Page 225 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
T GWAS identifies biologically relevant SNP
associations with sexual partnering behavior.
Gelernter, H. R. Kranzler, R. Sherva, R. Koesterer, L.
Almasy, H. Zhao, L. A. Farrer.
F A genome-wide association study of alcohol
dependence using a hybrid design.
L. M. Hack, A.
E. Adkins, B. T. Webb, B. S. Maher, D. G. Patterson, D.
Walsh, C. A. Prescott, D. M. Dick, K. S. Kendler, B. P. Riley.
W Genetic analysis of tobacco use in the Swedish
Twin Registry: Genome-wide association studies of
cigarette and snus consumption.
P. A. Lind, D. Cesarini,
D. J. Benjamin, P. D. Koellinger, P. K. E. Magnusson, M.
Johannesson, S. E. Medland.
T Genome-wide association study for intracranial
aneurysm in the Japanese population.
S. Low, A.
Takahashi, M. Kubo, Y. Nakamura.
F Genome-wide association study identified
susceptibility loci associated with nicotine dependence
in a Japanese population.
D. Nishizawa, K. Shinya, J.
Hasegawa, N. Sato, F. Tanioka, H. Sugimura, K. Ikeda.
W Genome-wide meta-analysis of autism
spectrum disorders (ASD) supports
as an ASD
candidate gene.
Y. S. Park, J. Jaworski, I. Konidari, P.
Whitehead, M. L. Cuccaro, E. R. Martin, J. L. Haines, M. A.
T A polygenic analysis of autism, depression
and schizophrenia risk alleles’ effect on reproductive
fitness in the general population.
R. A. Power, R. Uher,
S. Ripke, C. M. Lewis, P. McGuffin, P. Lichtenstein, H.
F Maternal genetic effects on autism risk: Results
from the Early Markers for Autism study.
J. F. Quinn,
L. C. Croen, L. W. Weiss.
W Genome-wide pathway analysis in multiple
cohorts implicates histone genes and inflammation
in hippocampal atrophy.
V. K. Ramanan, L. Shen, J. D.
West, S. Kim, S. L. Risacher, K. Nho, Y. Wang, J. Wan, T.
M. Foroud, L. A. Farrer, A. J. Saykin, Alzheimer’s Disease
Neuroimaging Initiative.
T Dissection of genetic architecture of bipolar
disorder and schizophrenia: Results from a combined
dataset of nearly 40,000 individuals.
S. Ripke, D. M.
Ruderfer, Psychiatric Genomics Consortium.
F The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health and
Aging: Genome-wide association study of anxiety
L. Shen, T. Hoffmann, M. Kvale, L. Sakoda, D.
Ranatunga, L. Walter, S. Sciortino, D. Ludwig, Y. Banda, S.
Hesselson, P. Kwok, R. Risch, C. Schaefer.
W Genome-wide association of structural
MRI data in a large, normally developing, pediatric
P. M. A. Sleiman, T. Satterthwaite, K. Ruparel,
C. Kim, R. Chiavacci, M. E. Calkins, R. C. Gur, R. E. Gur,
H. Hakonarson.
T A genomic instability model of autism: Global
copy number burden associated with autism.
N. Katiyar,
S. Girirajan, A. Srikanth, K. H. Yeoh, S. J. Khoo,
F. Tassone, R. Hansen, I. Hertz-Picciotto, E. E. Eichler,
I. N. Pessah, S. B. Selleck, M. D. Ritchie.
F The impact of glutamate and gamma-
aminobutyric acid receptor signaling in non-syndromic
A. Mohamed-Hadley, D. Hadley, Z. Wu, C. Kao,
A. Kini, J. Glessner, R. Pellegrino, C. Kim, K. Thomas, H.
Hakonarson, AGP Consortium.
W Chromosome 15q11.2 is associated with
schizophrenia risk in a set of patients.
D. Rudd, M.
Axelsen, S. Casey, S. Mugge, N. Andreasen, T. Wassink.
T Genome-wide copy number analysis on
schizophrenia in Han Chinese.
E. Wong, A. W. Butler,
Q. Wang, S. S. Cherny, T. Li, P. C. Sham.
F Rare copy number variants in schizophrenia
and bipolar disorder in a Latino population.
C. Xu, A. N.
Blackburn, S. Gonzalez, E. C. Villa, M. Ramirez, J. Zavala,
M. Rodriguez, C. Camarillo, J. Ordonez, R. Armas, S. A.
Contreras, R. J. Leach, D. Flores, D. Jerez, A. Ontiveros,
H. Nicolini, D. Lehman, M. Escamilla.
W Genome-wide copy number variation analysis
of narcolepsy in the Japanese population.
M. Yamasaki,
T. Miyagawa, H. Toyoda, K. Seik Soon, A. Koike, T. Sasaki,
Y. Honda, M. Honda, K. Tokunaga.
T Integrating GWAS and protein-protein
interaction network identifies a subnetwork implicated
in alcohol dependence.
S. Han, B. Z. Yang, H. Kranzler,
F. Lindsay, H. Zhao, J. Gelernter.
F APP associated with late-onset Alzheimer
disease in autopsy-confirmed dataset.
T. Montine, G. W.
Beecham, R. Rajbhandary, K. L. Hamilton, A. C. Naj, E. R.
Martin, R. Mayeux, J. L. Haines, L. Farrer, G. Schellenberg,
M. A. Pericak-Vance, Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics
W An association study comparing children with
extreme high and extreme low obsessive-compulsive
traits in the general population.
P. D. Arnold, V. Sinopoli,
J. Crosbie, L. Park, A. Dupuis, A. Paterson, R. J. Schachar.
T Irish high-density schizophrenia families are
enriched for common polygenic effects.
T. B. Bigdeli,
S. A. Bacanu, B. T. Webb, B. S. Maher, D. L. Thiselton, B.
Wormley, F. A. O’Neill, D. Walsh, A. H. Fanous, B. P. Riley,
K. S. Kendler.
F Genome-wide association study for maternal
effects in autism.
S. Buyske, E. S. Stenroos, W. G.
W Analysis of putative pathogenic CNVs in autistic
patients of Portuguese origin.
I. C. Conceição, B. A.
Oliveira, C. Correia, J. Coelho, C. Café, J. Almeida, S.
Mouga, F. Duque, G. Oliveira, A. M. Vicente.