Page 202 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
W Sequencing of
in Behçet’s disease
I. Sousa, J. M. Xavier, N. Rei, F. Barcelos,
P. Abrantes, J. Vedes, G. Jesus, M. Salgado, F. Fontes,
J. V. Patto, J. Crespo, S. A. Oliveira.
T Variants of
are associated with vitiligo
in the presence of autoimmunity.
R. G. Tarlé, L. M.
Nascimento, C. C. S. De Castro, R. I. Werneck, V. M. Fava,
M. T. Mira.
F Genetic association of SLE with CD247 (CD3
M. Martins, A. H. Williams, M. E. Alarcón-Riquelme,
J. M. Anaya, S. C. Bae, S. A. Boackle, L. A. Criswell,
G. S. Gilkeson, D. L. Kamen, C. O. Jacob, J. A. James,
J. A. Kelly, K. L. Moser, R. H. Scofield, R. P. Kimberly,
J. C. Edberg, L. M. Vila, M. Petri, R. Ramsey-Goldman,
M. E. Comeau, J. Ziegler, M. C. Marion, J. T. Merrill,
T. B. Niewold, B. P. Tsao, B. I. Freedman, S. B. Glenn,
J. B. Harley, C. D. Langefeld, C. Fesel.
W Estrogen receptor beta genetic variants are
associated with intraocular pressure elevation in
F. Mabuchi, Y. Sakurada, K. Kashiwagi,
Z. Yamagata, H. Iijima, S. Tsukahara.
T Expression of alternatively spliced transcripts of
gene in rheumatoid arthritis.
K. Shchetynsky,
M. Ronninger, L. Padyukov.
F RNA-seq survey of human lymphoid and myeloid
cells: A resource for identifying causal genes in
validated immune-mediated disease loci.
S. Foisy,
C. Beauchamp, A. Alikashani, F. Latour, M. Ladouceur,
S. Lessage, J. D. Rioux.
W Preliminary data suggest an upstream
sequence variant identified in a family with
kyphoscoliosis disrupts the wild-type expression
pattern in zebrafish.
C. M. Justice, K. Bishop,
B. Carrington, P. Cruz, K. Swindle, R. Sood, N. H. Miller,
A. F. Wilson, NISC Comparative Sequencing Program.
T Phenotypic analysis of peptidylarginine
deiminase type 4 knockout mice.
A. Suzuki, Y. Kochi,
H. Shoda, K. Fujio, E. Kanno, T. Sawada, R. Yamada,
K. Yamamoto.
F Rs34424835
gene variation a possible
modifier in frontotemporal lobar degeneration.
E. Vitale,
A. Iuliano, A. Polverino, V. Agosti, C. Vitale, A. Postiglione,
P. Sorrentino, S. Pappatà, G. Milan, G. Sorrentino.
W Proteomic analysis of Shank3 over-
expression in mouse neuroblastoma cultures showed
differentially expressed proteins involved in glycolysis,
cytoskeleton,biosynthetic and cell cycle processes, and
N. Zhong, W. Ju, W. Yan, X.-L. Zhao,
E. C. Jenkins, W. T. Brown, Y. Wang, J. H. Zhou.
T Transcription factor profile of a single nucleotide
polymorphism located -224 A/G in neuropeptide
receptor Y2
gene in predisposition to
E. Albino, K. Sugimoto, T. Katsuya,
A. Deng, J. Dutil.
W Variations in potassium channel genes are
associated with persistent breast pain after breast
cancer surgery.
D. J. Langford, B. McCann, T. Koetters,
C. Baggott, C. West, J. D. Levine, C. Elboim, G. Abrams,
D. Hamolsky, L. Dunn, H. Rugo, M. Dodd, S. M. Paul,
J. Neuhaus, B. A. Cooper, B. Schmidt, J. Cataldo,
A. Dhruva, B. E. Aouizerat.
T HLA haplotypes influence hearing in old age.
T. Solomon, D. L. Newman.
F A Y chromosome association study in
inflammatory bowel disease.
L. Jostins, C. A. Anderson,
J. C. Barrett, International IBD Genetics Consortium.
W Prevalence of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
and hereditary hemochromatosis gene mutations in
Algarve, Portugal.
V. Gaio, A. Fernandes, F. Mendonça,
F. Orta Correia, A. Beleza, A. Gil, M. Bourbon, A. M.
Vicente, C. M. Dias, M. Barreto da Silva.
T Menarche timing-related variants identified by
recent GWAS are associated with growth outcomes in
male and female children.
C. He, E. Wagner, G. Eckert,
Z. Yu, H. Pratt, W. Tu.
F Haplotypes of the inducible nitric oxide synthase
gene are strongly associated with levels of exhaled
nitric oxide in adults: A population-based study.
S. Dahgam, L. Modig, A. T. Naluai, A. C. Olin, F. Nyberg.
W Identification of genetic factors for
chronic otitis media with effusion using a targeted
resequencing approach.
E. Allen, J. Mychaleckyj, X. Hou,
W. Chen, A. Quinlan, K. Keene, S. Rich, K. Daly, M. Sale.
T Genetic polymorphisms of long pentraxin-3 are
associated with polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy and
exudative age-related macular degeneration.
J. H. Chen, Y. Yang, Y. Zheng, C. Xu, W. Chen, M. Zhang,
H. Chen, C. P. Pang.
F Contribution of the reading disability risk locus
and dopamine signaling factors
language impairment and brain imaging phenotypes.
D. Eicher, N. R. Powers, L. L. Miller, K. L. Mueller,
J. B. Tomblin, S. M. Ring, J. R. Gruen, Pediatric Imaging
Neurocognition Genetics Study.
W The maternal folate hydrolase gene
polymorphism is associated with neural tube defects
in a high-risk Chinese population.
J. Guo, J. H. Wang, H.
Xie, H. Z. Zhao, F. Wang, C. Liu, L. Wang, X. L. Lu,
Y. H. Bao, J. Z. Zou, G. L. Wang, B. Niu, T. Zhang.
T Association study of NPR3 polymorphisms with
aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease.
J. H. Kim,
B. L. Park, C. S. Park, H. D. Shin.
F Identification of DNA variants in 11 candidate
genes for developmental dyslexia by next-generation
H. Matsson, E. Tiraboschi, M. Huss,
J. Noppola-Hemmi, H. Lyytinen, P. H. T. Leppanen,
N. Neuhoff, A. Warnke, G. Schulte-Körne, M. M. Nöthen,
J. Schumacher, M. Peyrard-Janvid, J. Kere.