Page 142 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

W=Wednesday authors will present; T=Thursday authors will present; F=Friday authors will present
F The genetic basis of human drug response
M. Kaganovich, D. Spacek, M. Snyder.
W Dietary protein regulates gene expression of
amino acid-degrading enzymes through PPAR
A. V.
Contreras, C. Rangel, V. Ortiz, G. Aleman, B. Palacios, E.
Tejero, N. Torres, A. R. Tovar.
F Patterns of allele-specific gene expression in ten
human tissues.
K. R. Kukurba, T. Nance, R. Piskol, M. H.
Tan, J. B. Li, S. B. Montgomery.
W Gene expression variation in the response of
human monocyte-derived dendritic cells to LPS and
influenza dNS1 stimulation.
M. N. Lee, C. Ye, A. C.
Villani, W. Li, P. I. Chipendo, M. H. Lee, P. L. De Jager, C.
O. Benoist, A. Regev, N. Hacohen.
F Gene expression profiling in a large cohort of
Europeans with Sjögren’s syndrome reveals viral,
immune, and interferon-related pathways.
J. A. Ice,
H. Li, J. A. Kelly, I. Adrianto, S. B. Glenn, K. S. Hefner, E.
S. Vista, D. U. Stone, R. Gopalakrishnan, G. D. Houston,
D. M. Lewis, M. D. Rohrer, P. Hughes, J. B. Harley, C. G.
Montgomery, J. Chodosh, J. A. Lessard, J.-M. Anaya,
B. M. Segal, N. L. Rhodus, L. Radfar, M. B. Frank, R. H.
Scofield, C. J. Lessard, K. Moser Sivils.
W A normalization procedure for removal of
residual multiplex PCR amplification bias from ultra-
deep sequencing of the TCR repertoire.
M. J. Rieder,
C. Carlson, A. Sherwood, R. Emerson, C. Desmaris, M.
Chung, J. Parsons, M. LaMadrid-Herrmannsfeldt, D.
Williamson, R. Livingston, H. Robins.
F Expression QTL analysis of a gene expression
signature which predicts advanced non-alcoholic fatty
liver disease.
M. Garrett, C. Moylan, J. Gibson, H. Yang,
H. Pang, A. Dellinger, A. Suzuki, H. Tillmann, C. Guy, M.
Abdelmalek, S. Murphy, A. Diehl, M. Hauser, A. Ashley-
W Bead-based method for capturing specific
microRNA in human urine: A non invasive way of
detecting clinical conditions.
M. Rath, T. Xu, C. Trinh, K.
Tran, J. Stevens, A. Shi, M.-P. Gauthier.
F Experimental depletion and regeneration of human
mitochondrial DNA to investigate its role in nuclear
gene regulation.
S. Kumar, C. Bellis, M. P. Johnson, H. H.
H. Goring, T. D. Dyer, J. Blangero, J. E. Curran.
W Primary mitochondrial diseases dysregulate the
transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory
systems in a tissue-specific pattern.
Z. Zhang, M.
Tsukikawa, E. Polyak, J. Ostrovsky, C. Clarke, E. Place, E.
Rappaport, G. Reiner, M. Yudkoff, R. Naviaux, R. Haas, J.
Baur, M. Falk.
F Genetic variation in expression response to
endoplasmic reticulum stress in human B cells.
Bernal, M. Morley, V. Cheung.
W Dynamic network connectivity mapping of
T-cell activation in Caucasians and African Americans
W Comparative analysis of strand-specific RNA
sequencing approaches.
D. Munafo, P. Liu, C. Sumner,
L. Apone, B. Langhorst, E. Yigit, L. Merrill, F. Stewart, E.
Dimalanta, T. Davis.
F microRNAs modulating the expression of
mRNA: Implications in the pathophysiology of FXTAS.
S. Zongaro, R. Hukema, L. Davidovic, S. D’Antoni, M. V.
Catania, R. Willemsen, B. Mari, B. Bardoni.
W Dysfunction of miRNAs biogenesis in association
with neuronal differentiation in focal cortical dysplasia.
S. H. Avansini, F. R. Torres, D. B. Dogini, F. Rogério, A. C.
Coan, R. Secolin, C. S. Rocha, A. F. Costa, A. L. F. Costa,
A. C. S. Piaza, L. A. M. Reis, E. P. L. Oliveira, H. Tedeschi,
L. S. Queiroz, F. Cendes, I. Lopes-Cendes.
F Genome-wide miRNA signatures of human
A. ElSharawy, A. Keller, F. Flachsbart, A.
Wendschlag, G. Jacobs, N. Kefer, T. Brefort, P. Leidinger,
C. Backes, E. Meese, S. Schreiber, P. Rosenstiel, A.
Franke, A. Nebel.
W Peripheral blood mononuclear cells microRNAs
predict treatment outcome of chronic hepatitis C.
Hsi, C. Huang, M. Yu, C. Dai, S. Juo, C. Chou, J. Huang,
W. Chuang.
F Copy number variation of miRNA in individuals
with intellectual disability.
Y. Qiao, C. Harvard, E.
Mercier, S. Lewis, P. Pavlidis, E. Rajcan-Separovic.
W Novel human variation in microRNAs associated
with disease, biomarkers, and drug metabolism.
R. Afi
Rawlings-Goss, S. Tishkoff.
F The tale about MIR147B regulate catalase AEI by
one SNP in the 5’- UTR.
Z. Wang, B. Wang, K. Zhang, L.
Jin, W. Huang.
W Inactivation of the
cluster results
in syndromic retinal degeneration: The
cluster is required for normal function of the retina and
other sensory organs.
S. Xu, S. Lumayag, C. Haldin, C.
Cowan, B. Kovacs, P. Larsen, D. Valle, P. D. Witmer.
F microRNA analysis in human ocular scleral
T. Young, X. Luo, F. Hawthorne, S. Feng, P.
W Founder mutation in a transposable element
leads to the identification of a long noncoding RNA in a
progressive infantile encephalopathy.
A. Henrion Caude,
P. Munier, E. Benko, S. Hanein, E. Westhof, N. Boddaert,
I. Desguerre, S. Bandiera, M. Girard, D. Rodriguez, A.
Munnich, M. Fähling, S. Lyonnet, F. Cartault.
F Human single nucleotide polymorphisms
influence non-coding RNA expression.
V. Magadi
Gopalaiah, H.-J. Westra, J. Karjalainen, D. V. Zhernakova,
B. Hrdlickova, R. Almeida, A. Zhernakova, M. H. Hofker, J.
Fu, S. Withoff, L. Franke, C. Wijmenga.
W Identifying source locations for Alu transcripts
within human testes.
S. Linker, P. Deininger, D. Hedges.