Page 265 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
J. Mill, K. Lunnon, M. Volta, R. Smith, J. Powell, Y. Patel,
N. Buckley, J. Cooper, C. Troakes, V. Haroutunian, S.
Lovestone, L. Schalkwyk.
T Cytosine modifications and cellular sensitivity to
E. L. Moen, X. Zhang, S. M. Delaney,
L. A. Godley, M. E. Dolan, W. Zhang.
T Aberrant promoter hypermethylation of
gene in the colorectal cancer.
J. Moon, S. Lee, J. Kim,
G. You, J. Lee, J. Kim, H. Kim, S. Park.
T Deep sequencing reveals allelic and
parental inheritance patterns of genome-wide DNA
methylation in large number of nuclear pedigrees with
R. A. Ophoff, N. Plongthongkum, T. Wang,
Y. Zhang, K. R. Van Eijk, R. S. Kahn, M. P. M. Boks, S.
Horvath, K. Zhang.
T Methylation pattern of twin groups with Behcet’s
M. Ozkilic, B. Shamloo, G. Celikyapi Erdem, E.
Seyahi, H. Yazici, E. Tahir Turanli.
T Integrated analysis of genome-wide DNA
methylation and gene expression in post-mortem
schizophrenia brain samples.
R. Pidsley, J. Viana, C.
Troakes, S. Al-Sarraj, L. Schalkwyk, J. Mill.
T Determination of methylation profile in
patients with schizophrenia.
B. Rukova, R. Staneva, S.
Hadjidekova, D. Nikolova, V. Milanova, D. Toncheva.
T Association of CpG island shore methylation in
peripheral blood with disease state and SNP variants
in the MLH1 region in colorectal cancer patients.
Savio, M. Lemire, M. Mrkonjic, S. Gallinger, B. Zanke, T.
Hudson, B. Bapat.
T The DNA methylation landscape of human
D. Schroeder, H. Yu, P. Lott, D. Hong, C. Walker,
I. Korf, J. M. LaSalle.
T Methylation quantitative trait loci are consistently
detected across ancestry, age and tissue type.
A. K.
Smith, V. Kilaru, M. Kocak, L. M. Almli, K. B. Mercer, E. B.
Binder, K. J. Ressler, F. A. Tylavsky, K. N. Conneely.
T Whole-genome methylation analysis: New
insights in BEN molecular ethiology.
R. Staneva, B.
Rukova, I. Dimova, S. Hadzhidekova, O. Boyanova, M.
Polenakovic, V. Stefanovic, R. Cukuranovic, V. Djonov, A.
Galabov, D. Toncheva.
T Genome-wide differences in DNA methylation
identified in children with Williams-Beuren syndrome.
E. Strong, D. Butcher, C. B. Mervis, C. A. Morris, R.
Weksberg, L. R. Osborne.
T Genome-wide profiling of 5-formylcytosine in
embryonic stem cells.
K. E. Szulwach, C. X. Song, Q.
Dai, Y. Fu, P. Liu, L. Li, Y. Li, G. L. Xu, C. He, P. Jin.
of 3.7 million CpGs with the SureSelect target
enrichment system.
K. Jeong, M. Corioni, F. Useche, A.
Shafer, E. Haugen, B. Novak, S. Happe, D. Roberts, J.
Stamatoyannopoulos, E. LeProust.
T The development of a method for in-solution
hybrid capture of bisulfite-converted DNA for targeted
bisulfite sequencing of 175 ADME genes.
M. Kals, M.
Ivanov, M. Kacevska, A. Metspalu, M. Ingelman-Sundberg,
L. Milani.
T Association of fetal-derived hypermethylated
RASSF1A concentrations in placenta-mediated
pregnancy complications.
S. Kim, M. Kim, S. Park, D.
Lee, J. Lim, J. Han, H. Ahn, J. Chung, M. Ryu.
T Epigenome-wide association study of
rheumatoid arthritis.
I. Koh, J. Kim, J. Yoon, B. Kim, I.
Park, K. Kim, Y. Kim, R. Huh, B. Han, S. Bae, J. Bae, J.
T DNA methylation analysis of iPS cells using
whole-genome bisulphite sequencing.
D. S. Lee, J. Y.
Shin, Y. S. Ju, J. I. Kim, P. Tonge, M. Puri, A. Nagy, J. S.
T Advanced genome-wide methylome profiling
and analysis of leukemia reveals novel epigenetic
S. Li, A. Akalin, F. Garrett-Bakelman, A.
Melnick, C. Mason.
T Differential methylation of colorectal adenomas
of the right side.
J. Li, D. Koestler, J. Baron, A. Dietrich,
G. Tsongalis, L. Butterly, M. Goodrich, C. Marsit, J. Moore,
A. Andrew, A. Srivastava.
T Methylation quantitative trait loci and epigenetic
networks underlying asthma-related traits.
L. Liang,
S. A. G. Willis-Owen, K. C. C. Wong, A. Binia, G. Davies,
J. M. Hopkin, I. Yang, T. Pastinen, D. A. Schwartz, G.
Abecasis, G. M. Lathrop, M. F. Moffatt, W. O. C. M.
T Activation of silenced tumor suppressor genes
in prostate cancer cells by a novel energy restriction-
mimetic agent.
H. Lin, Y. Kuo, Y. Weng, I. Lai, T. Huang, S.
Lin, D. Niu, C. Chen.
T Patterns of SNP-based genome-wide heritability
of methylation in four brain regions.
J. Listgarten, G.
Quon, C. Lippert, D. Heckerman.
T Statistical models to predict DNA methylation
level across different tissues in human.
B. Ma, E.
Wilker, S. A. G. Willis-Owen, K. C. C. Wong, A. Baccarelli,
J. Schwartz, W. O. C. M. Cookson, K. Khabbaz, M. A.
Mittleman, M. F. Moffatt, L. Liang.
T Comparative DNA methylation in
across brain regions of suicide completers.
Maussion, B. Labonté, C. Ernst, A. Diallo, J. Yang, N.
Mechawar, G. Turecki.
T Methylomic variation In Alzheimer’s disease.