Page 219 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
H. Cho, M. Emond, R. A. Mathias, J. E. Hokanson, T. H.
Beaty, N. Laird, C. Lange, K. C. Barnes, M. Bamshad, J. D.
Crapo, E. K. Silverman, COPDGene Investigators, NHLBI
Exome Sequencing Project.
T Meta-analyses of 6391 Danish individuals
identify novel genetic loci associated with circulating
levels of interleukin 18, insulin-like growth factor-
binding protein 1, and heat shock 70kda protein 1b.
T. S. Ahluwalia, N. Grarup, A. Albrechtsen, T. Sparsø,
C. H. Sandholt, T. Lauritzen, D. R. Witte, T. Jørgensen,
S. Hamren, M. Rowe, J. A. Kolberg, Y. Li, R. Nielsen,
J. Wang, T. Hansen, O. Pedersen.
F Further analysis of a visual migraine aura locus
on chromosome 9q21-q22 using exome sequencing.
M. E. Hiekkala, M. A. Kaunisto, B. S. Winsvold, E.
Hämäläinen, V. Artto, S. Vepsäläinen, M. Färkkilä, M.
Kallela, A. Palotie, M. Wessman.
W Extensions of Human Variation Database in
Japanese Integrated Database Project.
A. Koike, N.
Nishida, M. Yoshida, M. Kawashima, I. Inoue, S. Tsuji,
K. Tokunaga.
T Genetic burden analysis of common associated
variants in an isolate population of Southern
Ostrobothnia and in extended multiplex families.
V. Leppä, E. Jakkula, S. Ripatti, P.-A. Gourraud, K.
Koivisto, P. Tienari, J. Kaprio, J. Eriksson, T. Lehtimäki, S.
Koskinen, A. Palotie, J. Saarela.
F Assessing association between known
variants and type 1 diabetes in an Indian
S. R. Manyam, U. Ratnamala, K. R. S. S. Rao,
S. K. Nath, U. Radhakrishna.
W Duffy interaction with chromosome 4 determine
the number of malaria episodes of individuals from
Western Brazilian Amazon.
J. Pescarini, L. M. Garrido, L.
C. Pereira, R. G. M. Ferreira, L. M. A. Camargo, H. Krieger.
T Role of genetic variants of inflammatory genes
with inflammation, malnutrition and susceptibility to
end-stage renal disease in North Indian population.
R. Sharma, R. K. Sharma, A. Saxena, S. Agrawal.
F Genetic predisposition to hypertension associates
with increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
Q. Qi, J. Forman,
F. Hu, L. Qi.
W A systemic monitoring of cleft lip/palate in Hebei
Province of China through a birth defect surveillance: A
year (1996-2010) report.
J.-Z. Zhu, N. Zhong.
T De novo and inherited copy number variants
are a common cause of short stature.
C. T. Thiel, D.
Zahnleiter, U. Trautmann, A. B. Ekici, D. Wieczorek, E.
variation responsible for resistance to HIV infection.
P. R.
Shea, K. Pelak, K. V. Shianna, D. Ge, D. B. Goldstein, NIAID
Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology (CHAVI).
F Rare variants are strongly associated with
age of menarche: First results from NHLBI-Exome
Sequencing Project.
K. L. Bucasas, G. T. Wang, P. L.
Auer, M. Kan, J. M. Murabito, N. Franceschini, E. W.
Demerath, K. L. Lunetta, A. Rodriguez, L. A. Lange, R. D.
Jackson, S. M. Leal, NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project.
W Detecting rare variant associations with
waist-to-hip ratio in NHLBI-ESP female cohorts.
Kan, K. L. Bucasas, P. L. Auer, G. Wang, A. Rodriguez,
J. Ellis, L. A. Cupples, Y. D. I. Chen, J. Dupuis, C. Fox,
M. D. Gross, N. Heard-Costa, J. B. Meigs, J. S. Pankow,
J. I. Rotter, D. Siscovick, J. G. Wilson, J. Shendure, R.
Jackson, U. Peters, E. Whitsel, J. Zhong, D. Lin, L. Hsu,
N. Franceschini, C. Carlson, K. E. North, L. A. Lange, A. P.
Reiner, S. M. Leal, NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project.
T Identification of rare susceptibility variants for
bipolar disorder by exome sequencing.
C. Cruceanu, A.
Ambalavanan, J. P. Lopez, J. Gauthier, D. Spiegelman, R. G.
Lafrenière, P. Grof, M. Alda, G. Turecki, G. Rouleau.
F Deep sequencing in extended pedigrees reveals
both common and rare non-synonymous variants
influencing free triiodothyronine levels.
J. E. Curran, S.
Kumar, M. Almeida, J. M. Peralta, T. D. Dyer, T. M. Teslovich,
G. Jun, C. Fuchsberger, A. R. Wood, T. M. Frayling, P.
Cingolani, T. W. Blackwell, R. Sladek, G. Atzmon, S. P.
Fowler, V. S. Farook, S. Puppala, J. Laramie, S. Lincoln, D.
M. Lehman, G. R. Abecasis, R. Duggirala, J. Blangero.
W Exome sequencing to identify causal variants in
a multiplex anencephaly family.
D. Krupp, K. LaRocque-
Abramson, K. Soldano, M. E. Garrett, A. E. Ashley-Koch,
S. G. Gregory.
T Statistical power and effect size overestimation for
combined single point and sequence kernel association
tests in case-control studies.
A. M. Valdes, F. Lari.
F Exome sequencing of cluster headache patients
with Sardinian ancestry.
L. Jouan, H. Daoud, B. Ouled
Amar Bencheikh, A. Dionne-Laporte, D. Spiegelman,
O. Diallo, E. Henrion, A. Szuto, J. Gauthier, P. A. Dion,
M. Manchia, M. Alda, M. Del Zompo, G. A. Rouleau.
W Whole-genome sequencing analysis of more
than 700 members of an extended pedigree.
Y. Huang,
A. Jasinska, V. Ramensky, N. Juretic, S. Service, N. Tran,
R. Wilson, W. Warren, G. Weinstock, K. Dewar, N. Freimer.
T Sequencing Initiative Suomi: Identification of loss
of function variants enriched in the Finnish population.
Rehnström, E. T. Lim, A. Palotie on behalf of SISu Consortium.
F Diabetes related DNA mutations in Americans
of Mexican origin with health disparities disclosed by
next-gen sequencing.
H. Q. Qu, Q. Li, Y. Lu, S. P. Fisher-
Hoch, J. B. McCormick.
W Exome sequencing in severe COPD cases
and resistant smoking controls from COPDGene.