Page 168 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F A region of autozygosity at 8q21.3 and lung
cancer risk.
M. T. Landi, K. Jacobs, M. Yeager, D.
Albanes, M. Thun, N. E. Caporaso, S. Chanock, J. Shi.
W IL28B allelic protein isoforms differentially
activate interferon-stimulated genes.
A. Mumy, B.
Muchmore, W. Tang, H. Park, F. Sheikh, B. Rehermann, R.
Donnelly, L. Prokunina-Olsson.
T Three novel common susceptibility loci for
ovarian cancer identified by GWAS meta-analysis and
S. J. Ramus, P. D. P. Pharoah, Y. Y. Tsai, C. M.
Phelan, A. N. A. Monteiro, S. A. Gayther, J. M. Schildkraut,
T. A. Sellers on behalf of Ovarian Cancer Association
F Insights into pancreatic cancer etiology from
pathway analysis of genome-wide association study
P. Wei, H. Tang, D. Li.
W Pathway-based analysis of genome-
wide SNP data reveals new candidate genes for
susceptibility to melanoma.
M. Brossard, A. Vaysse,
E. Corda, P. Jeannin, H. Mohamdi, V. Chaudru, N.
Lavielle, B. Bressac-de Paillerets, M. F. Avril, M. Lathrop,
F. Demenais.
T Susceptibility loci associated with specific and
shared subtypes of lymphoid malignancies.
V. Joseph,
T. Kirchhoff, J. Brown, K. A. Schrader, A. Dutra-Clarke,
C. Manschreck, N. Hansen, R. Rau-Murthy, K. Sarrel, J.
Przybylo, S. Shah, S. Cheguri, Z. Stadler, L. Zhang, O.
Paltiel, D. Yehuda, A. Viale, C. Portlock, D. Strauss, S. L.
Lipkin, M. Lacher, M. Robson, R. J. Klein, A. Zelenetz,
K. Offit.
F Second generation DCEG Reference Set
improves performance of genotype imputation.
Z. Wang, K. B. Jacobs, M. Yeager, A. Hutchinson, J.
Sampson, M. Tucker, S. J. Chanock.
W Are there genetic variants that confer shared
genetic susceptibility to pancreatic cancer and
L. Wu, K. Rabe, G. Petersen.
T Oncogenic rewiring by the t(11;19)(q21;p13)
coactivator fusion, CRTC1/MAML2, involves direct
activation of the pluripotency factor MYC.
A. L. Amelio,
F. X. Schaub, M. Fallahi-Sichani, M. B. Lawani, M. R.
Southern, B. M. Young, L. Wu, F. J. Kaye, J. L. Cleveland,
M. D. Conkright.
F Meta-analysis identifies microRNA expression
signature in non-small-cell lung cancer.
T. Annilo, U.
Vısa, T. Vooder, R. Kolde, J. Vilo, A. Metspalu.
W The effect of non-viral magnet assisted
transfection on chronic myeloid leukemia cell line with
downregulated miR-150.
T. Balci, C. Birayavci, S. Yilmaz,
Z. O. Dogan Sigva, G. Saydam, C. Gunduz.
T The novel resequencing diagnostic microarray:
RDMGGA1.0, can detect at a diagnose level
mutations in patients with breast, ovarian, colon,
skin and multiple cancers.
D. Bercovich, Y. Plotsky,
W Comparison of PCR method and RUT test for
detection of
Helicobacter pylori
infection in gastric
N. Bagheri, L. Salimzadeh, F. Azadegan, G.
Rahimian, A. Taghikhani, M. Hashemzadeh, H. Shirzad.
T Lowered PTEN protein dosage predicts for
underlying germline
mutations amongst patients
presenting with thyroid cancer and Cowden-like
J. Ngeow, X. He, J. Mester, J. Lei, T. Romigh,
M. Milas, M. Orloff, C. Eng.
F Cellular uterine leiomyomata with
chromosome 1p deletions represent a distinct entity.
J. C. Hodge, A. T. Florin, K. E. Pearce, A. C. Clayton,
E. A. Stewart.
W Cancer biomarker research using castPCR™
T. Hartshorne, Y. Bao, B. Ching, M.
Mouanoutoua, Y. Wang, D. Keys, S. Desai, J. Stevens.
T Naturally missing teeth and ovarian cancer: A
potential genetic link.
L. Morford, A. Vu, K. Kirk, M. Gilbey,
G. Falcao-Alencar, M. Sakamoto, D. Fardo, J. Hartsfield Jr.
F A meta-analysis of genome-wide association
studies to identify prostate cancer susceptibility
loci associated with aggressive and non-aggressive
A. Amin Al Olama, Z. Kote-Jarai, F. R.
Schumacher, F. Wiklund, S. I. Berndt, S. Benlloch, G. G.
Giles, G. Severi, D. E. Neal, F. C. Hamdy, J. L. Donovan, D.
J. Hunter, B. E. Henderson, S. Chanock, H. Gronberg, C.
A. Haiman, P. Kraft, D. F. Easton, R. A. Eeles, PRACTICAL
W Identifying genetic modifiers in two p16
melanoma pedigrees.
M. H. Bailey, C. Teerlink, J. M.
Farnham, L. Cannon-Albright.
T Genome-wide association studies identify four
novel ER-negative specific breast cancer risk loci.
J. Couch, M. Garcia-Closas, S. Lindstrom, K. Michailidou,
M. K. Schmidt, M. Brook, N. Orr, S. Slager, D. J. Hunter,
J. Simard, J. Benitez, A. Dunning, M. E. Sherman, G.
Chenevix-Trench, S. J. Chanock, P. Hall, P. Pharoah, C.
Vachon, D. F. Easton, C. A. Haiman, P. Kraft for BPC3,
F cAMP and cGMP signaling may play an
important role in the development of prostate cancer.
R. de Alexandre, A. Horvath, A. Manning, D. Carraro, F.
Soares, M. Nesterova, S. Constantine, F. Faucz.
W Genome-wide association for multiple myeloma
reveals overlap between variants associated with
susceptibility and survival.
E. Dean, D. Hu, P. Bracci, V.
Krepkiy, T. Martin, J. Wolf, E. Ziv.
T Genetic risk factors for malignant pleural
mesothelioma: A genome-wide association study.
Dianzani, S. Guarrera, M. Betti, G. Fiorito, D. Ferrante,
F. Voglino, G. Cadby, A. Russo, C. Di Gaetano, F. Rosa,
E. Casalone, M. Padoan, M. Giordano, A. Aspesi, C.
Casadio, F. Ardissone, E. Ruffini, P. G. Betta, R. Libener, R.
Guaschino, E. Piccolini, L. Palmer, M. Neri, D. Mirabelli, D.
Ugolini, S. Bonassi, C. Magnani, G. Matullo.