Page 79 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

Taking photographs or sound recordings in all meeting rooms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.
Tuesday, November 6
SESSION 1 – ASHG Presidential Address: The Scientist
as a Citizen of the World
Hall D, Lower Level North, Moscone Center
Mary-Claire King
ASHG 2012 President,
Univ. of Washington
One of the most fulfilling features of our lives as
scientists is to act as citizens of the world. We both
take this citizenship for granted and take its
responsibilities seriously. In one generation, this role
has evolved dramatically, as scientists travel far more
widely and as modern communication tools enable us
to remain in contact with our colleagues worldwide. In
my presidential address, I will specify some elements
of the scientific life that lead naturally to world
citizenship. Then I will focus in particular on how the
intellectual structure of human genetics enables us to
be particularly effective world citizens. I will also
discuss migration as a force in our lives, as well as in
human evolution, and will try to define the concept of
home” for a scientist. Finally, I will suggest that
scientific goals are both practical and idealistic, and
that we should celebrate both.
Tuesday, November 6
SESSION 2 – Plenary Abstract Presentations
Hall D, Lower Level North, Moscone Center
Joel N. Hirschhorn, 2012 Program
Committee Chair Boston Children’s Hosp.,
Harvard Med. Sch. and Broad Inst.
A novel molecular and functional mechanism
predisposing to ototoxicity.
B. Wollnik, E. Pohl, N.
Offenhäuser, A. Uzumcu, F. J. Kersten, A. K.
Rzadzinska, O. Uyguner, B. Lorente, G. Nürnberg, M.
Emiroglu, H. Kayserili, I. del Castillo, P. Nürnberg, T.
Moser, C. Kubisch, K. P. Steel, P. P. Di Fiore, H.
Kremer, Y. Li.
Genome-wide comparison of genetic and
epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in primates.
Gilad, A. Pai, R. Pique-Regi, C. Cain, J. Degner, N.
Lewellen, K. Michelini, J. Pritchard.
Multidisciplinary and translational task force
for neonatal genomics.
E. E. Davis, A. Sabo, N. C.
Oien, S. H. Katsanis, H. Cope, K. Sheets, A.
Sadeghpour, K. McDonald, M. Kousi, J. R. Willer, J.
Kim, S. Dugan-Rocha, D. M. Muzny, A. Ashley-Koch,
E. Hauser, M. Hauser, J. Sun, J. Kurtzberg, A. Murtha,
B. Boyd, W. B. Gallentine, R. Goldberg, M. T.
McDonald, R. A. Gibbs, M. Angrist, C. M. Cotten, N.
Genome-wide identification and functional
analysis of distant-acting craniofacial enhancers.
Attanasio, Y. Zhu, M. J. Blow, A. S. Nord, V. Afzal, B.
Hallgrimsson, D. FitzPatrick, H. Morrison, E. M. Rubin,
L. A. Pennacchio, A. Visel.
Translational cis-regulation of gene
expression in human genome: The effect of human
single nucleotide polymorphisms.
Q . Li, A. Makri, Y.
Lu, L. Marchand, R. Grabs, M. Rousseau, H. Ounissi-
Benkalha1, H. Qu, C. Polychronakos.
Lessons learned from the NHLBI-Exome
Sequencing Project.
S. M. Leal on behalf of NHLBI
Exome Sequencing Project.
The Opening Mixer and Trainee-Mixer-within-a-Mixer
will follow the plenary session at the Marriott Marquis
Hotel, Yerba Buena Ballroom. For those interested,
large screens will display the U.S. election updates
after the Plenary session has concluded.