Page 189 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
disease from the proteomic analysis of HDL particles.
K. Merath, M. Zickus, R. Komorowski, J. Wallace, M.
Goldbladtt, S. Gawrieh, M. Olivier.
T Do variations in genes encoding the argonaute
proteins confer risk or protection from cardiovascular
disease in Europeans?
I. Predazzi, W. Bush, S. Williams.
T Gene expression profiling in peripheral blood cells
in patients with myocardial infarction at young age.
Zeller, C. Müller, A. Schillert, M. O. Scheinhardt, S. Szymczak,
F. Ojeda, C. R. Sinning, R. B. Schnabel, S. Wilde, P. S. Wild,
K. J. Lackner, T. Munzel, A. Ziegler, S. Blankenberg.
T A genetic study of familial intracranial
aneurysm in French-Canadian and Inuits through
exome sequencing.
S. Zhou, L. Xiong, C. Bourassa, M.
Bojanowski, N. Dupré, M. Dubé, A. Dionne-Laporte, D.
Spiegelman, E. Henrion, O. Diallo, P. Dion, G. Rouleau.
T Rare variant
R19X is associated with
cardio-protective profiles in a diverse population-
based survey as part of the Population Architecture
using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE) Study.
D. C.
Crawford, L. Dumitrescu, R. Goodloe, K. Brown-Gentry, C.
Sutcliffe, R. Wiseman, P. Baker, H. H. Dilks, J. Boston, B.
McClellan, Jr., P. Mayo, M. Allen, N. Schnetz-Boutaud, J.
L. Haines, T. I. Pollin.
T Resequencing of the cholesteryl ester transfer
protein gene (
in U.S. Whites and African Blacks
with extreme HDL-C levels. D.
Pirim, F. Y. Demirci, X.
Wang, J. E. Hokanson, R. F. Hamman, C. H. Bunker, C. M.
Kammerer, M. M. Barmada, M. I. Kamboh.
T Comprehensive evaluation of the effects of
genetic variation on plasma lipoprotein traits
in U.S. Whites and African Blacks.
Z. H. Radwan, F.
Y. Demirci, X. Wang, F. Waqar, J. E. Hokanson, R. F.
Hamman, C. H. Bunker, C. M. Kammerer, M. M. Barmada,
M. I. Kamboh.
T Filamin-C: A novel candidate for familial
restrictive cardiomyopathy identified by whole-exome
M. Tariq, E. Miller, S. Ware.
T Mutations in
in a British cohort of
thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection patients.
G. Arno, J. A. Aragon-Martin, O. Song, N. P. Kamali, A.
Saggar, M. Jahangiri, A. H. Child.
T Distribution of sarcomere versus non-sarcomere
gene mutations in over 2400 hypertrophic and dilated
cardiomyopathy patients.
S. Baxter, A. Daly, D. Macaya,
N. Smaoui, G. Richard, W. Chung.
T Burden of rare sarcomere gene variants in the
Framingham and Jackson Heart Study cohorts.
G. Bick, J. Flannick, K. Ito, S. Cheng, R. S. Vasan, M.
G. Parfenov, D. S. Herman, S. R. DePalma, N. Gupta,
S. B. Gabriel, B. H. Funke, H. L. Rehm, E. J. Benjamin,
J. Aragam, H. A. Taylor, E. R. Fox, C. Newton-Cheh, S.
Kathiresan, C. J. O’Donnell, J. G. Wilson, D. Altshuler, J. N.
Hirschhorn, J. G. Seidman, C. Seidman.
T Dietary intake of saturated fatty acids
modulates the genetic effects on triglyceride
concentrations in a Korean genome-wide study.
Lee, H. Jang, M. Go, J. Park, J. Choi, J. Park, Y. Ahn, B.
Han, J. Lee, J. Song.
T A GWAS approach in search for modifiers
of congenital heart disease in 22q11 microdeletion
G. M. Repetto, C. Vial, S. McGhee, N. K.
Henderson-MacLennan, M. L. Guzman, M. Palomares, G.
Lay-Son, K. Espinoza, T. Guo, B. Morrow.
T Novel genes related to hypertension: A gene-
centric meta-analysis with over 127,000 individuals.
V. Tragante do O., S. K. Ganesh, W. Guo, Y. Guo, E. N.
Smith, M. B. Lanktree, T. Johnson, B. Almoguera Castillo,
J. Barnard, J. Baumert, A. G. Uitterlinden, P. van der Harst,
Y. T. van der Schouw, N. J. Samani, P. B. Munroe, P. I. W.
de Bakker, X. Zhu, D. Levy, B. Keating, F. W. Asselbergs,
IBC BP Consortium.
T Additional variance of serum lipid levels
explained by incorporating less significant genetic
variants and allelic heterogeneity.
R. Deka, G. Zhang,
R. Karns, G. Sun, S. R. Indugula, H. Cheng, D. Havas-
Augustin, N. Novokmet, Z. Durakovic, S. Missoni, R.
Chakraborty, P. Rudan.
T Admixture mapping of coronary artery calcified
plaque in African Americans with type 2 diabetes.
Divers, N. D. Palmer, L. Lu, T. C. Register, J. J. Carr, P. J.
Hicks, R. C. Hightower, S. C. Smith, J. Xu, A. J. Cox, K.
A. Hruska, D. W. Bowden, C. E. Lewis, G. Heiss, M. A.
Province, I. B. Borecki, K. F. Kerr, Y. D. Chen, W. Palmas,
J. I. Rotter, C. L. Wassel, A. Bertoni, D. Herrington, L. E.
Wagenknecht, C. D. Langefeld, B. I. Freedman.
T Genome-wide association studies of NMR-based
lipoprotein subclasses in African American populations
elucidate subfractions affected by SNP variation.
Huang, WM. Chen, K. L. Keene, F. Chen, U. Nayak, X. Hou, I.
J. Spruill, K. J. Hunt, J. K. Fernandes, K. H. Lok, J. Divers, J.
C. Mychaleckyj, D. L. Kamen, W. Post, S. S. Rich, J. I. Rotter,
G. S. Gilkeson, W. T. Garvey, M. Cushman, M. M. Sale.
T Redefining fibromuscular dysplasia of the
arteries as a TGF-
pathway disorder.
R. Morissette, S.
Ganesh, B. Griswold, L. Sloper, N. McDonnell.
T Integrated microRNA and mRNA profiling of
the mouse ventricles during development of severe
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and heart failure.
R. D.
Bagnall, T. Tsoutsman, R. E. Shephard, W. Ritchie, C.
T Novel transcripts and pathways identified in blood
one week following implant of continuous-flow left
ventricular assist device.
J. L. Hall, W. Guan, A. Mitchell, R.
Staggs, S. Grindle, N. Adhikari, S. Hozayen, P. Eckman.
T Activation of TLR signaling in atherosclerosis
and ischemic stroke.
C.-C. Huang, R. Sieberg, G. Feng,
S. Wang, M. Yu.
T Genetic insights into nonalcoholic fatty liver