Page 212 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F Rare and common variants in extracellular
matrix gene,
are associated with Mendelian and
multifactorial macular degenerative disease.
R. R. Priya,
X. Zhan, R. N. Fariss, C. F. Chakarova, K. E. Branham,
M. M. Campos, J. S. Friedman, B. Brooks, H. K. Rajasimha,
M. A. Morrison, S. G. Jacobson, M. L. Klein, E. Y. Chew,
D. Stambolian, M. M. DeAngelis, S. S. Bhattacharya, J. R.
Heckenlively, G. R. Abecasis, A. Swaroop.
W Genetic evidence for an ethnic diversity in the
susceptibility to Ménière’s disease.
J. Ohmen, C. White,
J. Wang, L. Fisher, H. Zhang, M. Derebery, R. Friedman.
T Genomics of response to healing following a
D. D. Vance, L. Wang, E. Rampersaud,
T. Guettouche, W. H. Cade, R. L. Belton, B. P. Lesniak,
J. M. Vance, M. A. Pericak-Vance, L. D. Kaplan.
F GWAS of host-pathogen interactions implicates
methionine salvage and microtubules in regulation of
inflammatory cell death.
D. C. Ko, K. P. Shukla, S. I. Miller.
W An integrative approach to mapping complex,
glycemic traits in skeletal muscle tissue.
S. Keildson,
J. Fadista, C. Ladenvall, A. K. Hedman, H.-F. Zheng,
L. Groop, P. Franks, O. Hansson, C. M. Lindgren, MuTHER
eQTL analysis of dysregulated interferon-
pathway genes identifies OAS1 as a novel candidate for
susceptibility to Sjögren’s syndrome.
H. Li, J. A. Ice,
J. A. Kelly, I. Adrianto, S. B. Glenn, K. S. Hefner, E. S.
Vista, D. U. Stone, R. Gopalakrishnan, G. D. Houston,
D. M. Lewis, M. D. Rohrer, P. Hughes, J. B. Harley, C. G.
Montgomery, J. Chodosh, J. A. Lessard, J.-M. Anaya, B. M.
Segal, N. L. Rhodus, L. Radfar, M. B. Frank, R. H. Scofield,
C. J. Lessard, K. Moser Sivils.
F Integrative genomic analysis identifies multiple
loci influencing the human immune response to
influenza vaccination.
L. M. Franco, K. L. Bucasas,
J. M. Wells, D. Nino, X. Wang, G. E. Zapata, N. Arden,
J. M. Quarles, M. S. Bray, R. B. Couch, J. W. Belmont,
C. A. Shaw.
W Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal
adenocarcinoma show substantial polygenetic variance,
with genetic overlap between the diseases.
W. E. Ek,
D. Whiteman, D. M. Levine, T. L. Vaughan, S. MacGregor on
behalf of BEAGESS Study Investigators.
T Rare germline copy number variants in Hodgkin
lymphoma families.
M. Rotunno, M. L. McMaster,
L. R. Goldin.
F The proportion of heritability of type 2 diabetes
estimated through GWAS that is attributable to
functional genetic variation.
J. M. Torres, E. R. Gamazon,
S. K. Das, H. M. Highland, G. I. Bell, C. L. Hanis, N. J. Cox.
W Proportion of heritability and implications of
pleiotropy attributable to GWAS hits for ECG phenotypes
in the Erasmus Rucphen Family Study.
A. Isaacs, C. Silva,
J. A. Kors, B. A. Oostra, C. M. van Duijn.
T Chromosome X revisited: Variants in Xq21.1
associate with adult stature in a meta-analysis of 14,700
T. Tukiainen, J. Kettunen, A.-P. Sarin, J. G. Eriksson,
A. Jula, V. Salomaa, O. T. Raitakari,
M.-R. Järvelin, S. Ripatti.
F A genome-wide association study identifies two
susceptibility loci for Crohn’s disease in a Japanese
K. Yamazaki, J. Umeno, A. Takahashi,
A. Hirano, T. Johnson, N. Kumasaka, T. Morizono,
N. Hosono, T. Kawaguchi, M. Takazoe, T. Yamada,
Y. Suzuki, H. Tanaka, S. Motoya, M. Hosokawa, Y. Arimura,
Y. Shinomura, T. Matsui, T. Matsumoto, M. Iida, T. Tsunoda,
Y. Nakamura, N. Kamatani, M. Kubo.
W Large scale GWAS-meta analysis identifies
novel variants associated with mean leukocyte
telomere length.
V. Codd, C. P. Nelson, E. Albrecht,
P. van der Harst, M. Mangino, J. Deelen, J. L. Buxton, J. J.
Hottenga, K. Fischer, I. Surakka, L. Broer, D. R. Nyholt, P.
Salo, S. Hagg, P. J. Talmud, N. L. Pedersen, M. Perola, J.
Kaprio, N. G. Martin, C. M. van Duijn, I. Hovatta, C. Gieger,
A. Metspalu, D. I. Boomsma, M. R. Jarvelin, W. H. van
Gilst, P. E. Slagboom, T. D. Spector, N. J. Samani,
ENGAGE Consortium.
T Suggestive loci for osteoporosis: A variance
components linkage analysis of extended pedigrees.
S. C. Nguyen, N. D. Nguyen, J. C. Center, J. A. Eisman,
T. V. Nguyen.
F Linkage analysis for identification of rare, high-
penetrance celiac disease risk variants in the Finnish
and Hungarian populations.
E. Einarsdottir, K. Kurppa,
K. Kaukinen, I. Korponay-Szabo, K. Mustalahti, M. Balogh,
M. Mäki, P. Saavalainen.
W Whole genome linkage analysis to identify
genes for childhood dental caries.
N. Mukhopadhyay,
M. Govil, Z. Zheng, E. Feingold, D. E. Weeks, J. R. Shaffer,
X. Wang, R. J. Weyant, R. Crout, D. W. McNeil, M. L.
T simQTL: Software for simulation of a complex
etiological model under a set of epidemiological
model parameters.
J. D. Terwilliger, K. M. Weiss, J. H.
Lee, B. Lambert.
F A hybrid likelihood model for sequence-based
disease association studies.
Y. Chen, H. Carter, J. Parla,
M. Kramer, F. S. Goes, M. Pirooznia, P. P. Zandi, W. R.
McCombie, J. B. Potash, R. Karchin.
W Novel methods for combined linkage and
association analyses of complex quantitative traits in
very large families sheds light on genetics of musical
Y. Huang, J. Oikkonen, L. Ukkola-Vuoti, P.
Raijas, K. Karma, P. Onkamo, A. Thomas, I. Jarvela,
V. J. Vieland.
T Linkage and genome-wide association studies
reveal distinct facets of the genetic architecture of
alopecia areata.
L. Petukhova, A. M. Christiano.