Page 162 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
S. Han, M. Yeager, L. Moore, M. Purdue, M. Johansson,
G. Scelo, V. Gaborieau, C. Berg, R. Grubb, V. Stevens, M.
Thun, W. Diver, D. Albanes, S. Weinstein, J. Virtamo, L.
Burdett, A. Brisuda, J. McKay, J. Fraumeni, N. Chartterjee,
P. Rosenberg, N. Rothman, P. Brennan, W. H. Chow, M.
Tucker, S. Chanock.
F Array CGH analyses in a patient with multifocal
recurrent meningioma.
Z. Yilmaz Celik, Y. K. Terzi, N.
Altinors, F. I. Sahin.
W Haplotype-resolved sequencing and structural
analysis of the HeLa cancer genome.
A. C. Adey, J. O.
Kitzman, J. Burton, J. Shendure.
T Role of somatic mutations in the
etiopathogenesis of Maffucci syndrome.
M. Amyere,
M. Limaye, N. Mulliken, J. B. Dompmartin, A. Enjorlas, O.
Kaitila, I. Docquier, P.-L. Godfraind, L. M. Boon, M. Vikkula.
F Association of polymorphisms in
metabolizing genes and lung cancer risk.
J. L. Engle,
A. K. Hull, G. Liu, A. S. Berg, C. J. Gallagher, P. Lazarus, J.
E. Muscat.
W Myeloproliferative neoplasms and somatic
mosaicism in the 23andMe participant community.
A. Hinds, K. E. Barnholt, J. L. Zehnder, A. K. Kiefer, C. B.
Do, N. Eriksson, J. L. Mountain, U. Francke, J. Y. Tung, R.
L. Levine, R. A. Mesa, J. R. Gotlib.
T Acute myeloid leukemia associated with
chromosome 6: Clinical and phenotypical implications
in two pediatric patients with chromosome trisomy and
L. Hurtado-Hernandez, J. M. Aparicio, F. L.
Cuellar, M. A. L. Cubillo, M. A. H. Garrido, S. M. Chatelain.
F Correlating genetic alterations from array
comparative genome hybridization and next-
generation sequencing with histology and clinical
outcome in melanocytic neoplasms.
Y. Liu, Y. Zhou, E.
W Molecular profiling of the therapy-resistant
clones in the recurrent embryonal carcinomas of
the testes based upon FISH and NGS of the isolated
R. Malecki, M. Malecki.
T Detection of large rearrangements in
by microarray-CGH.
D. Mancini-DiNardo,
T. Judkins, N. Woolstenhulme, C. Burton, S. Chen, J.
Schoenberger, M. Ryder, A. Murray, M. Balzotti, N. Gutin,
J. Holladay, J. Craft, C. Colvin, J. Trost, L. A. Burbidge, C.
Arnell, E. Rosenthal, B. Roa.
F Effect of insecticide exposure in the generation
of alterations in
a gene associated with acute
lymphoblastic leukemia.
M. P. Navarrete Meneses,
M. Betancourt, E. Bonilla, M. Altamirano, A. Reyes,
P. Pérez-Vera.
W Genomic analyses of paired diagnostic/relapse
childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemias identify
relapse-associated genetic features of pathogenetic and
clinical importance.
L. Olsson, A. Castor, M. Behrendtz, A.
Consortium for Prostate Cancer Genetics.
W CDH1 mutations in patients with lobular
carcinoma of the breast.
A. L. Valente, S. Rummel, C. D.
Shriver, R. E. Ellsworth.
T Fine-mapping of breast cancer genome-wide
association studies loci in women of African ancestry.
Y. Zheng, T. O. Ogundiran, K. L. Nathanson, E. M. John,
A. Hennis, S. Ambs, C. Adebamowo, S. M. Domchek, T.
R. Rebbeck, M. S. Simon, B. Nemesure, S. Y. Wu, M. C.
Leske, Q. Niu, J. Zhang, E. R. Gamazon, N. J. Cox, O. I.
Olopade, D. Huo.
F L1 encoded ORF1p facilitates tumorigenesis and
suppresses nucleus accumulation of Smad-4 in HepG2
Y. Zhu, F. Feng, X. Gao, J. Yu, M. Hu, F. Zhang, Y.
Wang, Q. Zhang, Y. Guo.
W Copy number variation analysis in 222 mutation
negative polyposis patients reveals potential new
candidate genes.
S. Aretz, S. Horpaopan, S. Vogt,
I. Spier, A. M. Zink, S. Herms, A. Laner, K. Wöllner, S.
Pasternack, M. Draaken, D. Stienen, S. Uhlhaas, E.
Holinski-Feder, M. M. Nöthen, P. Hoffmann.
T Evaluation of the
gene for breast cancer
predisposition in Finnish breast cancer families.
T. Heikkinen, E. Huovari, S. Vilske, C. Blomqvist, J.
Schleutker, A. Kallioniemi, K. Aittomäki, H. Nevanlinna.
F A gene-based association approach prioritizes
candidate susceptible genes for chronic myeloid
J.-H. Park, H.-H. Won, J.-W. Kim, D. H. Kim,
S.-T. Lee, S. Kim, S.-H. Kim, C. W. Jung.
W Proteomic analysis of gastric cancer from
individuals of Northern Brazil.
M. F. Leal, J. Chung, D. Q.
Calcagno, P. P. Assumpção, S. Demachki, I. D. C. G. Silva,
R. Chammas, R. R. Burbano, M. A. C. Smith.
T Fine-mapping of
gene and prostate cancer
risk in African Americans.
K. Batai, E. Shah, M. Ruden,
J. Newsome, A. B. Murphy, C. Ahaghotu, R. A. Kittles.
F Fas signaling pathway-based analysis of
genome-wide data and risk of gastric cancer.
P. L.
Hyland, S.-W. Lin, N. Hu, Z.-Z. Tang, L. Wang, C. Wang, H.
Su, T. Ding, J.-H. Fan, Y.-L. Qiao, X. Xiong, W. Wheeler, C.
Griffen, K. Yu, Z. Wang, L. Burdett, S. J. Chanock, S. M.
Dawsey, M. A. Tucker, N. D. Freedman, A. M. Goldstein, C.
C. Abnet, P. R. Taylor.
W Fine-mapping identifies multiple prostate
cancer risk loci at 5p15, one of which associates
with TERT expression.
Z. Kote-Jarai, E. Saunders,
D. Leongamornlert, M. Tymrakiewicz, T. Dadaev, S.
Jugurnauth-Little, H. Ross-Adams, A. Al-Olama, S.
Benlloch, S. Halim, R. Russel, A. Dunning, D. Neal, F.
Hamdy, J. Donovan, D. Easton, R. Eeles, UK Genetics
Prostate Cancer Study Collaborators, PRACTICAL
T Fine mapping of 12q24 shows a promising
association locus for renal cell carcinoma.
J. R. Toro,