Page 200 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
T Genetic variation in vitamin D pathway genes
impacts serum vitamin D deficiency and cardio-
metabolic traits in individuals with and without type
T. R. Braun, L. F. Been, P. R. Blackett, D. K.
F Coding variants at a single multiallelic amino
acid position of a HLA class II gene influence follicular
lymphoma risk in Europeans and Asians.
J. N. Foo,
K. E. Smedby, P. I. W. de Bakker, I. D. Irwan, H. Darabi,
X. Jia, L. Padyukov, D. E. K. Tan, H. Hjalgrim, A. Seow,
K. Humphreys, J. J. Liu.
W Common polymorphisms of dopamine
D2 receptor (
gene are not associated with
adolescent obesity, but with hyperinsulinemia.
N. Col
Araz, M. Nacak, S. Oguzkan Balci, N. Benlier, S. Pehlivan,
A. Balat, M. Araz.
T Association analysis of chromosome 3q markers
in nonsyndromic cleft lip/palate.
A. Letra, M. Cooper,
T. McHenry, E. Czeizel, F. W. B. Deleyiannis, L. Ma, E. E.
Castilla, F. Poletta, L. L. Field, A. R. Vieira, R. M. Silva,
M. L. Marazita.
F Genotype-phenotype correlations of facial
shape and asymmetry in unaffected relatives of
children with non-syndromic cleft lip/palate and
S. Miller, N. Nidey, S. Weinberg, M. L. Marazita,
J. C. Murray, G. L. Wehby, L. M. Moreno.
W Cannabinoid receptor-1 (
gene 1359G/A
polymorphism is related with childhood obesity, but
not with insulin resistance.
M. Nacak, N. Col Araz,
S. Oguzkan Balci, N. Benlier, S. Pehlivan, A. Balat,
M. Araz.
T Altered expression but no genetic association of
the epidermal transglutaminases in atopic dermatitis.
M. C. G. Winge, A. Lieden, A. Sääf, I. Kockum, E. Ekelund,
E. Rodriguez, T. Hoppe, R. Fölster-Holst, A. Franke, M.
Tengvall-Linder, H. Baurecht, S. Weidinger, C. F. Wahlgren,
M. Nordenskjöld, M. Bradley.
F Genetic variation and epigenetic modification of
gene are associated with postoperative nausea
and vomiting in surgical patients.
T. Hayase, S. Sugino,
M. Yamakage.
W Identification of a novel 1p31 locus
associated with the combined asthma plus allergic
rhinitis phenotype through positional cloning
in asthma-ascertained families.
M.-H. Dizier, P.
Margaritte-Jeannin, A.-M. Madore, I. Annesi-Maesano,
J. Just, F. Kauffmann, C. Laprise, M. Lathrop, E.
Bouzigon, F. Demenais.
T Dense genotyping of six atopic dermatitis and
autoimmune risk loci in 2,425 atopic dermatitis
D. Ellinghaus, E. Rodríguez, H. Baurecht,
J. Esparza Gordillo, Y.-A. Lee, S. Cichon, C. Gieger,
H.-E. Wichmann, R. Duerr, C. Büning, S. Brand,
S. Schreiber, S. Weidinger, A. Franke.
W Identification of genes influencing serum levels
of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in large Mexican
American pedigrees.
M. A. Almeida, J. M. Peralta, J. W.
Kent, J. E. Curran, T. D. Dyer, G. Juan, T. M. Teslovich,
C. Fuchsberger, A. R. Wood, T. M. Frayling, P. Cingolani,
T. W. Blackwell, R. Sladek, G. Atzmon, J. Laramie, S. Lincoln,
D. M. Lehman, G. Abecasis, L. A. Almasy, R. Duggirala,
D. C. Glahn, J. Blangero.
T First genome-wide analysis in pediatric multiple
sclerosis (MS) confirms a role for adult MS risk
variants and reveals new candidates.
L. F. Barcellos, J.
R. Oksenberg, E. Elboudwarej, H. Quach, F. Briggs,
A. Belman, A. Chokkalingam, P. A. Buffler, L. Krupp,
E. Waubant.
F Metabochip analysis in over 12,000 African
Americans identifies several variants associated with
metabolic syndrome: Results from the Population
Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE)
C. L. Carty, J. Haessler, I. Cheng, V. Aroda,
T. Thornton-Wells, C. N. Hsu, S. Liu, R. Jackson, C.
Carlson, L. A. Hindorff, L. LeMarchand, J. S. Pankow,
U. Peters, K. E. North, C. Kooperberg.
W Power of population diversity and positive
selection in probing the biology of asthma disparities.
G. Dunston, T. Mason, L. Ricks-Santi.
T Conditional analysis identifies three novel
major histocompatibility complex loci associated with
J. Knight, S. L. Spain, F. Capon, J. N. Barker,
M. E. Weale, R. C. Trembath, WTCCC2, Genetic Analysis
of Psoriasis Consortium, I-chip for Psoriasis Consortium.
F Prevalence of
common variants
associated with non-diabetic end-stage renal disease
and chronic kidney disease in the diverse National
Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys as part of
the Epidemiologic Architecture for Genes Linked to
Environment (EAGLE).
S. Wilson, K. Brown-Gentry, N.
Gillani, H. Jin, B. McClellan, J. Boston, C. Sutcliffe, H.
Dilks, D. Crawford.
W Both classical and non-classical human
leukocyte antigen (HLA) loci in the HLA region
contribute to Graves disease susceptibility.
P. Chen,
W. Yang, T. Chang.
T Fine mapping on chromosome 10q24.2 implicates
in biliary atresia.
M.-M. Garcia-Barceló, G. Cheng,
C. S. M. Tang, X. L. Liu, R.Z. Zhang, M. T. So, E. H. M.
Wong, P. H. Y. Chung, I. H. Y. Chan, J. Liu, W. Zhong, H. Xia,
J. Yu, K. K. Y. Wong, S. S. Cherny, P. C. Sham, P. K. H. Tam.
F Whole exome sequencing and subsequent
association studies reveals novel candidate variants
associated with severe types of alopecia areata.
S. Lee, C. Park, O.-S. Kwon, J.-I. Kim, J. S. Seo.
W Next-generation sequencing of 11 targeted
genes show serum urate levels and gout age of onset
are influenced by both rare and common variants.
Tin, L. C. Shimmin, A. Kottgen, E. Boerwinkle, J. Coresh,
J. E. Hixson, W. H. Kao.