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Promotional & Advertising Opportunities


Exhibitors have exclusive access to these branding opportunities. Increase your visibility at the ASHG 2012 by advertising in print, on the web, in email and on-site with aisle signs and more. Heighten your brand visibility, create buzz for new products, and promote giveaways over different media platforms and be sure to reach your audience.


ASHG has added many new opportunities at price points that fit into all budgets, so don’t miss your chance to get even more visibility at the largest human genetics meeting in the world.


On-site Opportunities Online Opportunities Print Opportunities


Pre-Registration Mailing List

Deadline: October 12


Names, Institutions, and postal addresses of pre-registrants are available exclusively to exhibitors. E-mails are not available. It is recommended that exhibitors purchasing the list request the list after the pre-registration deadline of September 4, 2012. The list of all registrants will likely number 5,000+ after this date. Contact for more specific numbers.


Exhibitors must return the order form and payment to and provide a sample of the mailer before the list can be released.


Click here for the order form.


All Pre-Registered Attendees $1200
U.S. & Canada Pre-Registered Attendees $1100
U.S. Pre-Registered Attendes only $1000





Aisle Signs

Stand out in your aisle in the Exhibit Hall with this new opportunity! Your company and/or product name and logo along with booth number will hang from the aisle sign of your choice. Or you can be the exclusive sponsor and your company and/or product logo will be featured on all aisle signs for additional impressions.


Individual Aisle Sign $2000

Sold Aisles: 900, 1100


Escalator Clings

There are two main entrances to the Exhibits and Poster Hall and two corresponding escalators that attendees use to come down to Exhibits and Posters, use to access the Esplanade Ballroom, or to exit the Moscone Center. Attendees will also utilize the escalators to access lounge seating in the South Lobby. Your company can place advertising in the form of clings on the sides of the escalators. There are many options for advertising in these areas, and your message will be seen thousands of times.

Only one exhibiting company may reserve each escalator bank – which means there are only two available!


Prices start at $10,000 per escalator bank, which includes a small number of glass panels.


Please contact Carrie Morin for more information and pricing specifics.


Charging Station

$7,500 each

There will be at least two charging stations in the convention center, allowing attendees to power up their laptops and phones. With one tower in the Exhibit Hall and another tower accessible to attendees outside the Exhibit Hall, these stations will be popular for attendees’ power thirsty devices. The supporter’s company name and/or product logo or advertisement will be placed prominently on the tower and kick panels.


You Are Here Locators - Exhibit Hall & Convention Center

$2,500 each; all six for $12,000 ($3,000 savings)

ASHG Annual Meetings are large and attendees have to find many locations: scientific sessions, workshops, individual posters, and of course exhibit booths! These locators are placed throughout the Convention Center and Exhibits and Poster Hall for easier navigation. Advertisements will appear as a banner along the bottom of the locator, and your booth will be highlighted (in Exhibit/Poster Hall map only).


You Are Here Locators will be placed:

Exhibits and Poster Hall (up to three) – the map will feature the poster sections by topic category, a full exhibit booth map, and list exhibitors alphabetically.


North Lobby – the map will show the North building, where most scientific sessions are held.


South Lobby – the map will show the South Building which contains session rooms, a concession area, and exhibit and poster hall.


Concourse between North and South Buildings – the map will show the edge of the North Building, the concourse with escalators up to the South Mezzanine Level (workshops, Family Room, Press Room, etc.) and Esplanade Ballroom (concurrent sessions), and the edge of the South Building.

All You Are Here Locators will allow for branded side and bottom panels (a total of three) on the unit.


Hotel Key Cards


Marriott Marquis San Francisco


Your four color advertisement can appear to attendees before the exhibit hall even opens by advertising on the magnetic hotel key cards at the official headquarter hotel in San Francisco.


The fee above are due to ASHG, and the cost for production and design of the keycards will be the responsibility of the advertiser (contact Carrie Morin for production costs at Advertising on hotel key cards must be approved by ASHG and must include the ASHG meeting logo on the back side (ASHG will provide artwork). Company name, logo, product, and/or booth number may be featured as an ad. ASHG must approve advertising before it is printed.


Please note that the advertiser(s) is/are responsible for meeting required deadlines to ensure prompt delivery of key cards. The ASHG is not liable for any mistakes regarding key cards.



All advertisements are subject to ASHG approval.




Website Advertisements

200x200 square Web ad


In 2011, the website for the Annual Meeting had nearly 180,000 unique page views. The Web site for the Annual Meeting is where thousands of potential attendees register, submit abstracts, search the program and abstracts, and get all the information they need before the meeting.


The sooner you place an ad, the sooner your visibility increases!


Ads will be rotated on the most highly visible pages:


  • Registration information (over 45,000 page views in 2011)
  • Schedule of Events (over 56,000 page views)
  • Abstract information (nearly 37,000 page views)
  • Hotel Information (over 21,000 page views)
  • General Information (nearly 17,000 page views)


NOTE: Advertisements with links will open in a new window or tab.



Social Media Bar Advertisement


The ASHG Annual Meeting website uses a social media bar called Wibiya, allowing visitors to use a host of options on every page via a toolbar at the bottom of the page.  Features include:


  • Translate text on any page into 20 different languages
  • A feed of ASHG’s latest tweets
  • A direct link to Facebook and a direct like to ASHG’s Facebook group
  • Button to share on LinkedIn
  • A direct link to ASHG’s YouTube channel
  • A scroll to top arrow


The toolbar appears on unobtrusively on every page of the ASHG Annual Meeting website. Advertising is available as a text link in the middle of the Wibiya bar. This is the only advertising allowable on the ASHG Annual Meeting home page, and advertising will carry over to all other pages visited on Wibiya. Advertising is in the form of text links, which will have double-underline hyperlinks and upon hovering with your mouse, a floating informational bubble opens with content from an advertiser. If clicked, the visitor is directed to the advertiser's landing page. Otherwise, when the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the bubble disappears. See size example:


2011 ASHG Annual Meeting Web site Statistics

The following statistics were gathered by GoSquared and are from the period of March 1, 2011 – November 28, 2011.

Visits: 178,239

Pageviews: 672,830

E-mail Advertisements


Started in 2011, this informative newsletter was sent to potential attendees and all pre-registered scientific attendees – approximately 11,000-12,000 scientists. The newsletter features upcoming deadlines, hotel information, general meeting information, tips to international travelers, session information as it becomes available, and much more.


As an exclusive opportunity, exhibitors may also have 160wx200h static ads, clearly marked as advertisements with hyperlinks. Two spots are available for each newsletter, located on the sidebar at the bottom of the newsletter.


Newsletter Date Anticipated # of Recipients Cost:
July 11,000 N/A
August 12,000 N/A
September 12,600 SOLD
October 12,600 $4000 - 1 left



Banner Ad in "Before You Go" Email


Just before the meeting, every ASHG attendee receives an email with crucial logistical information that they need to make their trip go smoothly. Last year, the email was sent to 6,093 pre-registered attendees and opened 6,531 times! Your linked banner ad featuring your company and/or product name and logo will be prominently displayed at the bottom of this email.


Mobile App Enhanced Listing


New for 2012, ASHG will have an official meeting app available for attendees to download to their Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Droid mobile devices. This interactive and informative app will contain an Exhibit Hall Floor Plan and accompanying exhibitor listing. You can purchase an enhanced listing and attach your logo, add an image gallery, add PDF documents, and stand out on this platform.



All advertisements are subject to ASHG approval.




Program Book

The ASHG Program Book will be one of the most valuable resources at the Annual Meeting, as it lists all pertinent information for meeting attendees. It includes information on available services, foldout maps, listings of sessions and posters, schedules and locations, award recipients, and a section dedicated to exhibits.  A complete PDF of the Program is posted on the Annual Meeting Web site starting in September.


The inside front, inside back, and back cover are available for full page, four color advertisements in these premium, highly visible positions.


Inside Front (Cover 2) SOLD
Inside Back (Cover 3)   SOLD
Back (Cover 4)    SOLD




Your marketing message will reach the eyes of attendees as they receive their Program Book, even before they open it!


Foldout Maps

In the General Information section, there are foldout maps to help attendees navigate the meeting and the host city. Advertisements are available in black and white, half page format on the back of each foldout map.


Convention Center Floor Plan $2500
ASHG Hotels in San Francisco $1500


Other maps may be available; inquire for availability.



Sections of the Program Guide will be separated by a four color divider in thick cover stock, and your standout ad can be on the Exhibits divider – the only available position. Advertisements can be one page or two pages, full color.


Exhibits Tab One Side N/A
Exhibits Tab Two Sided SOLD


Other Positions in Program Book


Floor Plan Banner


Have a banner sized ad measuring 1 3/4” x 9 ½” on the floor plan fold out page, just beneath the map of the exhibit hall, and feature your company name and booth number to ensure that all attendees will see your message.


Full Page, Four Color - Facing Cover 3


Your four color, glossy advertisement will face the inside back cover of the Program Guide.


Full Page


Four color, glossy advertisements are placed in alphabetical order at the end of the Program Book, just before the inside back cover and following the Speaker/Author Index.

ASHG Notepad

Attendees will pick up this new meeting-branded, 20 page, spiral notepad, perfect for taking notes during the meeting! This new opportunity provides excellent visibility both at the meeting and afterwards. The first page will be a 2013/2014 calendar so attendees can easily refer to dates for the following year. Advertisements will be full page and full color.


Back Cover SOLD
Inside Front Cover SOLD
Calendar Page (back) SOLD
Inside Back Cover SOLD
Exclusive Advertiser for All Positions N/A

Program At-a-Glance

Also known as the green sheet, this very popular piece was expanded last year to include the full educational program in an easy to read format. The piece included a schedule overview, lists of concurrent invited and platform sessions by day and time and includes session location. Your black and white ad gets maximum impact on the back cover of this useful piece.


Back Cover SOLD



All advertisements are subject to ASHG approval.






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