on April 18, 2012. Beginning May 3, 2012, booth space assignments will be made weekly on Thursdays.


Booth space will be assigned in date received order: companies whose applications are received first will be the first to be assigned space. A company’s priority point score will be used if contracts are received at the same time, and the company with the highest point value will receive the space. To reiterate, space and location assignments are made according to: (#1) Earliest receipt date (first received); then (#2) by highest priority score.

Example of How Two Contracts Arriving at the Same Time are Assigned


For example, company A has exhibited with ASHG for 2 years and has taken two spaces both years. Their priority score is 4. Company A's contract is received April 1, Company B has exhibited with ASHG 10 years and over those years has taken a total of 35 spaces. Company B has 350 priority points. However, company B's application is not received until April 3. Both company A and company B choose booth #402 as their first choice. Company A gets the space. Company B may receive their 2nd or 3rd choice only if the spaces have not already been assigned to a company whose application was made on an earlier date. Another example is, if company B and company A both apply on line April 1, and both have the same first choice of space, Company B, with 350 priority points, will be assigned the spaces.


Exhibits Management will make every effort to assign the exhibitor’s first or second choice of booth space. However, when this is not possible, the next best booth space will be and assignment will be made. Exhibitors may request that their assigned booth space be changed by contacting Carrie Morin at or 301-634-7311.


For exhibitors requesting to avoid competitors, this may affect your booth space selection. For example, if your first choice in booth space is located near a competitor already assigned, you will be assigned the next best available space. You may only list four competitors on the contract. The larger number of competitors listed, the more your booth assignment may be affected.


ASHG considers booths facing opposite directions and in the next aisle sufficient in avoiding a competitor. For example, the two highlighted booths in the figure (left) would not be considered competing booth space. If you object to this distance, please e-mail Carrie Morin at prior to booth assignment. Please note that the next best booth space may not be as favorable.


Booth space confirmations will be e-mailed beginning April 25, 2012. After April 25, confirmations will be e-mailed weekly on Friday. After booth space has been assigned and confirmed, exhibitors may log into their account anytime to view booth space assignments and manage aspects of their booth online such as assigning badges to booth staff, submission of company description and product categories, etc.



Booth Fees

$3,400 per 10’ x 10’ Prime Space (Boxed in Green on Floor Plan)
$3,200 per 10' x 10' Corner Space
$3,100 per 10' x 10' In-line Aisle Space
$2,200 per 10’ x 10’ Non-Profit/Advocacy Organization


Island booths will be at the following rates:

$13,600 for 20’x20’
$20,400 for 20’x30’
$27,200 for 20’x40’
$34,000 for 20’x50’


Please note that due to space limitations in the Exhibit Hall, “odd” booth sizes of 30’ x 30’ and 30’ x 40’ cannot be accommodated.


Terms of Payment

Applications and deposits can be made ONLY via the ONLINE SPACE APPLICATION. No reservations will be accepted by e-mail, mail, overnight express, telephone or personal delivery.


To secure space, the exhibiting company must give a valid credit card number for a deposit of $2000 for each space requested. The exhibitor agrees that upon assignment of booths and receipt of booth confirmation e-mail, the balance is due by credit card no later than May 11, 2012 for exhibitors registering during the priority period. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to submit payment via the exhibitor contract, accessible by username and password. 


For exhibitors registering after April 25, final payment is due within two weeks of booth confirmation e-mail receipt. Lack of payment will result in loss of booth space assignment.



Included with Booth Fees

Included in the price of exhibit space is:


  • Company name, address, fax/telephone, e-mail and URL address, and exhibit description printed in the Program Book (distributed to all meeting attendees) and on  the ASHG web site;
  • One copy of the meeting Program Guide for each 10' x 10' space rented;
  • Exclusive opportunity to host workshops for meeting attendees during specified times throughout the ASHG Annual Meeting;
  • Exclusive opportunity to purchase the meeting pre-registrant list (approximately 5000 names) until October 12, 2012 and the complete list of all registrants after the meeting (approximately 6300 names);
  • Exclusive opportunity to rent exhibitor suites in the convention center for private meeting space with clients or exhibitor business meetings;
  • Exhibitor registration for up to six (6) company representatives for each 10' x 10' space rented;
  • One complimentary full meeting registration for each exhibiting company;
  • Complimentary badges for guests of exhibitors for admission to show floor (up to six passes per 10x10 booth; passes good for one day only);
  • Identification sign for company name: 7" x 44" (name will appear exactly as entered on contract).
  • 8-foot high back drape and side rails 36 inches high in show colors for each 10' x 10' booth;
  • Aisle carpeting in show colors;
  • Exhibit floor perimeter security when exhibits are closed; and
  • Complimentary booth cleaning the night before the show, November 6, 2012.



Non-Profit Rate Eligibility

There will be a dedicated portion of the Exhibit Hall at ASHG for only advocacy groups and non-profit organizations, for the reduced fee of $2200 for one 10’x10’ booth that includes all regular exhibitor benefits and provisions plus:

  • Carpeting for the 10x10 space;
  • One 6’ (30” high) draped table;
  • Two side chairs; and
  • 1 waste basket


In order to qualify, the organization must have at least one of the following characteristics:


  • A 501 (c) 3 organization;
  • Federal government agency;
  • Membership and/or professional association;
  • Host a scientific meeting or conference relevant to ASHG attendees;
  • Promote advocacy/awareness of genetic disorders and/or relevant causes.


Exhibit Space at the non-profit rate is limited and each organization is limited to one 10’x10’ booth space at this special rate and must be located in the Non-Profit/Advocacy Rows. Organizations contracting for more than one 10x10 must pay the full exhibit rate for all spaces.



Space Cancellation or Reduction

Cancellation and reduction notices must be submitted in writing to Exhibits Manager, Carrie Morin at
ASHG agrees that Exhibitor may cancel or reduce the amount of space applied for on this agreement in writing up to and including Friday, June 24, 2012 and that if it does so, ASHG will charge a cancellation processing fee of $1500 per booth space, then any remaining fees paid by the exhibiting company will be refunded.  ASHG reserves the right to resell any cancelled booth spaces and the right to relocate the exhibiting company after downsizing.


No refunds will be made for written notices received after June 24, 2012.



Eligibility to Exhibit

The purpose of The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) exhibit program is to further the education of individuals working in the field of human genetics. Therefore, the exhibits must be of an educational character or practical application that emphasize instruments, products or services for use in teaching, research, treatment or diagnosis, and books or other publications in scientific fields of relevance to the interest of registrants, or that directly convey scientific research findings in those areas of science represented by ASHG. License will not be granted for exhibits that principally express a point of view. ASHG reserves the right to accept or reject at its sole discretion any application to exhibit and to determine the eligibility of any proposed exhibit.


ASHG reserves the right, without refund, to refuse to allow the placement or maintenance at the convention of any exhibit that does not in good faith substantially conform to the company description submitted for publication or which contains unrelated material(s).
The character of exhibits is subject to the approval of ASHG Exhibits Management. Exhibits Management reserves the right to refuse applications of concerns not meeting standards required or expected. ASHG Management also reserves the right to close exhibits or parts of exhibits that reflect unfavorably on the character of the meeting. This applies to displays, literature, advertising novelties, souvenirs, conduct and attire of persons, etc.



Company 50 Word Descriptions and Product Category Listing

The ASHG online booth space application provides a place for entry of a 50 word company description and a list of product and service categories that will appear in the meeting Program.


This description is important as it should describe what the attendee might learn when they visit your booth.  Only the description of the company contracted to exhibit will appear in the meeting Program.  Your description should be brief and factual on the products and/or services you will be exhibiting.  By providing this information your company will gain additional exposure and assist the attendees in locating you on the exhibit hall floor.
Additionally, each exhibiting company may choose up to 30 product categories to be listed under in the Program Guide. This allows attendees to easily locate exhibitors of interest via their products and services. Previously exhibiting companies will have product categories automatically populated from the previous meeting, and may be edited/updated by exhibitor.


The deadline to submit your company description and enter your product categories is July 13, 2012.



In the event that an exhibiting company merges with, is acquired by, or purchases another exhibiting company, the seniority accumulated by either company (which is higher) will be used. ASHG must be notified in writing of such changes, including a public announcement of the transaction.



Sales on Exhibit Floor

In keeping with the educational purpose of the ASHG exhibit program, sales and order taking (entering into a contract of sale) are discouraged on the exhibit floor and other related areas during the ASHG Annual Meeting.


Subletting of Exhibit Space

Subletting or sharing of contracted exhibit space is not allowed at any time. All signs, advertisements, publications, materials, products and company representatives’ badges must reflect the name of the contracted exhibiting company.  Any violation of these regulations may result in an immediate removal of the booth and materials in violation.



Exhibitor Registration

All booth personnel working in the company booth must be registered.

A commercial exhibitor will be permitted to register up to six (6) company employees for each 10' x 10' booth space reserved. It is the responsibility of the authorized individual signing the application for space to inform all company personnel of the rules and regulations contained in this prospectus.
Additional exhibitor badges may be purchased at $200 each. Please e-mail Carrie Morin for information.

Exhibitors may register personnel and make changes anytime via ASHG’s online registration with your exhibitor log-in and password created when submitting a Contract for Space. You may also request your log-in and password on this page. 



On-Site Exhibitor Registration Desk

The Exhibitor Registration Desk will be open during installation, exhibit hours and dismantling of exhibits. Exhibitors must have a badge to enter the exhibit hall during installation and dismantle, as well as prior to each day’s opening. All badges must be picked up onsite.

Exhibitor representatives that are not registered in advance of the show and who are picking up a badge onsite must be employed by the exhibiting company and produce a company business card.  The card must have their name printed on it, and they must also display a positive form of ID (e.g., driver’s license, military ID, etc.).

Exhibitor badges do not allow or authorize attendance at ASHG Annual Meeting scientific sessions or social events. If an exhibitor's representatives or booth personnel wish to attend scientific sessions above and beyond the one complimentary full meeting registration, they are required to register as a regular scientific registrant and pay the standard registration fee.



Complimentary Scientific Registration Allotment

Each exhibiting company is entitled to one complimentary full conference registration. The complimentary registration must be in the name of a specific company employee.  The early deadline for full scientific registration is September 4, 2012. After this date, you may register for the complimentary badge on-site.



General Conduct of Exhibitors

Exhibiting companies are required to staff their exhibit booths at all times when the exhibit hall is officially open.  Click here for Important Dates, including Exhibit Hall hours and dates.

Exhibitors and their agents and representatives are expected to act at all times in a professional manner.  Any disruptions or unacceptable conduct may result in loss of priority points or ejection from the Exhibit Hall with no refund of space rental fees.
The following practices are prohibited at the ASHG Annual Meeting:


  • Canvassing or distributing any materials in exhibit hall aisles, free literature tables, convention facility public space, message center, meeting hotel public spaces or other space outside the exhibitor's contracted booth space. 
  • Hotel door drops of exhibitor brochures, pamphlets, invitations or any other printed matter, or gifts, samples, etc. 
  • Use of billboard advertisements and/or display of signs outside the exhibit area
  • Noisy electrical or mechanical apparatus interfering with other exhibitors. 
  • Playing music in the exhibit hall. 
  • Soliciting booth traffic in the aisles or otherwise harassing registrants. 
  • Publicizing and/or maintaining any extracurricular activities, inducements, demonstrations, or displays away from the exhibit area during the exhibit hours or scientific session hours of the meeting. 
  • Entry into another exhibitor's booth without their express permission nor should exhibit personnel   block access to another exhibitor’s booth space. 
  • Photography of other exhibitors’ booths and/or products without express permission.
  • The use of magicians, fortune-tellers, dancers, puppets or other entertainment of this nature. 
  • Obstruction of aisle space due to any activity in and around an exhibitor’s booth.
  • Unwrapped food of any kind (note that any catering MUST be approved by Exhibits Management).
  • Packing and/or dismantling of exhibits before the official close of the show at 4:30 PM on Friday, November 9, 2012. 
  • Exhibitors may not attend workshops given by other exhibitors unless the organizer of the workshop provides written permission.



Giveaways, Raffles, & Drawings

Giveaways, prize contests, raffles, lotteries, drawings, and games of chance are permitted during exhibit hours at the Congress. All drawings must be held off the exhibit hall floor and be approved by Exhibits Management. Prizes must be educational in nature, or must be appropriate for use in the attendees’ place of work, the meeting, or travel. See “Industry Regulations and Guidelines” in the Rules and Regulations section to ensure compliance for any outside agencies.


Distribution of candy is limited to individually wrapped items. For additional guidelines on food and beverage on the Exhibit Hall floor, please see “Food & Beverage on the Exhibit Hall Floor” in the Rules and Regulations portion of the online prospectus.

All requests must be submitted via the Booth Promotion Form to ASHG Exhibit Management for approval by October 12, 2012.   Any exhibitor found conducting prize contests, giveaway contests, raffles, lotteries, drawings, and games of chance that have not been approved by Exhibits Management will be required to cease immediately.


Non-exhibiting Companies

Companies that are not contracted to exhibit and their personnel, agents, and contractors will not be permitted in the exhibit hall at any time.  Non-exhibiting companies and their representatives will not be allowed to display or demonstrate any services or products in the convention center or any hotel in the ASHG housing block.

Non-exhibitors may not solicit business from scientific registrants or contracted exhibiting companies, nor will their materials be accepted for distribution on-site on in the meeting hotel blocks.




Representatives, models, employees, contractors, and agents of exhibitors must be attired in an appropriate business or business casual fashion to maintain the professional atmosphere of the meeting.



Guests of Exhibitors

To maintain the professional value of the exhibition and ensure focus on the exhibits, access to the exhibit hall is limited to registered attendees.
However, ASHG is pleased to provide Guest badges to exhibitors as a courtesy. They will be made available to a limited number of six (6) passes per day per 10x10 booth for exhibitor guests, defined as customers/individuals you wish to invite to view your display who would not otherwise register for the meeting.

An Exhibitor Guest badge permits entry into the commercial exhibits area only and does not authorize your guest entry into ASHG scientific sessions or the scientific poster areas.

Guest badge requests will not be processed in advance of the meeting.  You may register guests on-site starting Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at the exhibitor registration desk inside the entrance to the exhibit hall.  Guests of exhibitors will have entry into the Exhibit Hall for one day.  The guest badge must be returned to the exhibit registration desk when your guest departs.

It is the responsibility of the exhibiting company to inform all of their guests of the rules and regulations in this prospectus, particularly the rules regarding General Conduct of Exhibitors and non-exhibiting companies.

Individuals who should pay a registration fee to attend the ASHG Annual Meeting, exhibiting company poster presenters, company employees either full or part time, potential exhibitors, and those wishing access for the purpose of making contacts cannot be designated as guests.



Exhibitor Ancillary Events

Exhibitors have the exclusive opportunity to hold ancillary events during the ASHG Annual Meeting.


The American Society of Human Genetics recognizes that ASHG attendees seek to maximize their networking opportunities and fulfill their professional responsibilities while at a location with so many of their colleagues. To accomplish these goals, space is available in ASHG controlled meeting facilities:


  • San Francisco Marriott Hotel (headquarter hotel)
  • Moscone Convention Center (limited space)
    • NEW for 2012: For requests for events held at the Moscone Convention Center, Ancillary Fees may apply.


Application Requirements: Organizers and exhibitors are encouraged to schedule events on the condition that they are not scheduled at the same time as ASHG scientific/concurrent sessions or poster presentations.


Below is a list of approved times for ancillary events:


Tuesday, November 6:   Any time before 4:00 pm or after 6:30 pm
Wednesday, November 7:   Before 8:00 am, between 12:45and 2:15 pm or after 6:30 pm
Thursday, November 8:   Before 8:00 am, between 12:45 and 2:15 pm or after 6:45 pm
Friday, November 9:   Before 8:00 am, between 12:45 and 2:15 pm or after 6:45 pm
Saturday, November 10:   Before 8:00 am, or after 1:00 pm


Note: These approved times are subject to change by the 2012 Program Committee. Organizers will be notified if their requested time must be changed.


Please review the Rules and Guidelines before submitting a request for space.


Commercial companies must be contracted exhibitors in order to request an ancillary event. Requests for meeting space may be rejected if a company has not signed a contract by the May 18, 2012 deadline.

Definition of Ancillary Events: Ancillary events are non-ASHG sponsored events such as business meetings, social gatherings, receptions, workshops or committee meetings that are held during the official dates of the Annual Meeting (Tuesday, November 6 through Saturday, November 10).


Organizations that wish to schedule an ancillary event must complete the online application prior to the deadline of May 18, 2012.

Assignment of Space for Ancillary Events: Organizers will be sent acceptance and room confirmations via e-mail beginning July, 2012. The confirmation will include contact information for catering, audio visual and other needs. ASHG accepts no financial or organizational responsibility for ancillary events. Room rental, catering, a/v equipment, labor, and other charges are the sole responsibility of the organizer.


Use of ASHG Name and Logo

The use of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) name and logo are prohibited on signs or descriptive product literature inside or outside the exhibit area. However, reference may be made to the meeting as the ASHG Annual Meeting that includes place and dates on the exhibitor's advertising or convention giveaways.





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