Page 199 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F Role of the PRICKLE genes in neural tube
defects in humans.
R. Allache, V. Capra, M. Q. Wang,
C. M. Bosoi, P. Drapeau, A. G. Bassuk, Z. Kibar.
W Investigation of complex copy number
polymorphisms and age-related macular degeneration.
S. Cantsilieris, S. White, R. Guymer, P. Baird.
T Identification of a pleiotropic effect locus
associated with a composite CVD risk trait in the
genetic isolate of Norfolk Island.
L. R. Griffiths, M.
Benton, H. Cox, C. Bellis, M. Carless, M. Hanna, D.
Eccles, J. Blangero, R. A. Lea.
F Association of BMI and waist-related genetic
variants with visceral adipose tissue volume in the
Family Heart Study.
A. Justice, M. Graff, N. Franceschini,
A. P. Reiner, M. F. Feitosa, J. J. Carr, J. G. Terry, P. Gordon-
Larsen, M. K. Wojczynski, I. B. Borecki, K. E. North.
W Follow up analyses of the APOL1/MYH9 locus
and non-diabetic end stage renal disease (non-DM
ESRD) in African Americans: The FIND Consortium.
M. Li, FIND Consortium.
T HLA typing of a large type 1 diabetes cohort
using SNP genotyping of the extended MHC.
J. Bradfield, D. S. Monos, H. Q. Qu, C. Kim, M. Rossman,
K. D. Rosenman, S. F. A. Grant, C. Polychronakos, H.
F Systematic evaluation of validated type 2
diabetes and glycemic trait loci for association with
insulin clearance.
M. O. Goodarzi, X. Guo, J. Cui, M. R.
Jones, T. Haritunians, A. H. Xiang, Y. I. Chen, K. D. Taylor,
T. A. Buchanan, W. A. Hsueh, L. J. Raffel, J. I. Rotter.
W Whole genome sequencing to identify
functional variants that contribute to type 2 diabetes
and obesity in Pima Indians.
K. Huang, C. Bogardus,
L. Baier.
T Tracking elusive modifier loci using identity-by-
descent and influential alleles.
E. Marchani, E. Wisjman.
F Genetic dissection of Chiari type I malformation
using stratified whole genome linkage approaches.
C. Markunas, K. Soldano, K. Dunlap, H. Cope, E. Asiimwe,
J. Stajich, D. Enterline, G. Grant, H. Fuchs, S. Gregory, A.
W Heritability and linkage analysis of the scale
of aging vigor in epidemiology in the Long Life Family
J. L. Sanders, J. Singh, R. L. Minster, C. M.
Kammerer, M. M. Barmada, E. W. Daw, M. Feitosa,
R. Costa, N. Schupf, J. Walston, A. B. Newman.
T Genome-wide linkage analyses of hematological
phenotypes in Long Life Family Study.
J. Singh, R. L.
Minster, M. M. Barmada, E. W. Daw, B. Thyagarajan,
K. Christensen, A. B. Newman, C. M. Kammerer.
F Effect of DNA polymorphisms of apolipoprotein
B gene on lipid homeostasis in obese Egyptians.
G. El-
Kannishy, R. Elbaz, A. Wafa, H. AbdElHafez, A. Settin.
T Investigation of genetic variation in scavenger
receptor class B, member 1 (
and association
with serum carotenoids.
G. J. McKay, E. Loane, J. M.
Nolan, S. Beatty, G. Silvestri.
F Genetic analysis of
gene in essential
K. Mirzozoda, N. Parmalee, S. Kisselev, N. Merner,
P. Dion, G. Rouleau, E. D. Louis, L. Clark.
W Genetic and functional data implicates
as a novel vitiligo candidate gene.
L. Nascimento,
C. Castro, V. Fava, R. Werneck, M. Mira.
T Targeted deep-resequencing of the
gene in African Americans for asthma.
N. M. Rafaels,
L. Huang, C. Vergara, R. Lewis, L. Gao, I. Ruczinski,
T. H. Beaty, A. De Benedetto, L. A. Beck, R. A. Mathias,
K. C. Barnes.
F Targeted resequencing of SLE susceptible loci.
E. Rai, B. Wakeland, C. Liang, P. Raj, K. Viswanathan,
D. Karp, N. Olsen, I. Dozmorov, L. Davis, P. Doshi, Q. Z. Li,
G. Wiley, K. Kaufman, J. A. Kelly, J. Harley, P. Gaffney, E.
K. Wakeland.
W Study of
gene in a Brazilian sample with
congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract.
G. S. Reis, A. C. S. Silva, T. R. Heilbuth, I. S. Freitas, L. A.
de Marco, D. M. Miranda.
T Detection of 4 new mutations related to oral
clefts by direct sequencing.
M. Simioni, T. K. de Araujo,
R. G. Faria, C. V. Maurer-Morelli, V. L. Gil-da-Silva-Lopes.
F Meta-analysis demonstrates that an
interleukin-6 polymorphism is protective against
preterm birth in women of European descent.
W. Wu,
E. Clark, G. Stoddard, S. Esplin, T. Manuck, J. Xing,
M. Varner, L. Jorde.
W Gender-specific association of the interleukin
gene with gallstone disease.
H. Yang, S. Shih,
T. Chang, H. Wang, K. Hu, C. Chang, C. Chang, C. Hung,
H. Chan, M. Lin, Y. Lee.
T Search for new modifiers of disease severity
in Jamaican sickle cell disease patients using whole-
exome DNA sequencing.
G. Lettre, G. Galarneau,
M. Beaudoin, K. S. Lo, M. Reid, G. Serjeant, I. R.
Hambleton, J. N. Hirschhorn, C. A. McKenzie.
F Complex trait alleles are enriched for cell-
specific chromatin marks.
S. Raychaudhuri, G. Trynka,
H. Xu, B. E. Stranger, X. S. Liu.
W A regulatory variant in
gene contributes
to nonsyndromic cleft lip and palate.
J. Hecht, N.
Cvjetkovic, L. Maili, A. M. Letra, M. Raia, E. C. Swindell,
J. F. Teichgraeber.
T Next-generation sequencing of unresolved
Meckel syndrome pedigrees reveals a complex genetic
K. Hopp, C. M. Heyer, J. L. Sundsbak, S. J.
Koon, V. J. Kubly, V. E. Torres, P. C. Harris.