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SESSION 36 – Chipping Away at Autoimmune Disease
Room 130, Lower Level North, Moscone Center
Judy H. Cho, Yale Univ.; Soumya
Raychaudhuri, Brigham and Women’s Hosp.
Immunochip: Redefining the genetic
architecture of multiple sclerosis.
J. McCauley,
International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium.
Dense genotyping of candidate genes
indentifies 16 new susceptibility loci in ankylosing
A. Cortes, P. C. Robinson, P. Leo, D. M.
David, M. A. Brown, International Genetics of
Ankylosing Spondylitis and Wellcome Trust Case
Control Consortia.
Dense fine-mapping study identifies
novel disease loci and implicates coding and
non-coding variation in primary biliary cirrhosis
J. Z. Liu, M. A. Almarri, D. J. Gaffney, G. F.
Mells, L. Jostins, H. J. Cordell, S. Ducker, D. Day,
M. A. Heneghan, J. M. Neuberger, P. T. Donaldson,
A. Bathgate, A. Burroughs, M. Davies, D. E. Jones,
G. J. Alexander, J. C. Barrett, R. N. Sandford, C. A.
Anderson, UK PBC Consortium and Wellcome Trust
Case Control Consortium 3.
Fifteen novel psoriasis susceptibility loci:
Disease-specific signals highlight the role of innate
L. C. Tsoi, S. L. Spain, J. Knight, E.
Ellinghaus, P. E. Stuart, F. Capon, J. Ding, Y. Li, T.
Tejasvi, J. E. Gudjonsson, H. M. Kang, A. M. Bowcock,
U. Mrowietz, S. Koks, T. Esko, J. J. Voorhees, M.
Weichenthal, P. Rahman, D. Gladman, C. E. M.
Griffiths, A. Reis, J. Kere, R. P. Nair, A. Franke, J. N. W.
N. Barker, G. R. Abecasis, J. T. Elder, R. C. Trembath,
Genetic Analysis of Psoriasis Consortium, Wellcome
Trust Case Control Consortium 2.
MHC fine-mapping in celiac disease
reveals structural basis of HLA-gluten interaction.
J. Gutierrez-Achury, G. Trynka, K. A. Hunt, J.
Romanos, D. van Heel, C. Wijmenga, P. I. W. de
Host-microbe interactions shape genetic
risk for inflammatory bowel disease.
J. Barrett,
International IBD Genetics Consortium.
Sequencing-based and multiplatform
genome-wide association study for multiple
sclerosis and type 1 diabetes in Sardinians.
I. Zara,
E. Porcu, M. Zoledziewska, M. Pitzalis, M. Valentini,
A. Mulas, F. Busonero, R. Atzeni, M. Oppo, F. Reinier,
R. Berutti, R. Pilu, F. Deidda, C. Sidore, R. Piras, A. Loi,
S. Sanna, E. Cocco, F. Poddie, G. Farina, G. Rosati,
L. Lianas, G. Cuccuru, G. Zanetti, A. Angius, M. G.
Marrosu, C. M. Jones, G. R. Abecasis, S. Sanna,
F. Cucca.
Admixture mapping for asthma in Latinos
identifies additional heritable risk factors from
genome-wide meta-analysis data.
C. R. Gignoux,
D. G. Torgerson, J. M. Galanter, L. A. Roth, C. Eng,
D. Hu, S. Huntsman, R. D. Hernandez, R. A. Mathias,
S. Sen, K. C. Barnes, E. G. Burchard.
Deep exome sequencing of psoriasis
identified new association signals contribute by
INDELs, CNVs and rare SNPs.
X. Jin, H. Tang, H.
Jiang, D. Cao, H. Shao, Q. Li, J. Shen, L. Song, Y. Shi,
J. Mei, X. Yang, L. Coin, Y. Li, X. Zhang, J. Wang.
Thursday, November 8
Concurrent Platform (abstract-driven)
Session B (29-37)