Page 183 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F Single point and rare variant analysis by whole
genome sequencing in 4,000 samples in the UK10K
cohorts project.
J. L. Min, UK10K Consortium Cohorts
W A statistical framework for the evaluation of de
novo variation in psychiatric disease.
K. E. Samocha,
B. M. Neale, M. J. Daly, ARRA Autism Sequencing
T Efficient two-stage analysis approach for
complex trait association with arbitrary depth
sequencing data.
S. Yan, Y. Li.
F Improving the accuracy and efficiency of
sequencing experiments, by using previously
sequenced genomes.
X. Zhan, H. M. Kang, G. Abecasis.
W Estimating and testing genetic effects for
complex traits in sequence-based association studies
and power comparisons.
J. Zhou, N. Laird.
T A unified statistical framework to correct for
unknown population stratification, family structure and
cryptic relatedness in the sequence-based association
Y. Zhu, J. Zhao, Y. Shugart, M. Xiong.
F Genome-wide association study of primary
tooth eruption identifies pleiotropic loci association
with craniofacial distances.
G. Fatemifar, C. Hoggart, L.
Paternoster, J. P. Kemp, I. Prokopenko, M. Horikoshi, J. H.
Tobias, S. Richmond, F. Geller, B. Feenstra, M. Melbye, T.
Sørensen, A. Zhurov, A. M. Toma, S. Ring, B. S. Pourcain,
N. J. Timpson, G. D. Smith, M. R. Jarvelin, D. M. Evans.
W General framework for meta-analysis for
sequencing association studies.
S. Lee, X. Lin.
T General class of family-based association tests
for sequence data, and comparisons with population-
based association tests.
I. Ionita-Laza, S. Lee, V.
Makarov, J. D. Buxbaum, X. Lin.
F A novel statistical approach to prioritize variants
from deeply sequenced NGS samples using publicly
available sequence controls.
L. J. Strug, A. Derkach, T.
Chiang, L. Addis, S. Dobbins, I. Tomlinson, R. Houlston,
D. K. Pal.
W Variable selection based weighting schemes for
implicating rare variants in sequence data.
A. E. Byrnes,
M. Li, M. C. Wu, F. A. Wright, Y. Li.
T Accurate local ancestry inference in exome
sequence samples.
Y. Hu, G. Abecasis, H. Kang.
F Internal reference panel selection methods
for genotype imputation: A novel sequencing study
design strategy for genotyped samples.
P. Zhang, N. A.
Rosenberg, S. Zöllner.
W Statistical methods for inference in population
genetic studies with uncertain genotype data.
E. Han.
T Using whole exome sequencing to identify rare
causal variants for oral clefts in multiplex families.
T. H. Beaty, I. Ruczinski, M. M. Parker, J. B. Hetmanski,
P. Duggal, M. A. Taub, S. Szymczak, Q. Li, C. Cropp, H.
Ling, E. W. Pugh, Y. H. Wu-Chou, J. E. Bailey-Wilson, M.
L. Marazita, J. C. Murray, E. Mangold, M. M. Noethen, K.
Ludwig, A. F. Scott.
F Analyzing deep whole genome sequence
and genotype data of
individuals from large
Mexican-American pedigrees in the T2D-GENES
G. Jun, M. Almeida, P. Cingolani, A. Wood, C.
Fuchsberger, T. M. Teslovich, T. Dyer, M. Rivas, K. Gaulton,
J. Maller, J. Curran, J. Grunstad, T. Blackwell, D. Lehman,
R. Grossman, S. Lincoln, J. Laramie, M. Boehnke, M.
McCarthy, T. Frayling, R. Sladek, R. Duggirala, J. Blangero,
G. Abecasis.
W A flexible and effective Poisson mixed model
framework for RNA sequencing and other count data.
X. Zhou, J. Tung, Y. Gilad, S. Mukherjee, M. Stephens.
T Sequence-based analysis identifies variants
associated with serum lipids in African Americans.
A. Bentley, D. Shriner, A. Doumatey, J. Zhou, H. Huang,
J. Mullikin, R. Blakesley, N. Hansen, G. Bouffard, P.
Cherukuri, B. Maskeri, A. Young, A. Adeyemo, C. Rotimi.
F Genetic factors associated with levels of
immune cell types.
M. Steri, V. Orrù, E. Fiorillo, G. Sole,
C. Sidore, F. Virdis, M. Dei, S. Lai, A. Mulas, M. G. Piras,
M. Lobina, M. Marongiu, M. Zoledziewska, M. Congia, F.
Busonero, A. Maschio, M. F. Urru, M. Marcelli, R. Atzeni, D.
Firinu, M. Valentini, W. Mentzen, S. Naitza, M. B. Whalen,
A. Angius, C. M. Jones, D. Schlessinger, G. Abecasis, S.
Sanna, F. Cucca.
W Characterization of rare variants in melanoma-
associated genes in melanoma-prone families without
mutations using exome sequencing
R. Yang, K. Jacobs, M. Cullen, J. Boland, L. Burdett,
M. Malasky, M. Rotunno, M. Yeager, S. Chanock, M.
Tucker, A. Goldstein.
T Comparison of variant calling strategies for
large-scale exome sequencing projects.
J. Floyd,
A. Hendricks, L. Crooks, K. Walter, S. McCarthy, C.
Anderson, UK10K Consortium.
F A catalogue of structural variants identified in
disease-based whole genome sequencing.
A. Kumar,
R. D. Pearson, R. E. Handsaker, K. J. Gaulton, S. A.
McCarroll, M. I. McCarthy, GoT2D Consortium.
W On the analysis of rare, exonic variation
amongst subjects with autism spectrum disorders and
population controls.
L. Liu, E. Boerwinkle, J. Buxbaum,
E. Cook, Jr., B. Devlin, G. Schellenberg, J. Sutcliffe, M.
Daly, R. Gibbs, K. Roeder, ARRA Autism Sequencing
T Resolving dependence between overlapping
reads in next-generation sequencing data.
Y. Lo, G.
Abecasis, S. Zöllner.