Page 195 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
cell lines: Ethical, social and policy considerations.
R. Isasi.
W Research policy of the “Genome Science”
project in Japan.
J. Minari, T. Shirai, G. Yoshizawa,
K. Okada, N. Yamamoto, K. Kato.
F Cultural influences on genetic testing in East
H. Numabe.
W The need for an ELSI watch of epigenetic
E. Rial-Sebbag, A. Soulier, C. Delpierre.
F Pervasive sequence patents cover the entire
human genome.
J. A. Rosenfeld, P. Zumbo, C. E. Mason.
W The revised points of ethical guidelines for
human genome research in Japan.
Z. Yamagata,
K. Muto.
F Does evidence justify the use of multigene
sequencing panels for rare genetic disorders?
D. Allingham-Hawkins, A. Lea, L. Cushman-Spock,
L. Wieselquist, S. Levine.
W The student-athlete’s knowledge, behaviors,
concerns and perceptions in regards to mandatory
sickle cell trait testing.
N. E. Thompson, B. W. Harrison,
F. Ampy, R. F. Murray, Jr.
F Primary care patients’ experience of
and reactions to direct-to-consumer genomic testing:
A longitudinal qualitative study.
K. Wasson, T. N.
Sanders, N. S. Hogan, S. Cherny, K. J. Helzlsouer.
W Whole genome sequencing: Will it destroy
newborn screening?
C. Allen, D. Avard, B. M. Knoppers.
F Patient and provider perspectives on
personalized genomic medicine: Qualitative sub-
study of a multicenter feasibility study of genomic
sequencing in advanced cancer patients.
J. P.
Bytautas, F. A. Miller, R. Z. Hayeems, S. Ernst, H. Hirte,
S. Hotte, A. Oza, A. Razak, S. Welch, E. Winquist, P. L.
Bedard, J. Dancey, L. L. Siu.
W Consumer genomics: Motivations and
R. C. Green, J. Mountain, A. Kiefer, T. Moreno,
E. MacBean, S. S. Kalia, J. S. Roberts, PGen Study Group.
F The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications
Program: Impact on federal policy.
D. Mathews,
B. Drehman.
W Public perspectives regarding personalized
medicine and genomic risk profiling within colorectal
cancer screening.
S. G. Nicholls, B. J. Wilson, S. Craigie,
H. Etchegary, D. Castle, J. C. Carroll, B. K. Potter,
L. Lemyre, J. Little on behalf of CIHR Emerging Team in
Genomics in Screening.
F Pursuing pharmacogenomic testing within
a nonprofit healthcare system: A comparison of
intellectual deficiencies and other neurodevelopmental
disorders with specific genetic causes.
J.-L. Mandel,
J. S. Beckmann.
W Turkish medical students attitude towards
the ethics of genetic testing and genetic information
disclosure in fragile X syndrome, breast cancer and
Huntington disease.
E. A. Ergul, I. Gun.
F Hope and hype in sight: Multi-stakeholder
perspectives on ocular gene therapy.
S. Benjaminy,
T. Bubela, M. Bieber, I. MacDonald.
W Social and ethical implications of families’
experiences of pediatric genetics: Key findings from a
U.K. qualitative study exploring families’ expectations,
their responses to diagnosis and their approach to
managing the uncertainties of genetic investigations.
J. McLaughlin, M. Wright, E. K. Clavering, E. Haimes.
F Driving research forward, but in what direction?
Scientist perspectives on goals and groups invested in
autism genetic research.
L. C. Milner, M. K. Cho.
W Experiential process of securing free prior
informed consent for genetics research from an
indigenous population in the Philippines.
C. D. Padilla,
A. L. Sur, M. T. Guia-Padilla, M. Baluyot, E. M. Cutiongco-
de la Paz, S. Padilla.
F The essential ethical considerations for using
human genome sequencing as a diagnostic tool in
clinical medicine.
A. D. Zellers.
W The evaluation of low template, degraded and
mixed DNA profiles in forensic science.
D. Balding.
F Legal considerations regarding participant
privacy in the genomic era of research on the African
G. E. B. Wright, P. Koornhof, N. Tiffin.
W Insurance coverage of preventive services for
individuals with genetic predispositions to cancer.
A. Prince.
F The implementation and impact of student
athlete sickle cell trait screening: A survey of Division I
California universities.
L. Mar, N. Lovick, C. Hartshorne,
M. Treadwell, J. Youngblom.
W Direct to consumer genetic testing: What
information for which consent?
J. Atia, E. Rial-Sebbag,
V. Anastosova, A. Cambon-Thomsen, F. Taboulet.
F Genetic discrimination and the relevance of the
United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons
with Disabilities.
A. de Paor.
W Representing the indigenous community:
Researcher and physician voices spark debate over
newborn screening of
in Alaska Native and First
Nations populations.
N. Garrison.
F Next-generation sequencing of pluripotent stem