Page 206 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F Genome-wide copy number variation in anorectal
S. S. Cherny, E. H. M. Wong, L. Cui,
C. L. Ng, C. S. M. Tang, M. T. So, B. H. K. Yip, G. Cheng,
V. C. H. Liu, P. C. Sham, P. K. H. Tam, M.-M. Garcia-Barceló.
W A genome-wide meta-analysis of copy number
variation identifies novel childhood obesity loci.
D. Hadley, J. Bradfield, H. Hakonarson, S. Grant on behalf
of Early Growth Genetics Consortium.
T Copy number variation analysis implicates locus
q21.2 with raised intra-ocular pressure.
A. Nag,
P. G. Hysi, C. Venturini, S. MacGregor, A. W. Hewitt,
T. L. Young, P. Mitchell, A. C. Viswanathan, D. A. Mackey,
C. J. Hammond, WTCCC2.
F Genome- wide analysis of copy number variants
in Down syndrome-associated congenital heart
D. Ramachandran, J. Mulle, A. E. Locke,
P. Bose, L. J. Bean, S. Le, T. Rosser, K. Dooley,
D. J. Cutler, E. Feingold, S. Y. Cheong, C. L. Cua,
C. L. Maslen, R. H. Reeves, S. L. Sherman, M. E. Zwick.
W Rare genetic variation in relation to circulating
S. Gustafsson, L. Lind, A. Mahajan,
S. Söderberg, A. Flyvbjerg, C. M. Lindgren, A. P. Morris, I.
T Comprehensive evaluation of type 2 diabetes
susceptibility loci in East Asians by using 1000
Genomes Project data.
K. Hara, H. Fujita, T. A. Johnson,
S. Maeda, T. Tsunoda, M. Kubo, T. Kadowaki.
F Genome-wide association study of age-related
macular degeneration identifies associated variants in
region of chromosome 6p21.3.
V. Cipriani, H.-T. Leung, V. Plagnol, C. Bunce,
J. C. Khan, H. Shahid, A. T. Moore, S. P. Harding,
P. N. Bishop, C. Hayward, S. Campbell, A. M. Armbrecht,
B. Dhillon, I. J. Deary, H. Campbell, M. Dunlop, A. F.
Dominiczak, S. S. Mann, S. A. Jenkins, A. R. Webster, A. C.
Bird, M. Lathrop, D. Zelenika, A. J. Cree, J. Gibson, S. Ennis,
A. J. Lotery, A. F. Wright, D. G. Clayton, J. R. W. Yates.
W Evidence for association and biologic support
of a novel locus for serum albumin.
N. Franceschini,
F. J. A. van Rooij, B. P. Prins, M. F. Feitosa, M. Karakas,
Q. Wu, C. A. Winkler, J. Kopp, J. F. Felix, K. E. North,
B. Z. Alizadeh, L. A. Cupples, J. R. B. Perry, A. P. Morris on
behalf of CHARGE Consortium Protein Working Group.
T Gene-based meta-analysis of genome-wide
association studies implicates new susceptibility loci
for obesity.
S. Hägg, Y. Pawitan, E. Ingelsson on behalf of
GIANT Consortium.
F Homozygosity mapping in a Sindh Pakistan
family identifies new candidate regions for primary
autosomal recessive microcephaly.
P. Lemay, M. Sindhi,
N. Sehar, S. Kashif, Q. Brohi, J. Michaud, Z. Kibar.
T Genome-wide linkage and association analyses
in uterine leiomyomata reveal
as a risk gene.
S. L. Eggert, K. L. Huyck, P. Somasundaram, R. Kavalla,
E. A. Stewart, A. T. Lu, J. N. Painter, G. W. Montgomery,
S. E. Medland, S. A. Treloar, K. T. Zondervan, D. R. Nyholt,
A. C. Heath, P. A. F. Madden, L. Rose, P. M. Ridker,
D. I. Chasman, N. G. Martin, R. M. Cantor, C. C. Morton.
F X chromosome markers associated with COPD:
A meta-analysis in 3 cohorts.
M. Hardin, M. McDonald,
M. Matthiessen, M. Cho, E. Wan, P. Castaldi, D. Lomas,
P. Bakke, A. Gulsvik, J. Crapo, T. Beaty, C. Lange,
E. K. Silverman, D. DeMeo, COPDGene and ECLIPSE
W Periodontitis shares
as a genetic risk
factor with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis,
type 1 diabetes, and Crohn’s disease.
A. S. Schaefer,
M. Nothnagel, C. Graetz, Y. Jockel, I. Harks, I. Staufenbiel,
J. Eberhardt, E. Guzeldemir, N. Cine, E. Yilmaz, R.
Nohutcu, B. Ehmke, P. Eickholz, M. Folwaczny, J. Meyle,
U. Schlagenhauf, M. Laine, H. Dommisch, C. Bruckmann,
B. Noack, B. Groessner-Schreiber, C. Doerfer, A. Franke,
S. Jepsen, B. G. Loos, S. Schreiber.
T Genetic factors underlying birth weight and
cardiovascular disease: A study of 17,048 Finns.
K. Auro, E. Widen, J. Eriksson, A. Palotie, T. Lehtimäki,
O. Raitakari, M. Perola.
F Genome-wide association study of orthostatic
hypotension and supine-standing blood pressure
changes in two Korean populations.
K. Hong, Y. Kim.
W Genetic association of erythrocyte and platelet
phenotypes in Mexican Americans.
P. E. Melton,
J. E. Curran, M. Carless, M. P. Johnson, T. D. Dyer,
J. W. MacCluer, E. K. Moses, H. H. H. Goring,
R. Duggirala, D. Glahn, J. Blangero, L. Almasy.
T GWAS in an isolated Sardinian population
contribute to elucidate the genetic control of serum
angiotensin converting enzyme level.
I. Persico,
M. P. Concas, G. B. Maestrale, L. Portas, F. Murgia,
M. Cosso, D. Serra, M. Pirastu.
F Flipping sign test of GWAS summary statistics
on multiple correlated traits.
Z. Zhang, N. Franceschini,
T. Edwards, B. Keating, B. Tayo, E. Fox, A. Johnson,
Y. Sun, Y. Sung, M. Nalls, J. Hunter, A. Dresbach,
S. Musani, G. Papanicolaou, G. Lettre, A. Adebowale,
R. Cooper, A. P. Reiner, D. Rao, D. Levy, X. Zhu.
W Association study on the X chromosome
identifies novel genes associated with systemic lupus
erythematosus in Asian populations.
W. Yang, Y. Zhang,
N. Hirankarn, X. Zhang, Y. Lau.
T Genetic modifiers of the palatal phenotype in
q11 microdeletion syndrome: Preliminary results of a
genome-wide association study.
C. Vial, G. M. Repetto,
M. Palomares, S. McGhee, N. K. Henderson-MacLennan,
M. L. Guzman, K. Espinoza, G. Lay-Son.