Page 9 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

On behalf of the ASHG Program Committee and the Board of Directors, welcome to
the Society’s 62
Annual Meeting in San Francisco! The 2012 Program Committee
has developed an exceptional program. This year, we received a record
from which
were chosen for plenary/platform oral presentations and over
of the remaining abstracts are being presented as scientific posters. In addition, there
invited scientific sessions, chosen from the 95 proposals submitted this year.
The program committee has worked to assemble an exciting and outstanding scientific
program that balances basic, translational, and clinical research with sessions that
address timely issues. The schedule once again features separate tracks (trainees,
clinical and educational) to help you select the sessions most relevant to your interests.
The meeting begins on Tuesday at 4:00 pm with the Presidential Address “
Scientist as a Citizen of the World
by Mary-Claire King. The address will be streamed
live on the ASHG Web site and will be followed by the plenary abstract presentations
with topics including comparative epigenomics, early exome sequencing in complex
traits, large-scale identification of enhancers and cis-acting regulators of translation,
and integrated genetic and functional studies of disease-causing variants (see page
for details). Afterwards, we hope you join us to reconnect with friends and colleagues
and make new connections at the Opening Mixer and Trainee Mixer-Within-A-Mixer
starting at 7:00 pm in the San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel.
Each day, you will have the opportunity to select from concurrent invited and platform
presentations. Poster presentations will be held on each of three afternoons following
the lunch period, and all posters will remain on display throughout the three days.
The final session of the day on Wednesday is the invited Presidential Symposium
entitled “
Gene Discovery and Patent Law: Present Experience in the US and in Europe
Please plan to join us from 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm to discuss the present state of gene
patenting. Come prepared with your written questions for the well-known panelists:
Hank Greely, Gert Matthijs, Mark Lemley and Lori Andrews. (See page 81 for further
In response to survey requests from prior meeting attendees, the Program Committee
lengthened the lunch break to 90 minutes and added evening workshops in a variety
of topics. Workshops will cover interactive browser sessions (UCSC, Galaxy and
Ensembl Browsers), NCBI databases (Sequence Read Archive, GenBank, GEO,
dbSNP, dbVar and dbGaP) and clinical interpretation of databases (such as DECIPHER,