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The networking session, which will follow the workshop program and will be sponsor
in part, by McGill University, is open to all trainees who would like to meet and netw
with representatives from industry, academe, nonprofits, education, law, science poli
forensics, counseling, etc. Bring your business cards. Tickets are nonrefundabl
Please remember to bring your ticket with you.
Private Concert at the Notre-Dame Basilica
Admittance by advance ticket purchase only.
7:30 pm – 8:45 pm, 1101 Notre-Dame Street;
Place d’Armes Metro Stop
Doors open at 7:00 pm
Enjoy a special evening on Thursday, October 13 at the majestic Notre-Dame Basili
in Old Montreal. This masterpiece of Gothic Revival architecture, built between 18
and 1829, opens its doors for a private concert for the delegates of the Internatio
Congress of Human Genetics. The truly magnificent and unique place with its gr
beauty and exceptional acoustics will host a superb choral concert by artist Dan
Taylor, Canada’s star countertenor
The show will include Daniel and a guest sopra
(Susan LeBlanc) performing several love duets including famous duets from Hande
great operas. They wil l be accompanied by a Baroque orchestra. Tickets a
Please remember to bring your ticket with you.
Friday, October 14
Plenary Debate: Owning the Genome: The Patenting and Licensing of Genes a
the Impact of Medical Genetics
8:00 am – 10:00 am, Room 210, Level 2
This panel discussion moderated by James Evans and Jonathan Berg will discuss t
pros and cons of patenting and licensing and how it impacts medical geneti
Audience participation is strongly encouraged. See page 127 for a list of paneli
and a complete description of this session.
Publications Workshop
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm, Room 710A, Level 7
(Separate advance registration required.)
This event is presented by the editorial staff of
The American Journal of Hum
(Kathryn Bungartz, Kathryn Garber and Sara Cullinan). Speakers at t
session—Cynthia Morton, Sanjay Shete, and John Carey—are the editors of hum
genetics journals (
American Journal of Human Genetics, Genetic Epidemiology, a
American Journal of Medical Genetics
, respectively). Topics for discussion inclu
guidance about the publication and review of manuscripts, selection of an appropri
journal for your work, organizing and discussing data, and understanding peer revie
Lunch will be served. Tickets are nonrefundable.
Please remember to bring your tic
with you.