Page 261 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
T Class I MHC region genetic markers have
different dinamics than neutral genomic regions in
Brazilian populations.
R. C. P. Toledo, A. C. Arcanjo, C.
T. Mendes-Júnior, E. C. Castelli, J. A. Peña, R. V. Andrade,
M. N. Klautau-Guimarães, S. F. Oliveira.
F Coalescence-based estimation of population
history in the presence of admixture from genetic
variation data.
M. Tsai, G. Blelloch, R. Ravi, R. Schwartz.
W The GenoChip: A new tool for genetic
S. Wells, E. Greenspan, S. Staats, T. Krahn,
C. Tyler-Smith, Y. Xue, S. Tofanelli, P. Francalacci, F.
Cucca, L. Pagani, L. Jin, H. Li, T. G. Schurr, J. B. Gaieski,
C. Melendez, M. G. Vilar, A. C. Owings, R. Gomez, R.
Fujita, F. Santos, D. Comas, O. Balanovsky, E. Balanovska,
P. Zalloua, H. Soodyall, R. Pitchappan, G. Arun Kumar, M.
F. Hammer, B. Greenspan, E. Elhaik.
T Genetic, genomic and penotypic
characterization of Qinghai Mongolians.
J. Xing, U.
Tanna, T. S. Simonson, W. S. Watkins, D. J. Witherspoon,
W. Wu, G. Qing, C. D. Huff, L. B. Jorde, R. L. Ge.
F Paleolithic human migrations in East Eurasia by
sequencing Y chromosomes.
S. Yan, C. C. Wang, L. Jin.
W Reconstructing the history of Indigenous
American populations from the Thousand Genomes
Project admixed populations of the Americas.
Zakharia, M. Muzzio, K. Sandoval, A. Moreno-Estrada, S.
Gravel, J. Byrnes, C. R. Guignoux, J. L. Rodriguez-Flores,
B. Maples, W. Guiblet, J. Dutil, E. E. Kenny, A. W. Bigham,
M. D. Shriver, 1000 Genomes Consortium, A. Ruiz-Linares,
T. K. Oleksyk, J. C. Martinez-Cruzado, E. Gonzalez
Burchard, C. D. Bustamante.
T The genetic aspect of the Slavic settlement
in the East Alps region.
A. Zupan, K. Vrabec, T. Dovcˇ;
drnovšek, D. Glavacˇ.
F Principal component analysis produces an
inaccurate representation of population structure
under certain conditions.
J. Bentham, D. L. Morris, D. S.
Cunninghame Graham, C. L. Pinder, V. Anand, J. E. Wither,
J. D. Rioux, M. E. Alarcón-Riquelme, T. J. Vyse.
W The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health and
Aging: Local ancestry estimations in the admixed
individuals of the Genetic Epidemiology Research on
Aging cohort.
S. I. Candille, N. A. Johnson, Y. Banda, T.
Hoffman, M. Kvale, C. Sabatti, S. Hesselson, P. Y. Kwok,
C. Schaefer, N. Risch, H. Tang.
T Multi-way admixture deconvolution using
phased or unphased ancestral panels.
C. Churchhouse,
J. Marchini.
F A panel of ancestry informative markers for the
South African Coloured population.
M. Daya, L. Van der
Merwe, M. Möller, E. Hoal, C. R. Gignoux, J. M. Galanter,
B. M. Henn.
T Rediscovering the people who greeted
Columbus through mtDNA sequence analysis.
M. A.
Nieves-Colon, E. P. Tascón-Peñaranda, M. Diaz-Matallana,
I. Carrero-Gonzalez, F. Curbelo-Canabal, J. Galanther,
M. L. Perez-Quiñones, H. J. Diaz-Zabala, C. Eng, O. R.
Wever, F. Mercedes de la Cruz, A. Alvarez-Serrano, E. G.
Burchard, J. C. Martínez-Cruzado.
F Continent-wide decoupling of Y-chromosomal
genetic variation from language and geography in
native South Americans.
M. Nothnagel, L. Roewer, L.
Gusmao, V. Gomes, M. Gonzalez, D. Corach, A. Sala, E.
Alechine, T. Palha, N. Santos, A. Ribeiro-dos-Santos, M.
Geppert, S. Willuweit, M. Nagy, S. Zweynert, M. Baeta,
C. Nunez, B. Martinez-Jarreta, F. Gonzalez-Andrade, E.
Fagundes de Carvalho, D. Aparecida da Silva, J. J. Builes,
D. Turbon, A. M. Lopez Parra, E. Eduardo Arroyo-Pardo, U.
Toscanini, L. Borjas, C. Barletta, S. Santos, M. Krawczak.
W Using haplotypes to infer ancestral origins for
recently admixed individuals.
K. Noto, J. K. Byrnes,
N. Myres, N. Angerhofer, S. R. Woodward, C. A. Ball, K.
T Haplotype sharing distributions for fine-scale
demographic reconstruction.
P. Palamara, T. Lencz, A.
Darvasi, I. Pe’er.
F Inference of population splits and mixtures from
genome-wide allele frequency data.
J. K. Pickrell, J. K.
W Inferring Y chromosome phylogeny by
sequencing diverse populations.
G. D. Poznik, P. A.
Underhill, B. M. Henn, M. C. Yee, E. Sliwerska, G. M.
Euskirchen, L. Quintana-Murci, E. Patin, M. Snyder, J. M.
Kidd, C. D. Bustamante.
T Towards understanding the population
substructure and ancestry in Kuwaiti population.
Rajagopalan, O. Alsmadi, F. Alkayal, G. Thareja, S. John, P.
Hebbar, A. Thangavel.
F The evolutionary history of mutations associated
with leukemia.
S. Ramachandran, M. Kantesaria, A.
Walia, J. Yang.
W Identification of regions under selection in the
Gullah African American population.
P. S. Ramos, S.
Sajuthi, Y. Huang, J. Divers, K. M. Kaufman, J. B. Harley,
R. P. Kimberly, D. L. Kamen, C. D. Langefeld, M. M. Sale,
W. T. Garvey, G. S. Gilkeson.
T A genome-wide map of Neandertal ancestry
in modern humans.
S. Sankararaman, N. Patterson, S.
Mallick, S. Pääbo, D. Reich.
F Genetic diversity and migration history of
indigenous populations from the Central Valley of
T. Schurr, M. Vilar, R. Gomez, H. Zillges, A. Sanders,
A. Owings, J. Gaieski, The Genographic Consortium.
W Unexpected relationships and inbreeding in
HapMap phase III populations.
E. Stevens, J. Baugher,
M. Shirley, L. Frelin, J. Pevsner.