Page 196 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
M. Robson, K. Offit.
F Integrating exome/genome sequencing into
clinical genetics practice.
S. M. Jamal, H. K. Tabor,
J. Conta, J. Yu, M. J. Bamshad.
W A proposed approach to the integration of
sequence data at a pediatric academic institution.
S. K. Savage, C. M. Clinton, I. A. Holm, I. S. Kohane,
D. M. Margulies.
F Assessing participant preferences for the return
of genomic research results.
L. Shahmirzadi, M. K. Cho,
S. Soo-Jin Lee, K. E. Ormond.
W The NHGRI/NIH Clinical Sequencing Exploratory
Research Program.
B. A. Ozenberger, L. A. Hindorff,
S. D. Schully, J. Boyer, N. Lockhart, L. Lund, C. Mahomva,
A. Felsenfeld, J. E. McEwen.
W Genomic incidental findings: Perspectives of
geneticists and genetic counselors in the context of
clinical sequencing.
Z. Lohn, S. Adam, P. H. Birch,
A. Townsend, J. M. Friedman.
W Accounting for racial disparities in mortality
among children with Down syndrome.
S. Santoro,
A. Esbensen, L. Hendershot, F. Hickey, B. Patterson.
W ELSI 2.0: A new initiative to create an international
infrastructure for the ethical, legal and social implications
of genomic research.
K. Kato, J. Kaye, E. M. Meslin,
B. M. Knoppers, E. T. Juengst, M. Deschenes, A. Cambon-
Thomsen, D. Chalmers, J. De Vries, K. Edwards, N. Hoppe,
A. Kent, C. Adebamowo, P. Marshall.
W The challenges of defining a phenotype for
addiction: In the words of addiction scientists.
J. B. McCormick, J. E. Ostergren, R. R. Hammer, H. S.
Harvey, M. Dingel, B. A. Koenig.
W Discriminating faces: Visual cues of ancestry.
J. Wagner, P. Claes, M. Shriver.
Genetics Education
F Integrating medical genetics into primary health
care: Report of a pilot program in Brazil.
T. Vieira,
C. Giugliani, L. Silva, L. Faccini, J. Leite, O. Artigalás,
M. Lenz, M. Rojas, R. Giugliani.
F The Gene Messenger impact project: A
genetics e-learning program for family physicians.
J. C. Carroll, R. Grad, P. Pluye, J. Allanson, J. Permaul,
N. Pimlott, B. J. Wilson.
F Examining the research training of recent
genetic counseling graduates.
S. Hahn, A. Rupchock,
E. Bendik, E. Burkett, E. Heise.
F Increasing the number of URMs in genomic
stakeholders’ perspectives.
S. M. Fullerton,
S. B. Trinidad, J. D. Ralston, J. T. Tufano, G. P. Jarvik,
E. B. Larson.
W Public preferences for the use of email and
Internet communication in large-scale genetic and
biobank research.
J. Murphy Bollinger, R. Dvoskin,
K. Kreger, D. Kaufman.
F Public attitudes towards consumer genetics in
Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.
K. Muto, M. Sato, H.
Hong, C. Chang.
W Japanese networkers’ attitudes toward
personal genome services.
T. Kido, M. Kawashima.
F Genetic risk predictions: Attitude of the Estonian
L. Leitsalu-Moynihan, A. Allik, M. L. Tammesoo,
A. Metspalu.
W Attitude change for four years toward genetic
testing of children for common disease risk in Japan.
I. Ishiyama, K. Muto, A. Tamakoshi, T. Maeda, A. Nagai, Z.
F African Americans in South Florida’s
perceptions about genetic research participation:
Opportunities and barriers.
J. M. Lee, M. Gavier, S. E.
Hahn, L. Adams, D. A. Caldwell, K. G. Murphy, C. Jean,
M. A. Pericak-Vance.
W Unexpected results in biobank research:
Experiences of information delivery and direction to
health care after detection of mutations leading to long
QT syndrome.
H. Kaariainen, E. Kujala, P. Alha,
V. Salomaa, S. Koskinen, H. Swan, A. Haukkala.
F The Gene Partnership: A model for pediatric
genetic repositories in the age of the incidentalome.
I. A. Holm, C. M. Clinton, S. K. Savage, P. L. Taylor, K.
D. Mandl, J. P. Bickel, D. J. Nigrin, I. S. Kohane, D. M.
Margulies, L. M. Kunkel.
W The Medical College of Wisconsin Program in
Genomics and Ethics: An empirical bioethics venture.
K. A. Strong, T. May, K. L. Zusevics, A. R. Derse.
F Evaluation of a scalable method for returning
results and genetic findings from genomic research to
research participants.
J. Y. Tung, S. Wu, B. T. Naughton,
J. L. Mountain.
W Perceptions of genetic counseling services
in direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing.
F. Darst, N. J. Schork, E. J. Topol, C. S. Bloss.
F Shared decision-making: Seeking a change in
the genetics consult.
S. Adam, P. H. Birch, A. Townsend,
F. Rousseau, J. M. Friedman.
W Personal genomics: A study assessing the
safety and health outcomes of receiving whole exome
sequencing results.
Y. Bombard, K. Schrader,
E. Glogowski, R. Rau-Murthy, S. Patil, A. Eaton, E. Elkin,
M. J. Massie, J. Hay, S. Shah, J. Vijai, N. Kauff, Z. Stadler,