Page 205 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
W Genetic associations with serologic autoimmunity
in a large multi-ancestral systemic lupus erythematosus
S. N. Kariuki, B. S. Franek, A. A. Kumar, M. Kumabe,
K. M. Kaufman, J. M. Anaya, M. E. Alarcón-Riquelme,
S. C. Bae, E. E. Brown, B. I. Freedman, G. S. Gilkeson,
C. O. Jacob, J. A. James, R. P. Kimberly, J. Martin,
J. T. Merrill, B. Pons-Estel, B. P. Tsao, T. J. Vyse,
C. D. Langefeld, J. B. Harley, K. L. Moser, P. M. Gaffney,
A. D. Skol, T. B. Niewold.
T HLA DRB1 amino acid position 11 is highly
associated with rheumatoid arthritis in African
R. J. Reynolds, S. Raychaudhuri, P. I. W. de
Bakker, X. Jia, M. I. Danila, A. F. Ahmed, L. W. Moreland,
R. Brasington, L. F. Callahan, E. A. Smith, R. M. Plenge,
S. L. Bridges, Jr., CLEAR Investigators.
polymorphism and insulin resistance in
Americans of Mexican origin.
Y. Lu, H. Q. Qu, Q. Li,
S. P. Fisher-Hoch, J. B. McCormick.
W Characterization of clinical characteristics and
genetic burden of multiple sclerosis in Hispanics.
I. Konidari, A. Hadjixenofontos, C. P. Manrique,
A. H. Beecham, P. L. Whitehead, V. Bakthavachalam,
P.-A. Gourraud, M. A. Pericak-Vance, L. Tornes, M. Ortega,
K. W. Rammohan, S. Delgado, J. L. McCauley.
T Investigating a role for functional variation in HIV-1
control through exome sequencing.
P. J. McLaren,
P. Shea, I. Bartha, K. V. Shianna, D. B. Goldstein, J. Fellay.
F The effect of genetic and interaction factors for
risk prediction in type 2 diabetes.
D. Shigemizu, T. Abe,
T. Morizono, T. A. Johnson, K. A. Boroevich, M. Kubo, Y.
Nakamura, S. Maeda, T. Tsunoda.
W Genome-wide association study of structural
foot disorders (lesser-toe deformity, hallux valgus
and plantar soft-tissue atrophy) in older Caucasian
Y.-H. Hsu, C.-H. Cheng, Y. Liu, L. A. Cupples,
J. Jordan, M. Hannan.
T Multi-stage genome-wide association meta-
analyses identified two new loci for bone mineral
L. Zhang, J. Li, Y. F. Pei, Y. Lin, H. Shen, K. Estrada,
F. Rivadeneira, A. G. Uitterlinden, C. S. Shin, H. J. Choi,
E. L. Duncan, P. J. Leo, M. A. Brown, Y. Z. Liu, Y. J. Liu,
J. G. Zhang, Q. Tian, Y. P. Wang, X. Z. Zhu, S. Y. Wu,
C. J. Papasian, H. W. Deng.
F Genetics of left- and right-hemisphere
subcortical structures in the human brain.
M. E. Renteria,
A. Wallace, L. Strike, K. Johnson, D. P. Hibar, J. L. Stein, G.
De Zubicaray, K. L. McMahon, G. W. Montgomery,
P. M. Thompson, N. G. Martin, S. E. Medland, M. J. Wright.
W Variant in the HLA-DPB1 region inversely
associated with follicular lymphoma risk in meta-
analysis of two genome-wide association studies.
L. Conde, K. E. Smedby, J. N. Foo, J. Riby, K. Humphreys,
F. C. M. Sillé, H. Darabi, S. Sanchez, H. Hjalgrim, J. Liu,
P. M. Bracci, C. F. Skibola.
F Early life infection associated with shorter adult
blood telomere lengths in Cebu, the Philippines.
D. T. A.
Eisenberg, J. Borja, M. G. Hayes, C. W. Kuzawa.
W Characterization and generalization of HFE
rs1800562 genotype-phenotype relationships in the
diverse National Health and Nutrition Examination
Surveys as part of the Epidemiologic Architecture for
Genes Linked to Environment.
K. Brown-Gentry,
B. Niloufar, J. Hailing, B. McClellan, J. Boston, C. Sutcliffe,
H. Dilks, D. Crawford.
T Analysis of established type 2 diabetes
associated variants in American Indians.
R. Hanson,
S. Kobes, W. Knower, C. Bogardus, L. Baier.
F Describing the contribution of multiple sclerosis
genetic risk factors in Sardinian multiple sclerosis
A. Hadjixenofontos, L. Foco, V. Bakthavachalam,
P.-A. Gourraud, A. Ticca, P. Bitti, R. Pastorino,
L. Bernardinelli, J. L. McCauley.
W Heritability and linkage analysis of the Health
Aging Index in the Long Life Family Study.
M. M. Barmada,
J. L. Sanders, A. M. Matteini, K. Christensen, R. Mayeux,
T. Perls, I. Borecki, Q. Zhang, A. B. Newman, Long Life
Family Study.
T Genetic determinants of age-related macular
degeneration in diverse populations: The Population
Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology Study.
N. Restrepo, K. Spencer, R. Goodloe, T. Garrett, G. Heiss,
P. Buzkova, N. Jørgensen, R. Jensen, T. Matise, B. Klein,
R. Klein, W. Tien Yin, B. Cornes, E. Shyong Tai, M. Ritchie,
J. Haines, D. Crawford.
F Genetic variation and age at natural menarche
and menopause in African American women from
the Population Architecture using Genomics and
Epidemiology (PAGE) Study.
J. Malinowski, K. L. Spencer,
C. L. Carty, N. Franceschini, L. Fernández-Rhodes,
A. Young, I. Cheng, M. D. Ritchie, C. A. Haiman, L. Wilkens,
C. Wu, T. C. Matise, C. S. Carlson, K. Brennan, A. Park,
A. Rajkovic, L. A. Hindorff, S. Buyske, D. C. Crawford.
W African ancestry is a risk factor for asthma and
high total IgE levels in African admixed populations.
C. I. Vergara, T. Murray, N. Rafaels, R. Lewis, M. Campbell,
C. Foster, L. Gao, M. Faruque, R. Riccio Oliveira, E. Carvalho,
M. I. Araujo, A. A. Cruz, H. Watson, D. Mercado, J. Knight-
Madden, I. Ruczinski, G. Dunston, J. Ford, L. Caraballo,
T. Beaty, R. A. Mathias, K. C. Barnes.
T Validation of the HELIC population isolate
collections as cohorts for complex trait association
E. Zeggini, I. Tachmazidou, A. Farmaki,
L. Southam, N. W. Rayner, K. Daoutidou, A. Kolb-
Kokocinski, K. Panoutsopoulou, E. Tsafantakis,
M. Karaleftheri, G. Dedoussis.
F Evidence of natural selection at Crohn’s GWAS loci
based on population genetic variation.
B. M. P. M. Bowen,
J. H. Cho.