Page 259 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
W Coalescent inference of evolutionary
parameters using serially sampled genomic sequence
data: Theory and applications in human population
D. A. Vasco, M. Kato, Z. Ye, D. Lee, T. Carter, S.
J. Hebbring, A. Rodrgio, S. Schrodi, S. Lin.
T Ancestry perception bias in Latin American
admixed populations.
K. Adhikari, A. Ruiz-Linares, G.
Bedoya, C. Bortolini, S. Canizales, C. Gallo, S. Gibbon, R.
Gonzalez, F. Rothhammer, CANDELA Consortium.
F OriginMiner : Show me your genes and I’ll tell
you where you come from.
M. de Tayrac, M. C. Babron,
E. Génin.
W Genetic ancestry and admixture analysis in
a Bermudian population reveals evidence of Native
American origins consistent with oral histories and
J. B. Gaieski, E. Elhaik, A. C. Owings, M. G.
Vilar, A. T. Walia, D. F. Gaieski, R. S. Wells, T. G. Schurr,
The Genographic Consortium.
T The MHC and HLA alleleic diversity of the
Genome samples.
P. Gourraud, N. Cereb, P.
KhanKhanian, M. Maiers, S. Yang, R. Dunivin, M. Feolo, J.
Rioux, S. Hauser, J. Oksenberg.
F Identification of sickle cell disease alleles in
the Eastern Caribbean population.
C. Logronio, M.
Graham, K. Wiitala, P. Gibbons, E. Bashover, C. Headland,
I. McIntosh.
W Khoesan genomic signatures in contemporary
populations from Southern Africa.
D. C. Petersen,
O. Libiger, R. Hardie, L. I. Hannick, R. Wilkinson, R. H.
Glashoff, M. Mukerji, P. Fernandez, N. J. Schork, V. M.
Hayes, Indian Genome Variation Consortium.
T Complete mitochondrial DNA genome
sequences from the first New Zealanders: Ancient DNA
and the settlement of East Polynesia.
E. A. Matisoo-
Smith, M. Knapp, S. Prost, K. A. Horsburgh, J. Stanton,
H. Buckley.
F A panel of ancestry informative markers
for estimating and correcting potential effects of
population stratification in Han Chinese.
P. Qin, W. Jin,
D. Lu, H. Lou, J. Wang, H. Xu, L. Jin, S. Xu.
W Genomic demographics of the genetically
isolated Amish populations of Ohio and Indiana.
L. N.
D’Aoust, A. C. Cummings, L. Jiang, R. Laux, D. Fuzzell, L.
Caywood, L. Reinhart-Mercer, M. Courtenay, W. K. Scott,
M. A. Pericak-Vance, J. L. Haines.
T Jethro’s descendants: A journey of 1000 years.
E. Friedman, J. Zidan, D. Ben Avraham, T. Maray, G.
F Overview of the genetic variations in the Y
chromosome in the Japanese population.
Y. Sato, T.
Shinka, A. Yamauchi, Y. Nakahori.
T Local genome diversity studies in Puerto Rico:
Uncovering distribution of ancestry proportions
and disease allele frequencies across the island.
M. Afanador, I. Rivera, E. P. Tascón-Peñaranda, J. L.
Rodriguez-Florez, C. A. Winkler, A. V. Washington, E.
Suárez, J. C. Martinez-Cruzado, T. K. Oleksyk, Local
Genome Diversity Studies Consortium.
F Indian genome architecture reveals high diversity
and suggests ancient African ancestry.
S. Kumar, R.
Singh, N. Banerjee, H. Gowda, M. Kramer, S. Kamalakaran,
V. Varadan, A. Janevski, B. Muthusamy, B. Chakrabarti,
S. M. Srikanth, S. Keerthikumar, T. S. Keshava Prasad, S.
Vivekandandan, V. Makkapati, A. Panigrahi, P. Kumar, P.
van Hooft, E. Ghiban, L. Gelley, S. Muller, G. Atwal, W. R.
McCombie, A. Pandey, A. Chakravarti, N. Dimitrova.
W Genetic evidence of paleolithic colonization
and neolithic expansion of modern humans on the
Tibetan Plateau.
B. Su, X. Qi, C. Cui, Y. Peng, X. Zhang,
Z. Yang, H. Zhong, H. Zhang, K. Xiang, X. Cao, Y. Wang,
O. Ouzhuluobu, B. Basang, C. Ciwangsangbu, B. Bianba,
G. Gonggalanzi, T. Wu, H. Chen, H. Shi.
T Genomic ancestry and structure of the African-
European admixed population of the Cape Verde
S. Beleza, N. A. Johnson, S. I. Candille, D. M.
Absher, I. I. Araújo, A. Correia e. Silva, M. D. Shriver, J.
Rocha, G. S. Barsh, H. Tang.
F Mitochondrial DNA in Myanmar: Complete
mitochondrial genome sequencing revealed several
new lineages within macro-haplogroup M.
Horst, M. Summerer, G. Erhart, D. Horst, B. Horst, S.
Sanguansermsri, A. Manhart, F. Kronenberg, A. Kloss-
W Asian expansion of modern human out of
H. Li.
T Using Y-chromosome haplotypes to improve
inferred ancestral origins in European populations.
N. Myres, P. Underhill, R. King, J. Byrnes, K. Noto, S.
Woodward, N. Angerhofer, C. Ball, K. Chahine.
F Ethiopian genome project.
L. Pagani, T. Kivisild, A.
Tarekegn, R. Ekong, C. Plaster, I. Gallego Romero, T. Oljira, E.
Mekonnen, Q. Ayub, S. Q. Mehdi, M. G. Thomas, D. Luiselli,
E. Bekele, N. Bradman, D. J. Balding, C. Tyler-Smith.
W Analysis of whole mitochondrial genomes from
Iñupiat populations of the Alaskan North Slope.
J. Raff,
M. Rzhetskaya, J. Tackney, M. G. Hayes.
T Genetic ancestrality estimative for Brasilia
population using CODIS autosomal markers.
A. E.
Svidzinski, G. C. Dalton, R. C. Toledo, A. C. Arcanjo, S. F.
F The population genetics of native Peruvian
populations: Evolutionary inferences and biomedical
E. Tarazona-Santos, L. Pereira, M. Scliar,
R. Zamudio, G. B. Soares-Souza, L. W. Zuccherato, M.
Gouveia, F. Soares, F. Kehdy, W. C. S. Magalhaes, M. R.
Rodrigues, E. Hollox, S. J. Chanock, R. H. Gilman.