Page 215 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
W Integrative analysis of whole-gene co-
expression network and exome sequence data to
characterize pathways relevant to rheumatoid arthritis.
H. Nakaoka, S. Mitsunaga, H. Inoko, I. Inoue.
T Integrating genetic linkage analysis and
computational prioritization in identifying host genetic
factors response to influenza A virus infection.
S. Bao,
X. Zhou, X. Zhang, P. Tang, J. Zhou, Y. Li, K. To, Y. Song.
F Molecular markers of severe cerebral malaria:
Expression of complement and Toll-like receptor pathway
genes associates with the malaria severity in Mali.
R. Sobota, J. Manning, A. Dara, A. Niangaly, A. Djimde,
O. Doumbo, A. Kone, M. Thera, G. Vernet, P. Leissner,
C. Plowe.
W Cross-ethnic gene co-expression network
analysis in human adipose reveals novel triglyceride
D. Weissglas, B. E. Haas, S. Horvath, K. H.
Pietiläinen, R. M. Cantor, E. Nikkola, A. Rissanen, M.
Civelek, I. Cruz-Bautista, L. Riba, J. Kuusisto, J. Kaprio, T.
Tusie-Luna, M. Laakso, C. A. Aguilar-Salinas, P. Pajukanta.
T Discovery and replication of nuclear genes
influenced by mitochondrial genetic variation.
J. Hall,
W. Bush.
F Polygenic inheritance of paclitaxel-induced
peripheral neuropathy driven by axon outgrowth gene
A. Chhibber, J. Mefford, S. A. Pendergrass, R. M.
Plenge, M. D. Ritchie, E. A. Stahl, J. S. Witte, D. L. Kroetz.
W Association of adrenomedullin gene
polymorphisms and lipid levels in Chinese population.
S. Chen, X. Lu, L. Wang, H. Li, J. Huang, D. Gu.
T A high-throughput molecular assay for detection of
renal graft acute cellular rejection using peripheral blood.
M. Mikula, O. Zhukov, F. M. Hantash, N. Park, K. Zhang, J. R.
Rion, P. Putheti, C. Snopkowski, A. Buller-Burckle, J. Popov,
W. Sun, B. Crossley, M. P. Hernandez-Fuentes, S. Sacks, M.
Suthanthiran, T. B. Strom, C. M. Strom, S. J. Naides.
F Protein interaction networks reveal novel autism
risk genes within GWAS statistical noise.
C. Correia,
Y. Diekmann, G. Oliveira, J. B. Pereira- Leal, A. M. Vicente,
Autism Genome Project.
W Systems biology in a non-human primate model:
Transcriptomes of normal development in the vervet
A. J. Jasinska, N. Tran, C. Blum, J. DeYoung,
O.-W. Choi, Y. Huang, P. Thomas, E. Eskin, K. Dewar,
J. Wasserscheid, G. M. Weinstock, W. Warren, M. Jorgensen,
R. Cantor, R. Woods, G. Coppola, N. Freimer.
T Estrogen pathway polymorphisms in relation
to primary open angle glaucoma in the GLAUGEN
study and the NEIGHBOR consortium.
S. Loomis,
L. R. Pasquale, B. L. Yaspan, J. H. Kang, D. Gaasterland,
T. Gaasterland, R. K. Lee, P. R. Lichter, Y. Liu, C. A.
McCarty, S. E. Moroi, L. Olson, J. S. Schuman, K. Singh,
D. Vollrath, G. Wollstein, D. J. Zack, R. R. Allingham, M. A.
Pericak-Vance, R. N. Weinreb, K. Zhang, M. A. Hauser, J. E.
Richards, J. L. Haines, J. L. Wiggs, NEIGHBOR Consortium.
SNPs and external apical root resoprtion
during orthodontia.
J. Hartsfield, G. Falcao-Alencar,
J. Dempsey, E. Jacobson, G. Kluemper, D. Fardo, J. Macri,
L. Morford.
W Pathway analysis of variation in DNA repair
genes indicates involvement of repair of oxidative DNA
lesions in human longevity.
M. Soerensen, B. Debrabant,
J. Mengel-From, T. Stevnsner, V. A. Bohr, K. Christensen,
Q. Tan, L. Christiansen.
T Constructing endophenotypes of complex
disease using nonnegative matrix factorization and
adjusted Rand index.
H. M. Wang, C. L. Hsiao,
A. R. Hsieh, Y. C. Lin, S. J. Fann.
F Candidate genes of several complex diseases
via an integrated analysis of GWAS and eQTL.
C. Fuller,
X. He, Y. Song, H. Li.
W Association study-based gene-set enrichment
analysis identified biological pathways associated with
fetal hemoglobin levels in sickle cell disease patients.
G. Galarneau, S. Coady, M. Puggal, N. Jeffries, D. Paltoo,
A. Kutlar, G. J. Papanicolaou, G. Lettre.
T Performances of single-SNP and pathway-based
analyses of genome-wide data to detect genetic factors
shared by eosinophil and basophil counts in asthma-
ascertained families.
C. Loucoubar, M. Brossard, P.-E.
Sugier, A. Vaysse, P. Jeannin, M.-H. Dizier, M. Lathrop, E.
Bouzigon, F. Demenais, EGEA Collaborative Group.
F Association of common genetic variants with
hypoxemia among non-Hispanic White and African
American COPD cases highlights hematological
disease genes.
M. N. McDonald, M. H. Cho, E. Wan,
P. Castaldi, D. A. Lomas, H. O. Coxson, L. D. Edwards,
W. MacNee, J. Vestbo, J. C. Yates, A. Agusti, P. M. A.
Calverley, B. Celli, C. Crim, S. Rennard, E. Wouters, P.
Bakke, X. Kong, R. Tal-Singer, B. Miller, A. Gulsvik, E.
A. Regan, B. J. Makke, C. Lange, J. E. Hokanson, J. D.
Crapo, T. H. Beaty, E. K. Silverman, C. P. Hersh on behalf
of ECLIPSE and COPDGene Coauthors.
W ICAM3 expression level integrates the
effects of six MS susceptibility alleles: Dissecting
a molecular cascade relevant to MS susceptibility.
T. Raj, M. Kuchroo, L. B. Chibnik, L. Ottoboni, X. Hu, B. T.
Keenan, S. Raychaudhuri, B. E. Stranger, P. L. De Jager.
T Random enrichment of minor alleles of common
SNPs affects complex traits and diseases in model
organisms and humans.
S. Huang, X. Tan, J. Liang,
C. Zeng, J. Zhang, J. Chen, L. Ma, A. Dogan,
G. Brockmann, O. Goldmann, E. Medina, M. Xian, K. Yi,
Y. Li, Q. Lu, Y. Huang, D. Wang, J. Yu, H. Guo, K. Xia,
Z. Zhu, D. Yuan.
F Functional characterization of DcR3 and NF-
B in
EBV transformed cell lines from IBD patients of different
allelic background and role in disease pathogenesis.
R. Pandey, C. J. Cardinale, S. Panossian, F. Wang, E.
Frackelton, C. Kim, F. Mentch, R. Chiavacci, K. Kachelries,
S. Grant, R. Baldassano, H. Hakonarson.