Page 172 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
variants by ultra deep sequencing (
x) across
T. T. Harkins, C. C. Lee, M. Andersen,
E. Levandowsky, M. Dindinger, J. Spangler, T. Ross, S.
McLaughlin, V. Sheth.
W Targeted sequencing of clinically relevant
genes using TargetRich™ gene panels.
K. Jansen
Spayd, I. A. Vasenkova, T. Shvetsova, D. A. Kloske, R. C.
Bachmeyer, D. T. Moore, K. E. Varley.
T Rapid and economical re-sequencing of
hundreds of genes from sample-limited specimens
using the Ion AmpliSeq™ Comprehensive Cancer
Panel and Ion PGM™ semiconductor sequencing.
Joun, S, M. Chen, B. Kong, I. Causga, C.-Y. Li, D. Ruff, R.
Bennett, M. Shannon.
F Bayes-MutSig: A novel approach to determine
significantly mutated genes.
N. B. Larson, H. Sicotte, J.
Sinnwell, K. R. Kalari, E. Wieben, L. Wang, J. C. Boughey,
M. Goetz, R. Weinshilboum, B. L. Fridley.
W The transcriptional landscape and mutational
profile of lung adenocarcinoma.
W. Lee, Y. Ju, J. Shin,
J. Lee, B. Thomas, J. Lee, Y. Jung, J. Kim, J. Shin, S. Yoo,
J. Kim, E. Lee, C. Kang, I. Park, H. Rhee, S. Lee, J. Kim, J.
Kang, Y. Kim, J. Seo.
T Genes with single nucleotide variations in early-
onset female breast cancer patients identified through
exome sequencing.
C. Lee, N. Leng, W. Kuo, H. Yang,
K. Nobuta, C. Lin, C. Chang, Y. Lu, K. Lo, L. Hu, H. Chu,
W. Chou, C. Chen, W. Yao, K. Chiu, A. Cheng, C. Shen, K.
Chang, C. Haudenschild, C. Chen.
F Pathway analysis of somatic mutations in
the whole genome sequence of aggressive tumors
in African American prostate cancer patients.
Lindquist, R. Kazma, J. A. Mefford, T. J. Hoffmann, N.
Cardin, B. A. Rybicki, D. A. Chitale, A. Levin, J. S. Witte.
W SeqWright’s next-gen sequencing of FFPE
tumor tissue allows for analysis of multiple cancer
markers with high sensitivity and excellent correlation
to other validated clinical methods.
A. C. Pond, X. X.
Tan, L. T. Szkotnicki, V. Venegas, E. Zhou, Y. Mou, K. B.
Thomas, P. Choppa, K. Guekunst, F. Lu.
T Amplicon sequencing of tumors from xenograft,
FFPE and fresh frozen samples.
B. Riley-Gillis, C. Qiu, O.
Puig, R. Benayed.
F Loss of the canonical Notch mediator RBPJ is
recurrent in oligoastrocytomas.
P. Salo, E. I. Gaál, O.
Tynninen, M. Niemelä, A. Laakso, A. Karppinen, A. Paetau,
H. Mäenpää, J. Hernesniemi, M. Perola.
W Characterization of a small cell prostate cancer
using exome sequencing.
A. F. Scott, D. W. Mohr, H.
Ling, G. S. Liptak.
T Profiling mutations in circulating tumor cells
from breast cancer patients by targeted sequencing.
Shen, X. Xu, W. DeWitt, N. Xu, F. Z. Bischoff, K. D. Crew,
D. L. Hershman, M. A. Maurer, R. Parsons, K. Kalinsky.
S. Stevanovic, H. G. Rammensee, P. Lang, O. Riess,
P. Bauer.
T No evidence for the role of somatic mutations
and promoter hypermethylation of
gene in the
tumorigenesis of nonsyndromic uterine leiomyomas.
Vaidya, K. P. Rao, Q. Hasan.
F Somatic mutation spectrum of metastatic
melanoma through exome sequencing of 48 tumor-
normal pairs.
M. D. Willard, J. N. Calley, S.-S. Wong, R.
H. Higgs, X. Ma, P. J. Ebert, S. M. Bray, I. H. Wulur, Y. Yue,
Y. Lin, J. Wang, A. Aggarwal, S. Li, C. R. Reinhard, A. B.
West, T. D. Barber.
W RNA-seq identifies differentially expressed
genes and mutations in oligodendrogliomas.
Schrock, K. Szafranski, J. A. Campos Valenzuela, S.
Schauer, D. Krex, A. Rump, K. Hackmann, G. Schackert,
L. Kaderali, M. Platzer, B. Klink.
T Identification and quantification of somatic
mutations with the Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel.
Andersen, S. Roman, K. Rhodes, C. VanLoy, A. Broomer,
D. Topacio, G. Roma, R. Bennett, T. Neff, C. Beadling, C.
F Whole-genome and targeted sequencing
analysis of early stage high-grade serous ovarian
M. Bibikova, S. Humphray, R. Grocock, J.
Peden, F. Nielsen, Z. Kingsbury, J. Chien, E. L. Goode,
V. Ho, C. April, S. Munchel, J. Cottrell, Y. Tarabishy, J. M.
Cunningham, S. Kaufmann, L. C. Hartmann, K. R. Kalli, V.
Shridhar, J.-B. Fan, G. Heath, D. Bentley.
W Detection of somatic mutations in tumor
genomes using de novo assembly with assembly to
assembly mapping.
A. R. Carson, W. Pfeiffer, T. Schwartz,
G. Oliveira, T. Nicholas, G. Zhang, M. A. Miller, E. J. Topol,
S. Levy.
T Identification of therapeutic targetable
mutations in cancer by whole transcriptome and
genome sequencing.
D. W. Craig, W. Liang, W. Tembe, A.
Christoforides, J. Aldrich, T. Izatt, J. M. Trent, J. D. Carpten.
F Identification of somatic mutations in
parathyroid tumors using whole exome sequencing.
K. Cromer, L. F. Starker, M. Choi, R. Udelsman, C. Nelson-
Williams, R. P. Lifton, T. Carling.
W Exome sequencing of metastatic prostate
tumors, GWAS and functional analysis of the
methylation regulator
in prostate cancer.
M. Dean,
M. Nickerson, K. M. Im, K. J. Misner, W. Tan, H. Lou, D.
W. Wells, K. Frederickson, T. Harkins, T. Naab, B. Gold, T.
Andersson, B. Zbar, W. M. Linehan, G. S. Bova, H. Li, S.
Anderson, M. Yeager.
T Identification of novel driver mutation in
Negative lung adenocarcinoma of never
smokers by whole exome sequencing.
S. Han, J. Yoon,
J. Ahn, H. Jang, M. Lee, H. Kim, B. Cho, J. Lee.
F Detection of low frequency tumorigenesis