Page 214 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
W Patterns of genetic expression in mental
retardation associated or not with microcephaly.
T. F. Almeida, D. V. Bernardo, C. R. D. C. Quaio, G. L.
Yamamoto, E. D. F. Carvalho, C. A. Kim, D. R. Bertola.
T Molecular analysis of
in patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy and other
idiopathic generalized epilepsies.
C. V. Soler, M. C.
Gonsales, F. A. Oliveira, L. E. Betting, F. Cendes, I. Lopes-
F Genome-wide expression analysis of idiopathic
scoliosis endophenotypes.
K. Gorman, S. Bouhnik,
Q. Yuan, C. Julien, A. Franco, K. Choquet, L. Suvarnan,
M.-Y. Akoume, A. Moreau.
W Molecular profiling of osteogenic disregulation
in non-syndromic craniosynostosis: New insights
from microarray and morphological studies.
M. Barba,
W. Lattanzi, G. Tamburrini, M. C. Geloso, L. Massimi,
M. A. Puglisi, M. Caldarelli, C. Di Rocco, F. Michetti,
C. Bernardini.
T Network-based genomic mapping highlights
the influence of central-nervous system pathways on
M. Nikpay, P. Lau, R. Dent, R. McPherson.
F A comprehensive knowledgebase of autism
genetic evidence.
Y. Huang, L. Xu, J. Li, M. Zhao,
X. Tang, L. Wei.
W Mathematical modeling of the insulin signal
transduction pathway for prediction of insulin
sensitivity from expression data.
C. K. Ho, J. C. Liao,
G. Sriram, K. M. Dipple.
T Examining genetic risk factors of obesity:
Pathway analysis of GWAS data.
M. A. Simonson,
M. C. Keller, M. B. McQueen.
F Hypothesis independent pathway analysis
identifies biologic pathways implicated in POAG
B. L. Yaspan, J. L. Wiggs, L. R. Pasquale,
S. J. Loomis, J. H. Kang, D. L. Budenz, D. S. Friedman,
D. Gaasterland, T. Gaasterland, R. K. Lee, P. R. Lichter,
Y. Liu, C. A. McCarty, S. E. Moroi, L. M. Olson, J. E.
Richards, T. Realini, J. S. Schuman, K. Singh, D. Vollrath,
G. Wollstein, D. J. Zack, R. R. Allingham, M. A. Pericak-
Vance, R. N. Weinreb, K. Zhang, M. A. Hauser, J. L. Haines.
W Selecting likely causal genes from genome-wide
association studies of BMI and height by integrative
network-based analysis.
T. H. Pers, S. Vedantam, T. Esko,
F. Day, S. Berndt, S. Gustafsson, A. E. Locke, A. R. Wood,
B. Kahali, D. C. Croteau-Chonka, C. Powell, P. Dworzynski,
C. E. Thomas, A. G. Pedersen, S. Brunak, A. Justice,
K. L. Mohlke, E. Ingelsson, R. J. F. Loos, E. K. Speliotes,
T. M. Frayling, J. N. Hirschhorn, Genetic Investigation of
ANthropometric Traits Consortium.
T A systems biology approach to ionotropic
GABAergic networks in epilepsy, a model of complex
neurogenetic disease.
M. Jaworski.
W Large-scale transcriptional and epigenetic
changes bridge maternal nutritional imbalance and
metabolic syndrome.
X. Yang, L. Peterson, T. Fare,
J. Zhu, R. Kleinhanz, C. Suver, A. M. Cumiskey, R. L. Rosa,
A. Vosatka, M. Skinner, E. E. Schadt, P. Y. Lum.
T Gene expression profiling in mild traumatic brain
injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders
and depression among redeployed military personnel.
H. Lee, D. Wang, R. Pierce, T. Baxter, R. Dionne, H. Kim,
V. Mysliwiec, T. Barr.
F Genetics of obesity across development in a
model system.
C. A. Schmitt, S. Service, R. M. Cantor,
A. J. Jasinska, M. J. Jorgensen, J. R. Kaplan, N. B. Freimer.
W Modeling 3D facial shape in relation to sex and
genomic ancestry estimated from DNA.
M. D. Shriver,
P. Claes, D. K. Liberton, K. M. Rosana, E. E. Quillen,
L. N. Pearson, B. McEvoy, M. Bauchet, H. Tang, G. Barsh,
D. M. Absher, D. A. Puts, J. Rocha, S. Beleza, R. W. Pereira,
J. K. Wagner, J. Boster.
T Endogenous DUX4 induces myotube-specific
apoptosis in FSHD muscular dystrophy and is
regulated by Wnt/
catenin signaling.
G. J. Block,
D. Narayanan, A. M. Amell, L. M. Petek, D. G. Miller.
F Development of a novel
mouse model for vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
F. Malfait, Y. Kang, S. Symoens, P. Coucke, M. Renard, B.
Guillemyn, J. De Backer, F. Branco-Madeira, W. Toussaint,
L. Vanhoutte, S. Janssens, B. Descamps, C. Vanhove, P.
Segers, B. Lambrecht, A. De Paepe.
W An integrative genetic and metabolomic analysis
suggests altered phosphatidylcholine metabolism in
J. S. Ried, H. Baurecht, F. Stückler, J. Krumsiek,
J. Adamski, C. Gieger, J. Heinrich, M. Kabesch, A. Peters,
E. Rodriguez, K. Suhre, R. Wang-Sattler, K. Strauch, H.-E.
Wichmann, F. J. Theis, T. Illig, S. Weidinger.
T Genomic data integration reveals molecular
modularity of Parkinson disease.
A. Dumitriu, Y. Xia,
R. H. Myers.
F Pathway analysis of the GENEVA Alcohol
Consumption GWAS meta-analysis.
O. Harari, A. Goate,
GENEVA Alcohol Consumption Working Group.
W Pathway-based meta analysis of ulcerative
colitis genome-wide association studies.
C. Kao,
Z. Wei, J. Li, W. Wang, J. Glessner, C. Cardinale,
J. Bradfield, E. Frackelton, C. Kim, F. Mentch, H. Qui,
S. Grant, R. Baldassano, H. Hakonarson, International IBD
Genetics Consortium.
T Shared genetic variants between traits and
diseases reveal novel disease risk factors.
L. Li, D.
Ruau, C. Patel, R. Chen, A. Butte.
F Comparison of pathways implicated in anti-
citrillunated peptide antibody positive and negative
rheumatoid arthritis patients.
P. Martin, S. Viatte, A. Brass,
S. Eyre, Rheumatoid Arthritis Consortium for Immunochip.