Page 180 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F Merging genomic data for research in the
Electronic MEdical Records and GEnomics Network:
Lessons learned in eMERGE.
M. D. Ritchie, S. Setia, G.
Armstrong, L. Armstrong, Y. Bradford, D. C. Crawford, D.
R. Crosslin, M. de Andrade, K. Doheny, M. G. Hayes, G.
Jarvik, I. J. Kullo, R. Li, T. Manolio, M. Matsumoto, C. A.
McCarty, D. Mirel, S. Nelson, L. Olson, E. Pugh, S. Purcell,
G. Tromp, J. L. Haines.
W Detecting sample contamination.
M. Flickinger,
G. Jun, K. F. Doheny, J. Romm, K. N. Hetrick, G. R.
Abecasis, M. Boehnke, H. M. Kang.
T Regression models to ‘explain’ departure from
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
D. J. Schaid, J. P. Sinnwell,
G. D. Jenkins.
F SNP genotyping is a valuable tool for assessing
the quality of next-generation sequencing data.
J. Park,
B. Vecchio-Pagán, H. Cuppens, G. Cutting.
W Imputation quality thresholds for rare and
common variants.
G. Pistis, C. Sidore, A. Mulas, M.
Zoledziewska, R. Berutti, F. Reinier, M. F. Urru, A. Maschio,
M. Marcelli, A. Angius, C. Jones, G. Abecasis, S. Sanna,
F. Cucca.
T Error rates for very low MAF SNPs on the
Illumina exome array.
E. W. Pugh, H. Ling, J. M. Romm, I.
A. McMullen, J. R. Huyghe, M. Boehnke, K. F. Doheny.
F An algorithm for identifying high-order gene-
gene interactions from pairwise statistical epistasis
T. Hu, A. S. Andrews, M. R. Karagas, J. H.
W Fine-mapping in a covariate-based genome-
wide linkage scan of lung cancer susceptibility.
C. L.
Simpson, T. Green, B. Doan, C. I. Amos, S. M. Pinney, E.
Y. Kupert, M. de Andrade, P. Yang, A. G. Schwartz, P. R.
Fain, A. Gazdar, J. Minna, J. S. Wiest, H. Rothschild, D.
Mandal, M. You, T. A. Coons, C. Gaba, M. W. Anderson, J.
E. Bailey-Wilson.
T Meta-analysis of 2,526 individuals demonstrates
strong evidence for gene-environment interaction
and tobacco smoke exposure in
multiple sclerosis.
F. B. S. Briggs, B. Acuna, L. Shen, P.
Ramsay, H. Quach, A. Bernstein, I. Kockum, L. Alfredsson,
T. Olsson, C. Schaefer, L. F. Barcellos.
F Algebraic satistics and Markov bases in gene-
environment interactions.
M. Rao, S. Venkatesan.
W AprioriGWAS, a frequent itemset mining
approach, detects angiogenesis gene interacting with
CFH in age-related macular degeneration.
Q. Zhang,
Q. Long.
T Genotype-by-environment interaction for
multivariate environments using the Mahalanobis
V. P. Diego, H. H. H. Göring, J. Blangero.
F Interactions between maternal genotypes
and metabolites are associated with incidence of
analysis for genetic data.
Q. He, H. Zhang, D. Y. Lin, C.
L. Avery.
F Integrative approaches for genetic association
studies via Bayesian model uncertainty.
M. A. Quintana,
D. V. Conti.
W Meta-analysis of co-regulated subnetworks
in transciptomics data: Towards functional marker
profiles of human aging.
E. B. van den Akker, W. M.
Passtoors, E. W. van Zwet, J. J. Goeman, M. Hulsman, V.
Emilsson, M. Perola, B. T. Heijmans, A. B. Maier, J. N. Kok,
P. E. Slagboom, M. J. T. Reinders, M. Beekman.
T Integrative analysis of sequencing and GWAS
data improves statistical power in detecting rare
variants associated with complex diseases.
Y. J. Hu, Y.
Li, L. A. Lange, E. M. Lange, C. Bizon, P. L. Auer, G. Heiss,
C. Kooperberg, N. Franceschini, U. Peters, A. P. Reiner, L.
Hsu, S. Jiao, C. S. Carlson, K. E. North, D. Y. Lin, NHLBI
GO Exome Sequencing Project.
F Regionally-smoothed meta-analysis for GWAS
F. Begum, E. Feingold.
W Phenotype mapping using Information Explorer.
Y. Arens, J. L. Ambite, C. N. Hsu, L. Lange, S. Sharma, S.
T Data reduction techniques to construct new
cellular and whole system biomarkers for aging.
A. Brown, Z. Ding, L. Parts, D. Glass, D. Knowles, P.
Deloukas, E. Dermitzakis, M. McCarthy, T. Spector, J.
Winn, R. Durbin, MuTHER Consortium.
F Prioritization of next-generation sequencing
variants using data visualization.
A. Bigelow, M. Meyer,
N. J. Camp.
W Integrating genome-wide gene expression
and genotype data to predict HDL cholesterol levels
in the Cholesterol and Pharmacogenetic Study.
Holzinger, S. Dudek, A. Frase, M. Medina, R. Krauss, M.
T ATOMIC : Assess genotype calling quality using
R or Affymetrix’ genotyping console software.
Ziegler, A. Schillert.
F Single center experience with peripheral blood
gene expression profiling in a large cardiovascular
E. Burns, S. Feng, C. Haynes, K. Abramson, M.
Chryst-Ladd, E. R. Hauser, L. K. Newby, S. G. Gregory, W.
E. Kraus, S. H. Shah.
W Best practices and joint calling of the Illumina
HumanExome BeadChip: The CHARGE consortium.
M. L. Grove, B. J. Cochran, T. Haritunians, J. C. Bis,
K. D. Taylor, M. Hansen, C. J. O’Donnell, J. I. Rotter,
E. Boerwinkle, CHARGE Exome Chip Genotyping
T A supervised approach for filtering and
genotyping high quality short indels from next-
generation sequencing data.
A. Tan, H. M. Kang.