Page 207 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F A genome-wide association study establishes
multiple susceptibility loci for Sjögren’s syndrome.
C. J. Lessard, H. Li, I. Adrianto, J. A. Ice, R. Jonsson,
G. G. Illei, M. Rischmueller, G. Nordmark, X. Mariette,
C. Miceli-Richard, M. Wahren-Herlenius, T. Witte, M.
Brennan, R. Omdal, P. M. Gaffney, J. A. Lessard, W.-F. Ng,
N. Rhodus, B. Segal, R. H. Scofield, J. A. James, J.-M.
Anaya, J. B. Harley, C. G. Montgomery, K. Moser Sivils.
W Pooling-based genome-wide association study
for intracranial aneurysms in the Portuguese population.
P.C. S. Abrantes, I. Sousa, M. M. Santos, V. Francisco,
T. Krug, J. M. Xavier, A. Jacinto, D. Coiteiro, S. A. Oliveira.
T Genetic variants at the IGHC locus are associated
with IgG levels in multiple sclerosis patients.
E. Albrecht,
D. Buck, M. Aslam, A. Goris, N. Hauenstein, A. Jochim,
S. Cepok, V. Grummel, B. Dubois, A. Berthele, P. Lichtner,
C. Gieger, J. Winkelmann, B. Hemmer.
F A web-based initiative to accelerate research on
genetics and disease in African Americans.
K. E. Barnholt,
A. K. Kiefer, H. L. Gates, Jr., M. Nelson, M. Mullins, E. Baker,
J. Frank, C. D. Bustamante, T. W. Love, R. A. Kittles,
N. Eriksson, J. L. Mountain.
W First systematic association study of achalasia
points to a strong involvement of the
region in the
disease process.
J. Becker, M. Knapp, M. M. Wouters,
G. Trynka, V. Kumar, L. Franke, H.-J. Westra, C. Wijmenga,
G. E. Boeckxstaens, M. M. Nöthen, I. Gockel, J. Schumacher.
T Genetic variants associated with breast size also
influence breast cancer risk.
G. Benton, N. Eriksson,
C. B. Do, A. K. Kiefer, J. L. Mountain, D. A. Hinds,
U. Francke, J. Y. Tung.
F Meta-analysis of genetic associations in up
to 339,224 individuals identify 67 new loci for BMI,
confirming a neuronal contribution to body weight
regulation and implicating several novel pathways.
S. I. Berndt, S. Vedantam, F. Day, S. Gustafsson,
A. E. Locke, C. Powell, B. Kahali, D. C. Croteau-Chonka, T.
W. Winkler, A. Scherag, I. Barroso, J. S. Beckmann,
A. Justice, C. M. Lindgren, T. Pers, P. Visscher, J. Yang,
M. Boehnke, G. Abecasis, C. J. Willer, K. L. Mohlke,
K. E. North, J. N. Hirschhorn, E. Ingelsson, R. J. F. Loos,
E. K. Speliotes for GIANT Consortium.
W Selective immunoglobulin A deficiency is
associated with
in a genome-wide association study and meta-
P. G. Bronson, A. P. Manoharan, T. R. Bhangale,
W. Ortmann, R. C. Ferreira, Q. Pan-Hammarström,
L. Hammarström, R. R. Graham, T. W. Behrens.
T Three new susceptibility loci for hyperuricemia
identified through a genome-wide association analysis
in Han Chinese.
C.-H. Chen, Y.-T. Chen, Y.-T. Chen,
J.-Y. Wu.
F Candidate genetic loci for telomere length:
A family based association study of Long Life Family
R. Cheng, J. H. Lee, M. S. Kang, M. A. Province,
R. Mayeux, L. S. Honig.
W Large-scale rare-variant analyses of eight
quantitative traits reveal novel loci for triglycerides and
fasting insulin in genome-wide studies imputed from
haplotype 1000 Genomes reference panel.
R. Mägi,
M. Horikoshi, I. Surakka, S. Wiltshire, A.-P. Sarin, T. Esko, A.
Mahajan, T. Ferreira, M. Beekman, S. Gustafsson,
S. Hägg, C. Ladenvall, L. Marullo, C. P. Nelson, J. S. Ried,
G. Thorleifsson, N. Tsernikova, S. M. Willems, C. Willenborg,
T. Winkler, C. M. Lindgren, M. I. McCarthy, S. Ripatti,
I. Prokopenko, A. P. Morris for ENGAGE Consortium.
T Common genetic variants underlie
endometriosis and fat distribution but not overall
N. Rahmioglu, S. Macgregor, H. R. Harris,
A. Morris, S. A. Missmer, G. W. Montgomery, C. M.
Lindgren, K. T. Zondervan, International EndoGene
Consortium, GIANT Consortium.
F Genome-wide association of single nucleotide
polymorphisms with weight loss outcomes following
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.
E. Rinella, C. Still,
Y. Shao, G. C. Wood, X. Chu, B. Salerno, G. S. Gerhard,
H. Ostrer.
W Identification of common and specific genetic
determinants to skin prick test reactivity using
genome-wide association study and gene-based test
P.-E. Sugier, A. Vaysse, C. Loucoubar,
C. Sarnowski, P. Margaritte-Jeannin, M.-H. Dizier,
M. Lathrop, F. Demenais, E. Bouzigon, EGEA Collaborative
T A genome-wide meta-analysis of circulating
levels of IGF-I and IGFBP-3.
A. Teumer, R. S. Vasan, M.
Bidlingmaier, T. Tanaka, N. L. Glazer, M. Nethander,
T. Harris, M. Beekman, R. Westendorp, E. Slagboom, J
I. Rotter, P. P. Pramstaller, Q. Sun, C. Zhang, C. S. P. Lam,
M. O. Goodarzi, K. Rice, B. M. Psaty, G. Li, J. B. Meigs,
L. Kuller, M. N. Pollak, C. van Duijn, A. Tönjes, S. Berndt,
E. Ziv, X. Xue, C. Ohlsson, H. Wallaschofski, R. C. Kaplan
on behalf of CHARGE Insulin-Like Growth Factor Working
F Phenotypic refinement and genome-wide
association analysis identifies a functional variant in
associated with BMI.
N. J. Timpson, R. Gaillard,
E. Stergiakouli, H. R. Taal, D. M. Evans, F. Rivadeneira,
B. St. Pourcain, A. G. Uitterlinden, J. Kemp, A. Hofman,
S. Ring, V. W. V. Jaddoe, G. Davey Smith.
W A genome-wide association study of kidney
transplant survival: Donors recipients and interactions.
C. Franklin, M. Hernandez Fuentes, J. Mollon, I. Rebollo
Mesa, E. Perucha, P. Conlon, N. Anyanwu, S. H. Sacks,
M. E. Weale, N. Soranzo, G. Lord, United Kingdom and
Ireland Renal Transplant Consortium, the Wellcome Trust
Case-Control Consortium 3.
T Admixture mapping of vitamin D in African
I. Halder, L. Pearson, .S. Mulukutla,
M. Shriver, V. Causer, G. Huggins, S. Reis.