Page 210 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
W Genome-wide association scan of osteoporotic
fracture: A meta-analysis of 10,012 African American
K. C. Taylor, D. Edwards, T. Edwards, D. S.
Evans, G. Li, K. E. North, N. Franceschini, R. Jackson,
M. Donneyong, A. Z. LaCroix, J. A. Robbins, B. Lewis,
M. L. Stefanick, Y. Liu, M. Garcia, T. B. Harris, J. A. Cauley.
T Genome-wide association analysis of percent
body fat in adults from the Fels Longitudinal Study.
B. Towne, J. Blangero, A. C. Choh, J. E. Curran, C. Bellis,
T. D. Dyer, E. W. Demerath, M. Lee, R. M. Siervogel,
S. A. Czerwinski.
F Genome-wide association meta-analyses in
over 210,000 individuals identify 20 sexually dimorphic
genetic variants for body fat distribution.
T. W. Winkler,
D. C. Croteau-Chonka, T. Ferreira, K. Fischer, A. E. Locke,
R. Mägi, D. Shungin, T. Workalemahu, J. Wu, F. Day,
A. U. Jackson, A. Justice, R. Strawbridge, H. Völzke,
L. Qi, M. C. Zillikens, C. S. Fox, E. K. Speliotes, I. Barroso,
E. Ingelsson, J. N. Hirschhorn, M. I. McCarthy, P. W.
Franks, A. P. Morris, L. A. Cupples, K. E. North, K. L.
Mohlke, R. J. F. Loos, I. M. Heid, C. M. Lindgren, GIANT
W 1000 Genomes imputation identifies low
frequency-large effect circulating biomarker associations
undetected by HapMap-based imputation.
A. R. Wood,
J. Tyrrell, D. G. Hernandez, M. A. Nalls, H. Yaghootkar, J. R.
Gibbs, L. W. Harries, S. Chong, M. Moore, J. M. Guralnik,
S. Bandinelli, A. Murray, L. Ferrucci, A. B. Singleton,
D. Melzer, M. N. Weedon, T. M. Frayling.
T So fresh or so clean?
A genetic variant near
olfactory receptor genes associates with cilantro taste
preference. S. Wu, J. Y. Tung, A. B. Chowdry, A. K. Kiefer,
J. L. Mountain, N. Eriksson.
F Genome-wide association study for
Behçet’s disease in an Iranian dataset
using a DNA pooling approach.
J. Xavier, M. Martins,
J. Sobral, F. Shahram, F. Davatchi, B. S. Abdollahi,
A. Nadji, N. M. Shafiee, F. Ghaderibarim, S. A. Oliveira.
W A genome-wide association study identifies
susceptibility loci for non-syndromic sagittal
craniosynostosis on chromosomes 20 and 7.
G. Yagnik,
C. M. Justice, Y. Kim, I. Peter, E. W. Jabs, X. Ye, L. Shi,
M. L. Cunningham, V. Kimonis, T. Roscioli, S. A. Wall,
A. O. M. Wilkie, J. Stoler, J. T. Richtsmeier, Y. Heuzé, P. A.
Sanchez-Lara, M. F. Buckley, C. M. Druschel, J. L. Mills,
M. Caggana, P. A. Romitti, D. M. Kay, C. Senders, P. J.
Taub, O. D. Klein, J. Boggan, C. Naydenov, J. Kim, A. F.
Wilson, S. A. Boyadjiev.
T Finding genome-transcriptome-phenome
association with structured association mapping and
visualization in GenAMap.
J. Yin, R. E. Curtis, E. P. Xing.
F A genome-wide association study of central
corneal thickness in Latinos.
X. Gao, W. J. Gauderman,
P. Marjoram, M. Torres, T. Haritunians, J. Z. Kuo, Y. I.
Chen, K. D. Taylor, J. I. Rotter, R. Varma.
F Genome-wide association study and meta-
analysis of intraocular pressure in primary open-angle
glaucoma cases and controls in the NEIGHBOR,
GLAUGEN and AMD-MMAP MI Consortia.
A. B. Ozel,
S. Moroi, D. Reed, E. Trager, K. Scott, J. Gilbert, S. Garnai,
S. Akbari, M. Nika, C. Schmidt, B. Yaspan, K. Branham,
W. Chen, J. Heckenlively, A. Swaroop, G. Abecasis,
A. Ashley-Koch, M. Ulmer, M. Hauser, J. Haines, L. R.
Pasquale, J. Wiggs, J. Richards, J. Z. Li, NEIGHBOR
W Haplotype association mapping in 33 inbred
mouse strains identifies genetic regions contributing
to chronic hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension.
M. W. Pauciulo, D. Koller, P. Hale, T. D. Le Cras, P. Pastura,
B. Aronow, C. Tolentino, D. Li, T. Foroud, W. C. Nichols.
T Large-scale genome-wide association meta-
analysis of fasting glycemic traits using imputation
from 2188-haplotype 1000 Genomes reference panel
within ENGAGE consortium.
I. Prokopenko, R. Mägi,
M. Horikoshi, I. Surakka, S. Wiltshire, A.-P. Sarin,
A. Mahajan, L. Marullo, T. Ferreira, S. Hägg, J. S. Ried,
G. Thorleifsson, T. Esko, S. M. Willems, A. P. Morris, M. I.
McCarthy, S. Ripatti, European Network for Genetic and
Genomic Epidemiology Consortium.
F BRC allergene study: A TwinsUK GWAS of a
metabolite associated with allergic response to nickel.
L. Quaye, L. Bevan, T. Tsakok, C. Menni, A. Moayyeri,
I. Erte, T. D. Spector, C. J. Hammond, F. O. Nestle.
W Experience with Illumina Infinium FFPE DNA
restoration solution.
J. Romm, S. Pottinger, L. Aker,
C. Hilton, C. Ongaco, K. Doheny.
T The Kaiser Permanente/UCSF Genetic
Epidemiology Research Study on Adult Health and
Aging: A genome-wide association analysis of type
L. C. Sakoda, L. Shen, S. Sciortino, D. K.
Ranatunga, R. W. Grant, T. J. Hoffmann, M. N. Kvale,
S. Hesselson, Y. Banda, P. Kwok, N. Risch, C. Schaefer,
A. Ferrara.
F A genome-wide association study of
infection susceptibility.
C. Schurmann, J. Mayerle,
L. Stolk, M. J. Peters, G. Homuth, A. G. Uitterlinden, M. M.
Lerch, E. Kuipers.
W GWAS needs a good phenotype: Clustering
tooth surfaces into biologically-informative dental
caries outcomes.
J. R. Shaffer, E. Feingold, X. Wang,
M. Lee, K. T. Cuenco, D. E. Weeks, R. J. Weyant, R. Crout,
D. W. McNeil, M. L. Marazita.
T X chromosome SNPs not strongly associated
with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
M. Sudman, M. Marion,
T. Howard, J. Haas, S. Prahalad, J. Bohnsack, C. Wise,
M. Punaro, C. Rose, M. Ryan, M. Wagner, C. D. Langefeld,
D. Glass, S. Thompson.
F In quest of aging- and longevity-associated
genetic markers.
R. Tamm, M. Alver, K. Fischer, R. Magi,
A. Metspalu.