Page 226 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
T PET scans with [
C]Flumazenil demonstrate
a downregulation of the GABA
receptor availability
in fragile X syndrome patients.
F. Kooy, I. Heulens, C.
D’Hulst, N. Van der Aa, K. Van Laere.
F -Catenin is genetically and biologically
associated with cortical cataract and future Alzheimer-
related structural and functional brain changes.
G. Jun,
J. A. Moncaster, C. Koutras, S. Seshadri, J. Buros, A. C.
McKee, G. Levesque, P. A. Wolf, P. St. George-Hyslop, L.
E. Goldstein, L. A. Farrer.
W Genes, brain and cognition in Down syndrome.
J. R. Korenberg, L. Dai, S. Gouttard, J. Edgin, L. Nadel,
E. K. Jeong, J. Anderson, G. Gerig.
T The non-invasive quantification of muscle
degeneration in facioscapulohumeral muscular
dystrophy with fast bound-pool fraction imaging:
A 3.0T MRI study.
H. R. Underhill, S. D. Friedman,
V. L. Yarnykh, D. W. W. Shaw.
F Neural cell adhesion gene variation and brain
morphometry in Alzheimer’s disease.
K. N. Holohan,
S. L. Risacher, S. Swaminathan, J. D. West, M. Inlow, S.
K. Conroy, V. Ramanan, T. Foroud, L. Shen, A. J. Saykin,
Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative.
W Genetic interactions in focal adhesion and
extracellular matrix pathways are associated with
increase in ventricle size over time in the Alzheimer’s
Disease Neuroimaging Initiative cohort.
M. Koran, S.
Meda, M. Sivley, T. Thornton-Wells.
T Gene expression of GABA receptors and
regulators in peripheral blood of a drug naïve first-
episode psychosis sample.
V. K. Ota, C. S. Noto, A.
Gadelha, M. L. Santoro, J. J. Mari, M. I. Melaragno, M. A.
C. Smith, Q. Cordeiro, R. A. Bressan, S. I. Belangero.
F Effect of DRD1 rs4532 polymorphism on
treatment-resistant schizophrenia.
L. .M. N. Spindola, V.
K. Ota, A. Gadelha, A. F. Santos Filho, M. L. Santoro, D. M.
Christofolini, F. T. S. Bellucco, J. J. Mari, M. I. Melaragno,
M. A. C. Smith, R. A. Bressan, S. I. Belangero.
WGenetic risk factors (
and smoking cessation among hospitalized patients
with acute myocardial infarction.
L.-S. Chen, P. A. Lenzini,
R. G. Bach, J. A. Spertus, L. J. Bierut, S. Cresci.
are mutated in the majority
of patients having Ohtahara syndrome that does not
evolve into West syndrome.
M. Milh, C. Lacoste, J.
Sutera-Sardo, S. Auvin, M.-A. Barthez, A. Kaminska, A.
Roubertie, D. Ville, C. Badens, B. Chabrol, L. Villard.
F Identification of
p.G2019S disease
J. Trinh, D. Evans, C. Thompson, A. Donald, B.
Shah, C. Szu Tu, F. Pishotta, C. Vilarino-Guell, R. Amouri,
F. Hentati, R. Gibson, M. Farrer.
T Gene-based analyses of attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder GWAS data.
I. D. Waldman, S.
V. Faraone, Psychiatric Genomics Consortium: ADHD
F Genome-wide association study of bipolar
disorder with a history of binge eating.
S. J. Winham,
S. McElroy, S. Crow, M. Frye, C. Colby, D. Walker, D.-S.
Choi, M. Chauhan, J. M. Biernacka.
W Variation in genes related to cochlear biology
is strongly associated with adult-onset deafness in
Border Collies.
J. S. Yokoyama, E. T. Lam, A. L. Ruhe, C.
A. Erdman, K. R. Robertson, A. A. Webb, D. C. Williams,
M. L. Chang, M. K. Hytonen, H. Lohi, S. P. Hamilton, M.
W. Neff.
T Genome-wide association study of Korean
patients with autism spectrum disorder.
H. Yoo, S. Kim,
M. Park, I. Cho, S. Cho, B. Kim, J. Kim, S. Park, D. H.
Geschwind, Y. Kwak, J. K. Lowe, Korean Autism Genetic
Study Consortium.
F Combined genome-wide association study of
Tourette syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
D. Yu, TSAICG, IOCFGC, TS GWAS Consortium.
W Genome-wide significant evidence of
association of a
missense variant with familial
late-onset Alzheimer’s disease.
A. R. Parrado, B. Hooli,
K. Mullin, L. Gotta, M. Mattheisen, C. Lange, L. Bertram,
R. E. Tanzi.
T Beta-amyloid toxicity modifier genes and the
risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
S. L. Rosenthal, X. Wang,
M. M. Barmada, F. Y. Demirci, O. L. Lopez, M. I. Kamboh.
F WTCCC3 and GCAN: A genome-wide
association scan of anorexia nervosa.
V. Boraska, C.
M. Bulik, D. A. Collier, P. F. Sullivan, E. Zeggini, Genetic
Consortium for Anorexia Nervosa, Wellcome Trust Case
Control Consortium 3.
W Novel approach to genome wide association
meta-analysis for bipolar disorder reveals network of
calcium channel and calcium signaling genes including
epistatic effects.
V. J. Vieland, K. A. Walters, K. Tobin, M.
A. Azaro, A. Hare, Y. Huang, S.-C. Seok, T. Lehner, L. M.
T Constructing a prediction model for bipolar
disorder using genome-wide association dataset.
L. Chuang, C. Kao, P. Kuo.
F Involvement of the
gene in autism and
intellectual disability.
K. Mittal, K. Sritharan, J. Ross,
A. Vaags, S. Scherer, A. Noor, J. Ellis, J. Vincent.
W Genetic schizophrenia risk variants jointly
modulate total brain and white matter volume.
A. F.
Terwisscha van Scheltinga, S. C. Bakker, N. E. M. van
Haren, E. M. Derks, J. E. Buizer-Voskamp, H. B. M. Boos,
W. Cahn, H. E. Hulshoff Pol, S. Ripke, R. A. Ophoff, R. S.
Kahn, Psychiatric GWAS Consortium.