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Saturday, November 10
SESSION 68 – ASHG Award for Excellence in Human
Genetics Education
Hall D, Lower Level North, Moscone Center
The ASHG Award for Excellence in Human Genetics
Education was established to recognize those who
have made significant contributions of exceptional
quality and great importance to human genetics
Kay Davies, Univ. of Oxford
Alan E. H. Emery, MD, PhD, DSc
Em. Prof. of Human Genetics,
Univ. of Edinburgh; Hon. Fellow,
GreenTempleton Col.,
Univ. of Oxford
Professor Emery is being recognized for his
distinguished work in education through lecturing,
mentoring, establishment of programs, and for his
writings, which include over 400 peer-reviewed articles
and 26 books on all aspects of human and medical
genetics (as well as poetry and the relationship
between Medicine and Art). Indeed, Professor Emery
has been one of the most prolific authors of important
genetics texts in the world.
His books have covered all aspects of medical
genetics, prenatal diagnosis, genetic counseling,
statistics, molecular genetics, and historical
perspectives. His texts including
Elements of Medical
Methodology in Medical Genetics
Introduction to Recombinant DNA
molecular genetics) and
Principles and Practice of
Medical Genetics
with David Rimoin (medical), remain
among the most important texts in their fields. One of
his textbooks has been republished in twelve editions
and translated into seven languages. Professor Emery
was the first to describe a form of muscular dystrophy
now referred to as Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy
EDMD or EMD) and the defective protein Emerin is
named after him.
Among his many accolades, Professor Emery is a
fellow or honorary fellow in ten different societies,
including the Royal Society of Medicine and the Royal
Society of Arts. Emery has also received many
awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award
from the World Federation of Neurology and the
Cockcroft Medal from the University of Manchester,
plus several honorary degrees. For many in the field of
human genetics, Professor Emery is simply known as
the expert.”
Past Recipients: Giovanni Romeo (2011); Thomas
Gelehrter (2010); Bruce Korf (2009); John Carey,
Lynn Jorde & Louisa Stark (2008); Robert Elston
Roberta Pagon (2006); Joseph McInerney
Robert Gorlin (2004); Joan Marks (2003); Kurt
Hirschhorn (2002); Charles Scriver (2001); F. Clarke
Fraser (2000); Arno Motulsky (1999); C.C. Li (1998);
Victor McKusick (1997); Barton Childs (1996); Margaret
Thompson (1995).