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you can develop friendships and start collaborations with your colleagues from ar
the world. Please refer to pages 18–30 for the schedule and page 60 for inform
about planning your sightseeing trips.
About the Schedule
The Congress schedule is packed with great topics and cutting-edge science.
recognize that no one can attend every session or see every poster. To help atten
choose which sessions to attend, please see the itinerary planner on the Congress
site (
), which also features separate schedules that list sessio
relevance to Trainees, and Clinical and Education tracks. Bookmark the Mobile
site (
) on your mobile device so that you have important me
information at your fingertips.
Also, please note that the invited and plenary sessions, ASHG Presidential Addr
and ASHG Awards Presentations, will be videotaped and will be archived on the I
Web site (
) and ASHG Web site (
) for avail
viewing afterwards.
“It Takes a Village”
Developing a program for both the Congress and the embedded ASHG Annual Me
is truly a complex process that required the coordinated efforts from dozen
individuals over thousands of hours. Over the past few years, we have had the privi
of working with an exceptional Scientific Program Committee – each me
generously volunteering his/her expertise and time to develop an outstanding scie
program. We are especially grateful to the ASHG Administrative Office and their
for their enthusiastic dedication and tireless work in making the Congress a succ
We hope that you enjoy the meeting, and again, a warm welcome to Montreal!
Diana W. Bianchi
David L. Nelson
Tufts University School of Medicine Baylor College of Medicine
2011 Program Co-Chair
2011 Program Co-Chair