Page 175 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
ischemic stroke subtypes by age at onset.
M. Traylor,
H. S. Markus, S. Bevan, M. Dichgans, R. Malik, H. Segal,
P. M. Rothwell, C. L. Sudlow, C. M. Lewis, Wellcome Trust
Case Control Consortium (WTCCC2).
T Strategies for developing prediction models with
increased discriminatory accuracy from genome-wide
association studies.
J. Wu, R. M. Pfeiffer, M. H. Gail.
F Concurrent modeling of multiple phenotypes
and genotypes in family data: Implications for cleft
gene discovery.
M. Govil, N. Mukhopadhyay, R. M.
Silva, A. R. Vieira, S. M. Weinberg, K. Neiswanger, M. L.
W A phenome-wide association study using
multiple National Health and Nutrition Examination
Surveys to identify pleiotropy.
M. A. Hall, A. Verma, K.
D. Brown-Gentry, R. Goodloe, J. Boston, S. Wilson, B.
McClellan, C. Sutcliffe, H. H. Dilks, N. B. Gillani, H. Jin, P.
Mayo, M. Allen, N. Schnetz-Boutaud, S. A. Pendergrass,
D. C. Crawford, M. D. Ritchie.
T Genetic variants in pigmentation genes, skin
color, and risk of skin cancer in Japanese.
T. Suzuki, Y.
Abe, J. Yoshizawa, Y. Hozumi, T. Nakamura, G. Tamiya.
F Validity of the Mendelian randomization
approach: Do the principles really hold?
M. Taylor, N. J.
Timpson, J. P. Kemp, B. St. Pourcain, D. M. Evans, S. M.
Ring, D. A. Lawlor, G. Davey Smith.
W Polygenic modeling of healthy aging.
N. E.
Wineinger, G. Atzmon, N. Barzilai, N. J. Schork.
T Extended haplotype association study in
Crohn’s disease identifies a novel Ashkenazi Jewish-
specific missense mutation in the NF- B pathway
K. Y. Hui, W. Zhang, A. Gusev, N. Warner,
G. Nuñez, I. Pe’er, I. Peter, J. H. Cho.
F Association analysis of
in SIDS.
Y. Inaoka, M. Nakatome, F. Satoh, I. Hasegawa,
M. Q. Fujita, M. Osawa.
W Do severity of early lung disease and meconium
ileus in cystic fibrosis have common genetic
W. Li, D. Su, T. Chiang, X. Li, M. R. Miller,
K. Keenan, H. Corvol, F. A. Wright, S. Blackman, M. L.
Drumm, G. R. Cutting, M. R. Knowles, P. R. Durie, J. M.
Rommens, L. Sun, L. J. Strug.
T Influence of host genetics and environment on
nasal carriage of
Staphylococcus aureus
in Danish
middle-aged and elderly twins.
P. S. Andersen, J. K.
Pedersen, P. Fode, R. L. Skov, V. G. Fowler, Jr., M. Stegger,
K. Christensen.
F Polygenes and estimated heritability of prostate
cancer in an African American sample using GWAS
J. He, G. Chen, B. Henderson, C. Haiman, D. Stram,
Genome-Wide Association Studies of Prostate Cancer in
African Americans.
W Using identity-by-descent information to detect
A. George, M. P. S. Jones, U. Harper, D. Ponciano-
Jackson, T. L. Tammela, J. Schleutker, J. E. Bailey-Wilson.
F A search for genetic variants predisposing
to radiation-induced meningioma.
R. Bruchim, B.
Oberman, R. Milgram, I. Novikov, S. Sadetzki.
W Variants in one-carbon metabolism and
blood folate, homocysteine and B12 deficiency in a
population-based study.
K. S. Crider, D. R. Maneval, N.
F. Dowling, L. B. Bailey, G. Kaudwell, L. Hao, Z. Li, R. J.
T Disease-associated genotype and allele sharing
among human populations from throughout the world.
M. M. DeAngelis, M. A. Morrison, D. J. Morgan, K. Mayne,
R. Robinson, G. Silvestri, D. A. Schaumberg, E. E. Tsironi,
I. K. Kim, J. Ramke, K. H. Park, L. A. Farrer.
F Hidden heritability and risk prediction based
on genome-wide association studies.
N. Chatterjee, B.
Wheeler, J. Sampson, P. Hartge, S. Chanock, J. Park.
W Obesity susceptibility loci and associations
across the pediatric body mass index distribution.
S. F.
A. Grant, H. Hakonarson, T. R. Rebbeck, J. A. Mitchell.
T Large-scale genome-wide association meta-
analysis using imputation from 2188-haplotype
Genomes reference panel identifies five novel
susceptibility loci for BMI and additional novel sex-
specific loci for BMI and WHR.
M. Horikoshi, R. Mägi, I.
Surakka, S. Wiltshire, A. Sarin, A. Mahajan, L. Marullo, T.
Ferreira, S. Hägg, J. S. Ried, T. Winkler, G. Thorleifsson,
N. Tsernikova, T. Esko, C. Willenborg, C. P. Nelson, M.
Beekman, S. M. Willems, A. P. Morris, C. M. Lindgren, M. I.
McCarthy, S. Ripatti, I. Prokopenko on behalf of ENGAGE
F A two-stage genome-wide association study to
identify single nucleotide polymorphisms associated
with development of erectile dysfunction following
radiotherapy for prostate cancer.
S. Kerns, R. Stock,
N. Stone, M. Buckstein, Y. Shao, C. Campbell, L. Rath,
R. Hixson, J. Cesaretti, M. Terk, H. Ostrer, B. Rosenstein,
Collaboration developed under Radiogenomics
W Genetic variation and vitamin D sufficiency in
the U.S. population (NHANES III).
C. O. S. Neal, J. M.
Jackson, K. S. Crider.
T The genome-wide association study of
phenotypic robustness in human: A canalization study.
R. Li, T. D. Spector, J. B. Richards.
F A genome- and phenome-wide association
study to identify genetic variants influencing platelet
count and volume and their pleiotropic effects.
Shameer, J. C. Denny, K. Ding, D. R. Crosslin, C. G. Chute,
P. Peissig, J. Pacheco, R. Li, M. de Andrade, M. D. Ritchie,
D. R. Masys, R. L. Chisholm, E. B. Larson, C. A. McCarty,
D. M. Roden, G. P. Jarvik, I. J. Kullo.
W Heterogeneity in polygenic contribution to