Page 208 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
W A novel sarcoidosis risk locus for Europeans on
chromosome 11q13.1.
A. Fischer, B. Schmid,
D. Ellinghaus, M. Nothnagel, K. I. Gaede, M. Schürmann,
S. Lipinski, P. Rosenstiel, G. Zissel, K. Höhne, M. Petrek,
V. Kolek, S. Pabst, C. Grohé, J. Grunewald, M. Ronninger,
A. Ecklund, L. Padyukov, C. Gieger, H.-E. Wichmann,
A. Nebel, A. Franke, J. Müller-Quernheim, S. Hofmann,
S. Schreiber.
T A GWAS on age-related hearing impairment in a
European population.
E. Fransen, S. Bonneux,
I. Schrauwen, F. Di Berardini, I. Dhooge, J. J. Corneveaux,
J. D. Ohmen, P. H. Van de Heyning, R. Friedman,
M. J. Huentelman, G. Van Camp.
F An extensive literature-based multilocus genetic
score is associated with all-cause-mortality and major
diseases: The Rotterdam and TwinGene studies.
A. Ganna, A. C. Janssens, A. Hofman, F. Rivadeneira,
A. G. Uitterlinden, P. K. E. Magnusson, N. L. Pedersen,
E. Ingelsson, H. Tiemeier.
W Large-scale meta-analysis in up to 40,429
Europeans identifies genetic loci associated with
non-fasting plasma glucose and reveals links to
glucose uptake in muscle.
K. S. Gutierrez, V. Lagou,
A. Isaacs, J. B. Meigs, Y. S. Aulchenko, I. Prokopenko for
MAGIC (Meta-Analyses of Glucose and Insulin-Related
Traits Consortium) Investigators.
T Genome-wide association study detects multiple
novel loci associated with nuclear magnetic resonance
spectroscopy detected metabolites in human serum.
P. Henneman, A. Verhoeven, H. Dharuri, J. van Klinken,
A. Meissner, S. Göraler, A. Deelder, R. Frants, L. Karssen,
B. Oostra, K. Willems van Dijk, C. van Duijn.
F Ontology, visual, and informatics enhancements
to the NHGRI genome-wide association study catalog.
L. A. Hindorff, J. A. L. MacArthur, D. Welter, T. Burdett,
P. Hall, H. A. Junkins, H. Parkinson.
W Genome-wide association study of time-to
diabetic retinopathy .
S. M. Hosseini, A. P. Boright, L.
Sun, K. Howard, A. J. Canty, S. B. Bull, B. E. Klein, R.
Klein, A. D. Paterson, DCCT/EDIC Research Group.
T Genome-wide screen for telomere length loci
identifies a cancer risk associated gene in Finnish
I. Hovatta, I. Surakka, I. Sirén, J. Kettunen, J. G.
Eriksson, P. Knekt, V. Salomaa, J. Kaprio, S. Ripatti.
F GWAS identifies 13 polymorphisms associated
with motion sickness.
B. S. Hromatka, E. R. Chang, J. Y.
Tung, J. L. Mountain, U. Francke, C. B. Do, N. Eriksson.
W Identification of leprosy host genetic
susceptibility loci.
A. Irwanto, L. Hong, F. Zhang, J. Liu.
T Genetic risk score in multiple sclerosis: Back
to the individual in the post-GWAS era.
N. Isobe, P.
KhanKhanian, B. Vinod, S. Cailler, H. Harbo, A. Santaniello,
S. Hauser, J. Oksenberg, P. Gourraud.
W Common variations at chromosome 21q22
influences the risk of age-related nuclear cataract: The
Singapore Malay Eye Study.
C. Y. Cheng, J. Liao, X. Li,
C. C. Khor, W. T. Tay, A. G. Tan, J. J. Wang, P. Mitchell,
Y. Y. Teo, E. S. Tai, S. M. Saw, T. Aung, T. Y. Wong.
T A genome-wide association study on
progressive and bout-onset multiple sclerosis patients.
F. Clarelli, P. Brambilla, F. Esposito, G. Giacalone,
M. Rodegher, M. Sorosina, C. Guaschino, N. Barizzone,
P. Cavalla, E. Patti, D. Galimberti, E. Scarpini, S. Lupoli,
R. Capra, G. Tedeschi, G. Mancardi, G. Coniglio,
L. Grimaldi, A. Ghezzi, D. Cusi, V. Martinelli, M. Leone,
S. D’Alfonso, G. C. Comi, F. Martinelli Boneschi.
F Novel loci for caffeinated coffee consumption
revealed by a genome-wide meta-analysis of 91,000
M. Cornelis on behalf of Coffee & Caffeine
Genetics Consortium.
W Genome-wide association study of Tanner
puberty staging in males and females.
D. Cousminer,
N. Timpson, D. Berry, W. Ang, I. Ntalla, M. Groen-Blokhuis,
M. Guxens, M. Kähönen, J. Viikari, T. Lehtimäki, K.
Panoutsopoulou, D. Boomsma, E. Zeggini, G. Dedoussis,
C. Pennell, O. Raitakari, E. Hyppönen, G. Davey Smith, M.
McCarthy, E. Widén, Early Growth Genetics Consortium.
T Genetic variation associated with circulating
monocyte count in the eMERGE Network.
D. Crosslin,
A. McDavid, N. Weston, X. Zheng, E. Hart, M. de Andrade,
I. Kullo, C. McCarty, K. Doheny, E. Pugh, A. Kho,
M. Hayes, M. Ritchie, A. Saip, D. Crawford, P. Crane,
K. Newton, R. Li, D. Mirel, A. Crenshaw, E. Larson,
C. Carlson, G. Jarvik.
F A genome-wide association study of systemic
lupus erythematosus in North Americans of European
F. Y. Demirci, X. Wang, A. H. Kao, A. Clarke, R.
Ramsey-Goldman, S. Manzi, M. M. Barmada,
M. I. Kamboh.
W Genome-wide association study of sexual
orientation in a large, web-based cohort.
E. M. Drabant,
A. K. Kiefer, N. Eriksson, J. L. Mountain, U. Francke,
J. Y. Tung, D. A. Hinds, C. B. Do.
T Identification of multiple novel susceptibility
regions for primary sclerosing cholangitis through dense
genotyping of autoimmunity risk loci.
E. Ellinghaus,
J. Z. Liu, T. Folseraas, A. Franke, C. A. Anderson, T. H.
Karlsen on behalf of International Primary Sclerosing
Cholangitis Study Group and Immunochip Consortium.
F Screening of inflammation-related SNPs
identifies a functional IL6 receptor variant as a risk
factor for atopic dermatitis.
J. Esparza Gordillo,
H. Schaarschmidt, L. Liang, W. O. C. M. Cookson,
M. L. Lee-Kirsch, J. Henderson, L. Paternoster, J. I.
Harper, E. Mangold, M. M. Nothen, F. Rüschendorf,
T. Kerscher, I. Marenholz, A. Matanovic, S. Lau, T. Keil,
C. P. Bauer, M. Kurek, A. Ciechanowicz, M. Macek, A.
Franke, M. Kabesch, N. Hubner, G. Abecasis,
S. Weidinger, M. F. Moffatt, Y. A. Lee.