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Thursday, November 8
Concurrent Platform (abstract-driven)
Session C (38-46)
SESSION 38 – A Sequencing Jamboree: Exomes to
Hall D, Lower Level North, Moscone Center
Nancy Cox, Univ. of Chicago; Orli Bahcall,
Nature Genetics
Whole-exome sequencing of 10,000 type
diabetes cases and controls from five major
ancestry groups.
T. M. Teslovich, A. P. Morris, P.
Fontanillas, M. A. Rivas, X. Sim, J. Flannick, N. Burtt,
H. Chen, A. G. Day-Williams, A. Mahajan, G. Atzmon,
P. Cingolani, L. Moutsianas, H. M. Highland, T2D-
GENES Consortium.
Rare and low frequency coding variants
are associated with LDL cholesterol levels:
Findings from the NHLBI Exome Sequencing
L. A. Lange, Y. Hu, C. Xue, Z. Tang, C. Bizon,
E. M. Lange, J. D. Smith, E. H. Turner, G. Jun, H.-M.
Kang, K. P. Li, G. M. Peloso, C. L. Wassel, A. P.
Reiner, E. Boerwinkle, B. M. Psaty, C. J. O’Donnell, S.
Kathiresan, K. E. North, D. Lin, G. P. Jarvik, L. A.
Cupples, C. Kooperberg, J. G. Wilson, D. A.
Nickerson, G. R. Abecasis, S. S. Rich, R. P. Tracy, C. J.
Willer on behalf of NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project.
Exome sequencing of extreme phenotypes
as modifiers of chronic
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
i nfection in cystic
M. J. Emond, T. Louie, J. Emerson, S.
McNamara, W. Zhao, R. A. Mathias, M. R. Knowles, F.
A. Wright, M. J. Reider, H. K. Tabor, D. A. Nickerson, K.
C. Barnes, R. L. Gibson, M. J. Bamshad.
A high resolution study of type 2 diabetes
genetic architecture through whole-genome
sequencing of 2850 European individuals: The
GoT2D Study.
J. Flannick, C. Fuchsberger, K. J.
Gaulton, N. P. Burtt, H. M. Kang, C. Hartl, R. D.
Pearson, GoT2D Consortium.
Mapping quantitative traits with integrated
whole exome/genome/array panel in individuals of
European descent.
X. Sim, M. A. Rivas, A. K.
Manning, A. E. Locke, C. M. Lindgren, GoT2D
Whole genome sequence analyses
describe the genetic architecture of complex
traits: The Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research
in Genetic Epidemiology Consortium.
A. C.
Morrison, A. Voorman, A. D. Johnson, X. Liu, J. Yu,
A. Li, D. Muzny, F. Yu, K. Rice, G. Zhu, G. Heiss, C.
J. O’Donnell, B. Psaty, L. A. Cupples, R. Gibbs, E.
Genome sequencing and analysis in
autism spectrum disorder.
S. Walker, A. Prasad,
L. Lau, B. Thiruvahindrapuram, B. Fernandez,
R. Yuen, C. R. Marshall, E. Fombonne, W. Roberts,
L. Zwaigenbaum, P. Szatmari, S. W. Scherer.
Deep whole genome sequencing in
pedigrees illuminates the contribution of low
frequency and private mutations to the genetic
architecture of metabolic quantitative traits.
A. K. Manning, A. R. Wood, P. Fontanillas, G. Jun, P.
Cingolani, M. Almeida, C. Fuchsberger, T. D. Dyer, M.
Rivas, K. Gaulton, J. Maller, J. Curran, J. Grunstad,
T. W. Blackwell, T. M. Teslovich, D. M. Lehman, R.
Grossman, J. Laramie, S. E. Lincoln, M. Boehnke, M.
I. McCarthy, T. M. Frayling, R. Sladek, R. Duggirala, J.
Blangero, G. Abecasis, D. Altshuler, T2D-GENES.
Whole genome sequencing of 2,100
individuals in the founder Sardinian population.
C. Sidore, S. Sanna, A. Kwong, H. M. Kang,
R. Cusano, M. Pitzalis, M. Zoledziewska, A. Maschio,
F. Busonero, M. Lobina, A. Angius, R. Lyons, B. Terrier,
C. Brennan, R. Atzeni, A. Mulas, M. Dei, M. G. Piras,
S. Lai, F. Reinier, R. Berutti, C. Jones, M. Marcelli, M.
Urru, M. Oppo, D. Schlessinger, G. Abecasis, F. Cucca.