Page 213 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F Estimating the proportion of variation in
susceptibility to PTSD captured by common SNPs.
C. Yang, J. Gelernter, C. Li, H. Kranzler, L. Farrer, H. Zhao.
W Simulation-based study investigating “missing
heritability”: A euphemism for the abject failure of
modern genomics to elucidate the etiology of complex
J. H. Lee, R. Cheng, K. M. Weiss, T. Hiekkalinna,
J. D. Terwilliger.
T A quantitative population genetic framework to
constrain the range of genetic architectures underlying
complex human traits.
V. Agarwala, J. Flannick, S. Sunyaev,
D. Altshuler.
F Multi-ethnic polygenic prediction in CARe and
other cohorts contrasts the genetic architectures of
height and body mass index.
E. K. Speliotes, J. O’Connell,
R. Do, B. Vilhjalmsson, S. Pollack, Y. Gong, N. Patterson, M.
Akylbekova, A. Cupples, M. Fornage, J. Hirschhorn, W. H. L.
Kao, L. Lange, G. Lettre, M. Li, J. Mychaleckyj, S. Musani,
G. Papanicolaou, J. I. Rotter, D. Siscovick, X. Zhu, J. G.
Wilson, . GIANT Consortium, J. Johnson, P. I. W. de Bakker,
S. Raychaudhuri, R. M. Plenge, A. Price, E. A. Stahl.
W Can ‘asthma genes’ predict asthma?
J. A. Curtin, D. Belgrave, J. Hankinson, A. Custovic,
A. Simpson.
T What is the total SNP-associated heritability
for alcohol dependence?
N. G. Martin, G. Zhu, P. A.
Lind, A. C. Heath, P. A. F. Madden, M. L. Pergadia, G. W.
Montgomery, J. B. Whitfield.
F A knockout mouse model for canine juvenile
E. M. Nevalainen, E. Seppala, H. Lohi.
W ER stress response genes and their natural
variation, discovered using the
C. Y. Chow, M. F. Wolfner, A. G. Clark.
T Physical and genetic interactions between BBS
genes and CEP290.
Y. Zhang, K. Bugge, C. C. Searby,
R. F. Mullins, S. Seo, V. C. Sheffield.
Vacuolated lens
associated neural tube defects
are regulated on a multigenic basis by
and retinoic
acid signaling pathway.
B. Li, P. Matteson, M. Ababon,
A. Q. Nato, T. Matise, V. Nanda, J. Millonig.
W HLA class-I supertypes are associated with
strain infections. M. Salie, L. van
der Merwe, M. Moller, M. Martin, X. Gao, R. Warren, M.
Carrington, E. Hoal.
T Peripheral blood cell counts are heritable in a
large, unselected rhesus macaque pedigree.
A. Vinson,
A. D. Mitchell, D. Toffey.
F A copy number variant at the KIT ligand locus
confers risk for canine squamous cell carcinoma of the
E. A. Ostrander, B. Decker, E. Carlins, B. VonHoldt,
G. Carpintero-Ramirez, H. G. Parker, R. K. Wayne, D. M.
T The role of genes and life-course-related
processes in onset of common diseases in late life.
A. Kulminski, I. Culminskaya, K. Arbeev, S. Ukraintseva,
L. Arbeeva, A. Yashin.
F Ancestry-directed sequence analysis for rare
variants in admixed populations.
E. Ziv, D. Hu.
W The convergence of functional genomics,
heritability estimation and polygenic modeling:
Emerging spectrum of allelic variation in bipolar
E. R. Gamazon, H. K. Im, C. Liu, D. L. Nicolae,
N. J. Cox.
T Contributions of cis and trans eQTLs to the
heritability of schizophrenia.
C. Jumper, E. R. Gamazon,
A. Konkashbaev, C. Liu, D. L. Nicolae, N. J. Cox.
F The contribution of sequencing-based GWAS in
explaining the missing heritability of quantitative traits.
E. Porcu, C. Sidore, M. Steri, F. Busonero, A. Mulas,
M. Dei, S. Lai, M. G. Piras, S. Naitza, D. Schlessinger,
G. Abecasis, S. Sanna, F. Cucca.
W Polygenic analysis shows that low frequency
SNPs confer early onset myocardial infarction risk.
E. Stahl, R. Do, B. Vilhjalmsson, N. Stitziel, S. Sunyaev, A.
Price, R. M. Plenge, S. Kathiresan, S. Raychaudhuri.
T Ubiquitous polygenicity of human complex
traits: Genome-wide analysis of 49 traits in Koreans.
J. Yang, T. Lee, J. Kim, S. Cho, P. Visscher, H. Kim.
F Prediction of human height with large panels of
SNPs: Insights into genetic architecture.
Y. C. Klimentidis,
A. I. Vazquez, G. de los Campos.
W Heritability estimation of height from common
genetic variants in a large sample of African Americans.
F. Chen, G. K. Chen, R. C. Millikan, E. M. John, C. B.
Ambrosone, L. Berstein, W. Zheng, J. J. Hu, R. G. Ziegler,
S. L. Deming, E. V. Bandera, W. J. Blot, S. S. Strom, S. I.
Berndt, R. A. Kittles, B. A. Rybicki, W. Issacs, S. A. Ingles,
J. L. Stanford, W. R. Diver, J. S. Witte, L. B. Signorello, S. J.
Chanock, L. Le Marchand, L. N. Kolonel, B. E. Henderson,
C. A. Haiman, D. O. Stram.
T Optimizing risk stratification to discover novel
neuroblastoma genes.
A. Goldenberg, B. Wang, S. Diskin,
J. M. Maris, M. Irwin.
F Correlations between associated SNPs cause
upward bias in whole genome-based heritability
C. Li, C. Yang, J. Ferguson, J. Cho, H. Zhao.
W Enrichment of rare non-synonymous variants
in 196 lipid-associated genes in subjects with extreme
levels of HDL-C: Evidence for rare allele model in
etiology of dyslipidemia.
M. M. Motazacker, J. Peter, M.
Treskes, J. A. Kuivenhoven, G. K. Hovingh.
T Missing heritability and the use of genome-wide
expression data as an indicator of genetic variation in
genome scans.
P. Schliekelman, G. Sun, S. Zhang.