Page 341 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

CMEs and CEUs
presentations for a given topic was in rough proportion to the number of
abstracts submitted for that topic, with some discretion given to the Program
Committee to adjust for the quality of abstracts in each topic in a given year.
This created a total number of 411 oral presentations.
The top scoring abstracts from each topic were then considered by the
Program Committee for possible inclusion in the plenary session. Selection of
plenary session presentations was based not only on the cumulative scores,
but also on the impact of the science being presented and the balance of
topics in the session. Six abstracts were finally chosen to constitute the
plenary session in recognition of the speed at which new, high-impact scientific
discoveries are now being made in human genetics.
The concurrent platform sessions were then assembled from the remaining
abstracts chosen for oral presentations (step 3 above, minus the 6 plenary
abstracts). Within the constraints that each concurrent session has exactly
nine abstracts, these platform sessions typically contain abstracts grouped
by topic/approach. Some of the platform sessions are “multidisciplinary”
sessions centered around a topic and are designed to bring together
investigators interested in that topic from diverse areas of genetics.
Invited Sessions, Award Presentations, and the Plenary Sessions will be
recorded and posted on the Web site after the meeting.
These recordings are free to meeting registrants.
Visit the ASHG Web site in early December to view these presentations.