Page 135 - ASHG 2012 Annual Meeting Program Guide

Taking photographs or sound recordings in all meeting rooms is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.
Saturday, November 10
SESSION 81 – Closing Plenary: Human Genetics 2012
and Beyond: Present Progress and Future Frontiers
Hall D, Lower Level North, Moscone Center
Joel N. Hirschhorn, 2012 Program
Committee Chair Boston Children’s Hosp.,
Harvard Med. Sch. and Broad Inst.
Chris Gunter, HudsonAlpha Inst. for Biotechnol.
An outstanding panel of expert human geneticists
with varying perspectives will make will make brief
presentations and then participate in a wide-ranging
discussion on the most exciting advances and
important upcoming challenges in their areas of
human genetics. Topics will be driven by questions
from the panelists and the audience, but will include
many of the following perspectives:
The importance of education for the public,
scientists, and clinicians
The impact of new technology on human genetics
and genomics
Advances that define biological mechanisms
Challenges of interpretation of exome and genome
Translation of advances into clinical care
During the course of the 62nd Annual Meeting,
registrants are encouraged to post their thoughts on
scientific or clinical advances they have heard about at
the meeting, and on upcoming important challenges
in human genetics, via ASHG’s social media outlets
Twitter, Facebook).
Twitter: Use hashtag #ASHG2012
You can also address your comments through Twitter
directly to Chris Gunter, @girlscientist, during the
Posts by meeting participants will be followed and
summarized at the beginning of the session by Chris
Gunter, 2012 Program Committee Member.
After the brief presentations by the panelists, there will
be opportunities for audience members to ask ques-
tions of one or more panel members.
At the conclusion of the session, the moderator will
provide a brief summary, and the meeting will be
adjourned by the 2012 President, Mary-Claire King.
Han Brunner
Radboud Univ. Nijmegen
Jay Shendure
Univ. of Washington
Dian Donnai
Univ. of Manchester
Lynn Jorde
Univ. of Utah
Hal Dietz Johns
Hopkins Univ.