Page 211 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
T Genome-wide association study on expressive
language development in children from the general
population links early word production to common
variation at 3p12.3.
B. St Pourcain, R. Cents, W. Ang,
P. F. O’Reilly, F. Velders, N. Warrington, C. M. A. Haworth,
O. S. P. Davis, A. Whitehouse, N. Timpson, J. Kemp, D. M.
Evans, M. Marinelli, Y. Wren, S. Roulstone, R. Plomin,
V. Jaddoe, M.-R. Jarvelin, C. Pennell, H. Tiemeier,
G. Davey Smith, EAGLE.
F A genome-wide association study of early
menopause and the predictive impact of identified
variants on risk.
J. R. B. Perry, T. Corre, T. Esko,
S. Chanock, D. Chasman, E. Demerath, M. Garcia,
S. Hankinson, F. Hu, D. Hunter, K. Lunetta, A. Metspalu,
G. Montgomery, J. Murabito, A. Newman, K. Ong,
T. Spector, K. Stefansson, A. Swerdlow, U. Thorsteinsdottir,
R. Van Dam, A. G. Uitterlinden, J. Visser, P. Vollenweider,
D. Toniolo, A. Murray on behalf of Reprogen Consortium.
W Genome-wide association study of nocturnal
awakening in asthma.
D. Chhabra, A. Dahlin, Q. Duan,
B. Himes, S. T. Weiss, K. G. Tantisira.
T Preliminary meta-analysis of genome-wide
association studies of lung function in children.
M. Kowgier, M. Bustamante, J. Sunyer, J. Heinrich,
C. Flexeder, G. Koppelman, M. Kerkhof, E. S. Schultz,
E. Melen, S. Birch, R. Granell, E. Kreiner-Møller,
H. Bisgaard, J. Henderson, L. J. Palmer.
F A genome-wide meta-analysis identifies
common variants in
with fractional exhaled nitric oxide in childhood.
R. J. P.
van der Valk, L. Duijts, M. T. Salam,
J. Sunyer, E. Melen, G. Koppelman, A. Custovic,
J. Heinrich, H. Bisgaard, A. J. Henderson, V. W. V. Jaddoe,
J. C. de Jongste on behalf of GABRIEL and EArly Genetics
and Lifecourse Epidemiology Consortia.
W Phenotypic dissection of bone mineral
density facilitates the identification of skeletal site
specificity on the genetic regulation of bone.
J. P.
Kemp, C. Medina-Gomez, K. Estrada, D. H. M. Heppe,
M. C. Zillikens, N. J. Timpson, B. St. Pourcain, S. M.
Ring, A. Hofman, V. W. V. Jaddoe, G. Davey Smith, A. G.
Uitterlinden, J. H. Tobias, F. Rivadeneira, D. M. Evans.
T A multiethnic genome-wide association study
of HIV-1 viral load among injection drug users.
D. B.
Hancock, J. L. Levy, G. P. Page, S. P. Novak, C. Glasheen,
N. C. Gaddis, N. L. Saccone, J. P. Rice, Q. Wang,
M. Moreau, K. Doheny, J. Romm, A. I. Brooks, L. J. Bierut,
A. H. Kral, E. O. Johnson.
F Genetic variants near the
gene are
associated with weight at birth in twins.
S. J. Metrustry,
T. Spector, A. M. Valdes.
W A systematic meta-analysis of associations of
genetic variants influencing protein phosphorylation
with bone mineral density phenotypes.
T. Niu, L. Zhang,
F.-Y. Deng, J. Li, Y.-F. Pei, Y. Liu, H. Shen, Y.-Z. Liu,
H.-W. Deng.
genotype: Primary open angle
glaucoma feature correlations in the GLAUGEN study
and the NEIGHBOR consortium.
L. R. Pasquale, S. J.
Loomis, J. H. Kang, B. L. Yaspan, D. L. Budenz, D. S.
Friedman, D. Gaasterland, T. Gaasterland, R. K. Lee,
P. R. Lichter, Y. Liu, C. A. McCarty, S. Moroi, L. M. Olson,
T. Realini, J. S. Schuman, K. Singh, D. Vollrath,
G. Wollstein, D. J. Zack, W. Abdrabou, M. A. Hauser, E.
Delbono, R. R. Allingham, M. A. Pericak-Vance,
R. N. Weinreb, K. Zhang, J. E. Richards, J. L. Haines,
J. L. Wiggs.
T Ethnicity and ancestry information from
genome-wide association studies: The NHGRI GWAS
H. A. Junkins, J. A. L. MacArthur, P. Hall,
K. A. Harvey, T. A. Manolio, L. A. Hindorff.
F OFCD syndrome gene
is associated with
dental caries.
X. Wang, Z. Zeng, J. R. Shaffer, E. Feingold,
D. E. Weeks, M. Lee, K. T. Cuenco, R. J. Weyant, R. Crout,
D. W. McNeil, M. L. Marazita.
W Sickle-cell locus is a major modifier of human
susceptibility to invasive bacterial infection: A genome-
wide association study of bacteremia susceptibility.
A. Rautanen, M. Pirinen, C. Spencer, T. Mills, S. Chapman,
K. Rockett, J. A. Scott, T. N. Williams, P. Donnelly, A. V. Hill.
T Using genomics to decipher causation in severe
edematous childhood malnutrition: A pilot GWAS.
N. A.
Hanchard, S. Howell, K. Marshall, T. Forrester, M. Reid,
X. Wang, L. M. Franco, J. W. Belmont, C. A. McKenzie.
F Genome-wide association study of body mass
index in Samoans.
R. L. Minster, G. Sun, S. R. Indugula,
H. Cheng, N. L. Hawley, S. Viali, R. Deka, D. E. Weeks,
S. T. McGarvey.
W Variants in
contribute to susceptibility
to psoriatic arthritis exhibiting further common ground
with ankylosing spondylitis.
A. Reis, M. Apel, S. Uebe,
J. Bowes, E. Giardina, E. Korendowych, K. Juneblad, F.
Pasutto, A. B. Ekici, R. McManus, P. Ho, I. N. Bruce, A.
W. Ryan, F. Behrens, B. Böhm, H. Traupe, J. Lohmann, C.
Gieger, H. E. Wichmann, L. Padyukov, O. FitzGerald, G. M.
Alenius, N. McHugh, G. Novelli, H. Burkhardt, A. Barton,
U. Hüffmeier.
T Association analysis between X-chromosome
variants and asthma in 50,000 individuals.
C. S. Tang,
D. Hinds, M. A. R. Ferreira.
F Early adiposity phenotypes associate with
common variants at
M.-R. Jarvelin, S. Das, H. R. Taal, U. Sovio,
D. Mook-Kanamori, N. M. Warrington, N. J. Timpson,
D. L. Cousminer, E. Thiering, I. Y. Millwood, J. L. Buxton,
S. Sebert, M. Kaakinen, A. I. F. Blakemore, J. Eriksson,
P. Froguel, M. McCarthy, L. Coin, P. O’Reilly, V. W. V.
Jaddoe, Early Growth Genetics Consortium.
W Multiple human genetic variants associated
with Epstein-Barr virus load in the 1000 Genomes and
HapMap lymphoblastoid cell lines.
C. Houldcroft, A. Gall,
J. Z. Liu, A. L. Palser, S. J. Watson, C. A. Anderson, P. Kellam.